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SiFive updated their #HiFive1 #RISCV development board, in case you missed the first round.

Now it includes onboard WiFi and Bluetooth, among other updates like support for more peripherals.

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For everything related to npm, pip or gem I have a separate unprivileged user account that doesn't have access to my main account, but of course that is still quite naive especially if taking Spectre and things like that into account...

I am up to no good.

After a bit more than one year since I finished, I finally posted the pattern and instructions for my backpack.

This was my first big #MYOG project, and I've been using it almost daily as my “handbag”. #sewing
#MYOG #sewing blog crafts

From “the internet” (if you know where this comes from, please tell me so)


this is so true it hurts


Debian SnowCamp in Laveno 28 Feb / 3 Mar 2019
Just like last year, we are organizing a small DIY DebCamp in Laveno from Thursday 28 February to Sunday 3 March 2019.

A DIY DebCamp is chance to meet other debianites and work together, with no preset schedule other than what the participants themselves decide to have.

There is still room to register by adding yourself to the table on the debian wiki:

See you in Laveno! is a project that wants to liberate sheet music from copyright and from paper! They invite and coordinate volunteers to transcribe public domain scans from using Should be a great learning experience! 🎼

Which is the problem with the paper? Verba volant, scripta manent. And digital is not verba and not scripta.

paper is harder to share, especially on long distances, digital allows for cheap distribution especially in parts of the word that have little money to spare.
Digital also allow for easier manipulation into derivative works.

For conservation issues I think it's better to have both: well kept paper will last for a much longer time than any single digital copy, but often its preservation will prevent actual use; a digital collection that is kept alive (copied around redundantly from storage to storage as storage dies, updated to new formats as needed) has potential to survive many accidents that would destroy paper (fire, water, etc.), *and* will remain usable in the meanwhile.


Become A Facebook-Free Business

This is an interesting initiative!

Being a Facebook-Free Business means your customers can trust that you aren’t collaborators with the Facebook machine. That when you spend your money with a Facebook-Free Business, none of that money will find its way back to Facebook’s coffers.

The rules are pretty simple. Being Facebook Free means:

- We do not buy advertisement on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp.
- We do not use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp to promote or represent our business or to communicate with our customers.
- We do not assist Facebook in its data collection regime through use of Facebook social Like buttons or by offering Facebook logins.

Thanks to @Debacle for the pointer!

#facebook #business #facebookfree

I'd like to send virtual chocolate¹ to all of the distribution maintainers who deal with toxic upstreams so that the users can get the software without having to deal with the toxicity themselves.

You are doing a great and *useful* job!

¹ if you're not in the mood for chocolate it will turn magically into whatever virtual comfort food you want

P.S. this is not restricted to any episode / project you may be thinking about.

Fortunately, "my" upstreams are friendly and helpful in general. Most are happy or even proud, that their software is packaged in Debian or other distributions. No chocolate for me?

Only if there is some left after the ones who need it mostly have had their own…

luckily for you, the supply of virtual chocolate does not change when ones takes some out, so yes, there is some also for you :)

#debian #artwork

Just back from a consumer electronics shop…

so, if I understand it correctly, I can pay “starting from” 2.5 €/month so that HP can track when I use the printer and sell me ink whenever they decide I need it.

Sounds like a great deal… not

Non piace a Fabio.


Comfy clothing

Last autumn I followed the Otari Hoodie sew along using black cotton sweatshirting as the main body and leftovers of cat print cotton jersey as the lining.


I had enough sweatshirting for a matching skirt, with applied pockets, using the circle_fraction_skirt pattern (on my git repository.

I had pockets on the hoodie and the skirt, but they aren't very big (and knits aren't great at carrying weight), so I added zippers to both seams so that I can access my pockets, so that I can have the “privilege of not lending” my scissors :D


And then today was a great day to wear it while on the couch (not pictured: warm blanket, book)


I only need to be careful not to wear this while playing munchkin steampunk in case those things count as toy cats for the mousetrap level 2 monster (“+1 for each living or toy cat you can see in the room when this card is turned up”. I wouldn't see my own clothing (riiight?), but other players would, and I suspect that they wouldn't be happy :D )
blog crafts


Pepper and Carrot board game

Today the post had a surprise for me!


The Pepper and Carrot #freeCulture #boardGame from , including most expansions.

Looking forwards to playing it!

Print 2 Play…

It has finally happened! I've been using valentina to draft #sewingPatterns for a while, using the upstream packages inside a virtual machine, and I can recommend it to other people who want to draft their own patterns from measurements (and not just because there are afaik no other free software alternatives).

I've been planning to try and package it for debian for a long time, but ended up spending my #sewing time on sewing-in-a-hurry instead of working on the tools, so I'm quite happy that somebody else had time to do it.

A bit from another world - recently I started exploring other package managers on top of my main distribution packaging system, for the rare and very specialized software that I often need the most recent version, like SuperCollider. My "host" distribution is Fedora (although I use Debian as well for other things), but on top of that I started using nix for some of the packages that aren't in the main fedora repositories yet. For me it's just a slightly better way to do ./configure && make && make install - one that would not pollute /usr/. Also I can rebuild a package easily with other flags if needed. Of course, I'm not advocating for not packaging the narrowly specialized packages into the distribution repositories. In general, I am beginning to like this pluralistic and compartmentalized approach to getting software onto my system.

Yesterday I received an ebook reader (not a kindle, of course, it was from somebody who knows me :D )

The first ebook I read on it was the one with all of the licenses for the free software it is running :D (ok, for values of “read” where I actually read the list of software, not really the licensing terms, as I think they were all standard licenses).

(and then I did the normal thing and loaded the backlog of DRM-free fiction ebooks I bought on various *bundle, and started reading one)

And what is the ebook reader manufacturer, if you don't mind sharing?

It's a tolino (shine 3, so one of the models that are actually rebranded kobo)

Yesterday I finally “released” version 0.2 of my veeery slowly developed collection manager lesana. Made a new package (not in a state fit for release) and installed it on my pc.

And then today I had an idea on how to implement a feature that I was having issues implementing…

(When I say “released” and 0.2 I really mean it: I've been using it for two years, and it's still not fit for human consumption)

Interesting! Do I understand correctly that it is similar to a database with a VCS-friendly (and human-friendly) storage format?

for a simple value of “database” (indexing / search is backed by xapian, which is a document indexing system, not a relational database), but yes, storage is VCS/human friendly, and there is a local search friendly index which can be regenerated from the data as needed.
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MobiliZon: the new Framasoft project designed to create platforms for managing communities and events (libre alternative to Meetups and Facebook groups) -

@Gruppo Linux Como @LIFO #Federated #FederatedAlternatives

@Hanns Holger Rutz I'm not on diaspora, I'm on friendica (which has explicit support for all of the protocols involved: diaspora (the protocol) ostatus (old mastodon protocol) and activitypub (new mastodon protocol, not yet in a friendica release, but working nicely))

From I suspect that the answer for direct diaspora - mastodon federation is still no.