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On brokeness, the live installer and being nice to people

This morning I've read this.

I understand that somebody on the internet will always be trolling, but I just wanted to point out:

* that the installer in the old live images has been broken (for international users) for years
* that nobody cared enough to fix it, not even the people affected by it (the issue was reported as known in various forums, but for a long time nobody even opened an issue to let the *developers* know).

Compare this with the current situation, with people doing multiple tests as the (quite big number of) images were being built, and a fix released soon after for the issues found.

I'd say that this situation is great, and that instead of trolling around we should thank the people involved in this release for their great job.
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Tobias 20 ore fa
They did a wonderful job <3 Updating my Debian installation from 8 to 9 went without any problems.


[Freedombox-discuss] Stable image builds

Debian 9.0 (Stretch) was recently released, and it includes FreedomBox!
This marks the first time that FreedomBox is available in a stable
release of Debian.


Debian -- News -- Debian 9 "Stretch" released

After 26 months of development the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 9 (code name Stretch), which will be supported for the next 5 years thanks to the combined work of the Debian Security team and of the Debian Long Term Support team. Debian 9 is dedicated to t...
(and if you are in my area and want to celebrate, join us this afternoon in Tradate: )
(e se siete da queste parti e volete celebrare, unitevi a noi questo pomeriggio a Tradate: )


Privacy preserving share buttons


Share buttons based on those used on They are completely free of JavaScript and still support dynamic input of Diaspora and GNU Social URLs. They can be extended very easily.
I used to use sharenice (archived on:, but apparently it's dead, and a living alternative is quite useful.
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Travel piecepack v0.1


A piecepack set of generic board game pieces is nice to have around in case of a sudden spontaneous need of gaming, but carrying my full set takes some room, and is not going to fit in my daily bag.

I've been thinking for a while that an half-size set could be useful, and between yesterday and today I've actually managed to do the first version.

It's (2d) printed on both sides of a single sheet of heavy paper, laminated and then cut, comes with both the basic suites and the playing card expansion and fits in a mint tin divided by origami boxes.

It's just version 0.1 because there are a few issues: first of all I'm not happy with the manual way I used to draw the page: ideally it would have been programmatically generated from the same svg files as the 3d piecepack (with the ability to generate other expansions), but apparently reading paths from an svg and writing it in another svg is not supported in an easy way by the libraries I could find, and looking for it was starting to take much more time than just doing it by hand.

I also still have to assemble the dice; in the picture above I'm just using the ones from the 3d-printed set, but they are a bit too big and only four of them fit in the mint tin. I already have the faces printed, so this is going to be fixed in the next few days.

Source files are available in the same git repository as the 3d-printable piecepack, with the big limitation mentioned above; updates will also be pushed there, just don't hold your breath for it :)
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Un Fottuto Sito web

Probabilmente tu costruisci siti web e pensi che la tua merda sia speciale. Pensi che la tua home page con lo slider da 13 Mb vincerà il "Premio Banner" dell'anno per poi andarlo ad inserire in alto a destra nel tuo sito. Pensi che il tuo file jQuery da 200 Kg ( si hai capito : c h i l o g r a m m i ) e 83 mila righe, se tutto andrà bene, causerà...
(vedi anche: )
Fabio 2 settimane fa
:like per il Doppiaggese


Debian Stretch Release Party, Tradate

Debian Stretch Relase Party
Party? Party!

Il rilascio della nuova versione di Debian stable, stretch, è stato annunciato per il prossimo 17 giugno, in tutto il mondo la comunità si sta organizzando per festeggiare e noi non potevamo essere da meno.

L'appuntamento è per domenica 18 giugno 2017 a partire dalle 14:30 presto il Faberlab di via Europa 4/a a Tradate; alla sera ci sposteremo poi a Varese per la cena, probabilmente presso il ristorante la vecchia Varese.

L'ingresso all'evento del pomeriggio è libero; per partecipare alla cena è necessario registrarsi sull'apposito dudle entro lunedì 12 giugno.


Comunità Debian

Presentazione della comunità Debian: come e perché entrare a farne parte e contribuire, qualunque siano le proprie competenze.

Install party

Installiamo e aggiorniamo stretch sulle nostre macchine.

