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Task: Turn off laptop integrated display with external monitor connected and laptop lid up.



New "Add event from URL" dialog and "Edit event" dialog, with window in "edit mode"

It's aliiiiveeee! (almost) #WiP #confy #gtk4 #libadwaita

Screenshots on last post where blueprint ui files made in Workbench, this is from the wip branch. 🚧👍

Trying some restyling of #confy in #gtk4 #adwaita .

Ok, I think it's already gone too far...

@BB "dio anubi" lo affiancherò a "dio nànos" (protettore delle stampanti a gettio d'inchiostro)

#mastocartolai Quanto per delle fotocopie leggermente diverse?

Messa a terra / Ground wire

ho dovuto farlo.


#KingKhan & The Shrines at Daste Bergamo

opening act by xiwt

Forse ho esagerato con le quantità...

@Chiese Brutte Senna Comasco, Como

Tutto cemento, forma ad hangar, cortili in cemento con grate in metallo. E filo spinato.

Non era catechismo, era un'ora d'aria.

#FOSDEM2022 is coming. Are you getting ready?

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