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#retrocomputing #modding #rgb #bbcmicro

Today experiment
Pseudo-CSS to SVG "compiler"
Because perhaps it's easier to write than xml...
thinking about it, changing default xml namespace it can output any xml...

and profile image, in one template, if you have it, like if you are from mastodon...
code here

open to suggestions for new templates

Sikitikis - Metti un Tigre nel Doppio Brodo (2005)


A List of Things People Blamed on Bicycles

Star Trek"Come stai?"
"Sto Trek."

Managed to spend some time on this.

#gtk4 #libadwaita #vala #pixelfed

Looks like people are still using my SailfishOS Friendica client.

As my Jolla1 died some time ago, I've stopped developing it, but I thought I could check how it works on newer sfos with the emulator.

But I can't find the code. I'm quite sure there is a git repo somewhere but I can't find it 🤦
Other half found!

Still didn't tried to build it..
The disk where I found first-half had newer code for front-end, but was missing the backend. The disk where I found the backend had an older code, but with divergent history (because, why push code on remote...).
So I'm not sure backend code is up-to-date with latest frontend...

ho dovuto farlo.


Oh no!
É un debian!
btw i use arch

that would be awesome!
We like this and we’d love if this became a real app 😉

#KingKhan & The Shrines at Daste Bergamo

opening act by xiwt

Forse ho esagerato con le quantità...

ecco perché oggi hai latitato! Malnàt
Ebbene si, mi hai scoperto! Social spioni!😁
ecco, qui c'è gente a cui si è rotta la timeline, e l'admin latita per andare a gozzovigliare! :D
uops, interessante. si è messo ad aprirmi di default il tab preferiti. cliccando su ultima attività si vedono COSE
postando dal cellulo non son riuscito a taggare @Daniele Figini

birra? Ma cos?
Vai tra, non era mia 😁

@Chiese Brutte Senna Comasco, Como

Tutto cemento, forma ad hangar, cortili in cemento con grate in metallo. E filo spinato.

Non era catechismo, era un'ora d'aria.

This one from @James Westman is very cool.

Now I need to hang a big monitor in the office and let this page up.

#osm #realtime #map

Musica per oggi:

pronophonique - 8-bit lagerfeuer

#8bit + #chitarra

E sono anche sul fediverso @pornophonique

E perchè andare a dormire quando invece si puo' scrivere uno script poliglotto bash/python?

echo "Ciao da bash"
python "$0"
" """
import this

More from the Department of Unnecessary Projects #


git-list is an experimental git sub-command to interact with mailing-list based patch workflows.

Git comes with some tools to collaborate via email: git send-email and git am, one to send a patch directly to the mailing-list, the other to apply a patch which ... somehow... the user get from the mailing-list.

There are plenty of email clients written exactly to work with a mail-based patch workflow, or adapted to the job with configs and plugins. And I'm sure they work perfectly.

However, I'm only an amateur mail-patch user, and I'm not an hardcore consolophile: I prefer to keep using my graphical mail client, which unfortunately doesn't have any cool git integration.

But, one day I found out himalaya, a CLI mail client (not a TUI!). I would say himalaya is to thunderbird as curl is to firefox, in a way.

It allows to easily integrate mails into bash pipelines.

And so git-list is born. Put git-list script into your path, configure himalaya, add some local config to your repo and you will be able to easy list mail from the mailing-list related to the project, read mails, and apply patches to brand-new branches created ad-hoc from the comfort of your terminal:
$ git list
ID | Subject
 1 | [Patch] ....
$ git list show 1
$ git list test 1
$ git status
On branch patch/1

As always, everything is extremely experimental, and likely will stay this way.

Here is the code:

P.S. have a look at the git send-email tutorial

Very nice!


Adoro sapere che il fediverso sta creando MOSTRI :D (nel senso buono)

An update from the Department of Unnecessary Projects:

Climatik 0.4.1

A python library to create command line interface from function definitions.

In this version:
  • Command group. Ever wanted to create cli like docker image ls , docker image rm? Now you can.
  • Arguments help text from function docstring.
  • Support argcomplete if installed

It's on PyPi, if you need it.

Keys (no version yet)

The unnecessary CLI to manage SSH keys.

Updated to use climatik 0.4.1.

guarda che a Bruxelles vogliono vietarla! Troppo sale, e poi è cotta in un forno a legna! Aborro! Troppa CO2! 😜
Vedi come spuntano spacci clandestini di pizza, tempo zero....
Yeah.. it was a clandestine pizza shop up in the north... can't tell you the exact location, sorry...

English is a strange language

Norway might defy the power of, or moist substance; to petrify.
The vertical triangular portion of meal, or other vehicle. Colloq.
Bid hook, small hook used for soles of leather or cloth; to sun thyself in inofficious sleep.

(hand-selected from )

The quality that gives or takes away thief.

Strict adherence to the Scriptures into the Court of claims of self-importance; -- applied especially to animals in the interior;

Those bottom ones look like Pigs in Blankets!

And they were delicious. Were.

Don't you love the #js dev scene, where after years of darknes where sites were built to only support IE, now that there are standards across all major browsers, they are still building sites that works only in chrome..... and safari ?
What's that? Nostalgia for old times? Some sort of PTS? Pure masochism? Or an example of what in Rome define as #sticazzi ?

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