Keysigning party

Il keysigning party avverà in modo distribuito: per partecipare portare qualche decina di foglietti con il fingerprint della propria chiave (ad esempio generati da gpg-key2ps ed i propri documenti.

Durante il pomeriggio ci saranno svariate occasioni per conoscersi a vicenda e scambiarsi i fingerprint per la firma.


Festeggiamo assieme!

Come arrivare

Il Faberlab è lungo la strada provinciale Varesina, accanto alla rotonda “dell'aereo”, sopra al supermercato Eurospin (mappa )

Arrivando dal'autostrada si consiglia l'uscita Saronno dell'A9 Milano - Como.

In treno è facilmente raggiungibile a piedi dalla stazione Tradate della linea Milano - Varese - Laveno.

Il ristorante della cena sarà in Varese centro, raggiungibile a piedi dalle stazioni (ultimo treno verso milano 23:13 dalla stazione di Varese).


Eagle's Path: On time management (2017-05-27)

Last December, the Guardian published a long essay by Oliver Burkeman entitled "Why time management is ruining our lives". Those who follow my book reviews know I read a lot of time management books, so of course I couldn't resist this. And, possibly surprisingly, not to disagree with it. It's an excellent essay, and well worth your time. Burkeman ... TL;DR: if you need a -dbg package you will need a new archive (stretch-debug) and it will be called -dbgsym. (plus, how to use debug symbols when a programs is not working.)


Lady Gaming

by Shaenon
Steampunk! Gaming! (and a trigger warning for women in gaming :( )

See also:

Seen in the window of a shop in Bézier


I think that either a word is missing, or there is something seriously wrong in there :)
Diego Roversi 4 settimane fa
Crudelta' per vegani masochisti?

Fabio 4 settimane fa da Friendly
"Crudeltà Vegana". Tengono i pomodori in sacchetti stretti stretti in frigo... tagliano senza batter ciglio le teste ai sedani... Fanno crescere i piccoli dei ravanelli all'aperto con qualunque tempo, in condizioni igieniche deplorevoli tra terra e letame...

Palms, buildings and cloudy weather with a high chance of rain


and then, not seen on the picture because privacy, a group of geeks typing on their laptops while sitting in sight of a swimming pool.

Yes, I'm at #Debian SunCamp, and other than some intermittent issues with the "sun" part this is preparing to be a good and hopefully productive time!
Tom Grz 1 mese fa
Need a water-proof laptop!

Luckily there is enough of a roof above the chairs we're sitting in that when it starts to rain we have enough time to pack everything and move inside


Debunk some Debian myths

Debian has many years of history, about 25 years already.With such a long travel over the continous field of developing our UniversalOperating System, some m...
setThemFree 1 mese fa
I would add that having something like debian stable is a very good option in some cases even for desktop. I have a close relative for whom I installed debian some years ago. I upgraded it couple of times when new releases came, and it just kept working flawlessly. I don't need to worry about it. (They are installing security updates regularly of course).


mjg59 | Intel AMT on wireless networks

More details about Intel's AMT vulnerablity have been released - it's about the worst case scenario, in that it's a total authentication bypass that appears to exist independent of whether the AMT is being used in Small Business or Enterprise modes


Tails - Announcing the Tails Social Contract

We had written and adopted a Code of Conduct since our first public hackfest in Paris in 2014. This code was and is meant as a guide to make our public spaces welcoming and friendly to every sentient being. We have since then worked on a Social Contract which we proudly present today! ...


Comunità Debian @ducc-it 2017

Aaaaand back from where I've met many members of the Debian and Ubunty communities in Italy, and had a chance to talk about the Debian Community (represented in the slide below :) )

(photo by erossi)

Yes, there was a hat...

(and there will be a longer post soon-ish. when it's ready.)

@Gruppo Linux Como


Back to the roots: FidoNet |

Back in the good old days there was no Facebook, Google+, Skype and no XMPP servers for people to communicate with each other. The first "social communities" were Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), if you want to see those as social communities.
@Gruppo Linux Como can we run a BBS node for the LUG? can we? can we? :D


mjg59 | Intel's remote AMT vulnerablity

Intel just announced a vulnerability in their Active Management Technology stack. Here's what we know so far.
A well-written analysis on the vulnerability that is being talked about quite a bit among (core|libre)boot users.