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2020-07-12 21:10:54
"Do or do not. There is no 'try'." attempts to be inspirational, but is hilariously bad advice for many people. "Perfect or worthless" is a stupid dichotomy and its internalization prevents many from living up to their potential. Let people try, fail, and try again, especially in creative pursuits like writing, drawing, and coding.

(I'd recommend reading also the rest of the thread)


# collar supports (or “gravity? what gravity?")


Apparently, this is one of the exercises you're supposed to do when learning #

My current (and first and only :D ) set: a student-grade pre-assembled one that a) suits me just fine, since I'm still at the stage of “first attempts” b) costed about 1 eur less than a similar empty box from the same store, and appears to be practical and of good quality.

(The pink looking thing in the upper right corner is copper, and while it's technically watercolour I've bought it for calligraphy.)


I've been looking for an # document folder (two sides with flaps, and the covers have an internal space for more sheets) that I found a few ages ago, but seems to have disappeared from the internet :(

instead, I found this # for #, which looks extremely cute :)

I wonder how practical it would be for a real letter :)


2020-07-02 06:50:47

Happy 10th Birthday Friendica!

Ten years ago the 1st commit to the git repository of Mistpark was made by Mike Macgirvin, a project that since has become Friendica accumulating some 27.000 commits contributing the work of more then 250 people from all around the world.
Friendica themes from 2010 to 2020Mistpark and Friendica themes from 2010 to 2020
Together we have build a social media platform that had many faces over the years. It has grown from a decentralized communication platform into an integral part of the Fediverse and Federation. Allowing its users to interact with their friends and family across the borders of nodes, projects and physical distance outside the world of data-harvesting corporations.

Thank you Mike and everybody else who has contributed their time to the project over the years! And while we are preparing the 2020.06 release of Friendica, lets have a big party to celebrate ten years of this wonderful part of the free social web.


2020-07-02 09:22:22
Every thing stands still for money, while we want money to pay for some of the most necessary things that we promised ready money for in the height of our wants, as grapnells, &c.

I can see this as pretty relevant today, a few century later


Blagh is the Umbrian reflex of the Greek βλωγοσ, both ultimately from Indo-European *bʰleh₁-, “to blow, be vapid; to be wrong on the internet.”


please read the whole post (if interested in #, of course), it's worth doing so (and pretty short anyway)


2020-06-30 13:21:57

OpenCast Live #1

Inizia: Martedì 30 Giugno 2020 @ 21:00

Finisce: Martedì 30 Giugno 2020 @ 21:30


Seguite in diretta e partecipate via chat!

Si parla di Linux, open source, software libero e tecnologia in generale, sempre senza prendersi troppo sul serio.


2020-06-29 19:13:00
New Pepper&Carrot episode! ★ Episode 33: Spell of War ★

# # # # #

couverture de Episode 33: Spell of War


2020-06-18 14:45:50
Questa sera durante la settimanale riunione virtuale del GL-Como si terrà la serata “sales pitch” per linguaggi di programmazione: una serie di presentazioni
brevi nel quale cercare di convincere ad imparare un linguaggio di programmazione.

Il target sono persone con nozioni di programmazione: né completi
principianti né sviluppatori esperti.

Si parlerà di awk e di python.

Le presentazioni saranno in diretta all'indirizzo , con la possibilità di interagire via chat.

Appuntamento a partire dalle ore 21:00

What is that?
dry sourdough starter, packaged to be given away to friends.


2020-06-08 05:59:14
Collapse OS is an attempt to implement a simple OS that can run on anything computer-ish in case civilisation collapses

Originally in assembler, the people around it discovered and then adopted Forth

The discussion around this topic is interesting

@Gruppo Linux Como


wooo, new article from exurbe/Ada Palmer!
Black Death, COVID, and Why We Keep Telling the Myth of a Renaissance Golden Age and Bad Middle Ages

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I saw that the other day. A long read, but well worth it!
How pandemics past and present fuel the rise of mega-corporations

Also of related interest to you:
"The Wealthy in Florence Today Are the Same Families as 600 Years Ago"
More detailed sources are all pay-walled, so that's what I'm linking you instead.


Family project for this weekend: a light box.

The box is made of corrugated cardboard, covered in a nice packing paper from the last time I ordered stuff from the internet (and one sheet of white paper for the inside); the “glass” is a leftover from a door. The light part comes from my SO's Secret Stash Of Things That Produce Light.

It… works

(while looking at it from the top the individual LEDs aren't as visible as in the picture, so I don't think they are going to be an issue)

Next step: trace all the things!
Back before computers took over everything, I used to use my DIY light box as part of my ink art process. I'd do pencil sketches to figure out the composition, then use the light box to help me transfer it to a new pristine piece of paper where I could then ink. Of course, the light box didn't help with inking errors. Definitely no undo. 😆


2020-06-03 10:33:32
New leaflets available to explain how Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) works.

They are available in in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish:

You can print them out, to distribute them where ever you believe fits.

Thanks to @dileodile for making it, and thanks to @anhdres for the illustrations.

(Tails protects you against surveillance, censorship, advertising, and viruses with a full digital security toolbox to allow secret communication)

@Gruppo Linux Como


content warnings aren't just for white people, though. they're for preparing folks for the content they're viewing before they view it. it's informed consent.

(note: using second person for the sake of rhetoric, but I'm not specifically talking about you)

assuming that folks want content warnings because they want to shut out all content perpetuates the harmful idea that content warnings are purely for blocking content. they're not.

the reason why I want content warnings is because I want to engage with content without having it shoved into my face. simply telling me to block everyone who posts about it without a content warning is counter to that idea, because you're basically telling people to stop engaging with the information out there.

social media is fueled by outrage, and the idea that people can't stop the firehose of information headed their way. forcing people to leave platforms because they're fed up with you throwing heavy shit in their faces is directly counter to the fact that people are sharing this shit to inform and to show solidarity.

like, vent all you want without CWs to your followers, but if you plan for your post to be shareable, you owe it to your audience to preface it with a very small summary of what you're talking about, to give your audience the ability to engage in context.

you're not going to engage with the folks who don't want to see your content anyway. want to change a racist's mind? your untagged meme won't change that. all you're doing is forcing mentally ill folks to ignore everything about the situation instead of taking in stuff at their own pace.

and, there are loads of black folks who are hit harder by this deluge of content because they have to deal with loads of anti-black shit every day. experience dealing with stuff, and maybe even the numbness that follows, doesn't mean it's okay to shove something in someone's face.


«L'Osservatorio sulla censura dell'AIB ritiene estremamente grave e preoccupante che la Guardia di Finanza abbia bloccato l’accesso dall'Italia al Project Gutenberg, che dal 1971 raccoglie riproduzioni di libri di pubblico dominio».


OpenCast Live

Inizia: Martedì 26 Maggio 2020 @ 21:00

Finisce: Martedì 26 Maggio 2020 @ 22:00


Torna OpenCast in versione Live!

Martedì 26 maggio a partire dalle 21:00 saremo live all'indirizzo , con la possibilità di interagire via chat!

Opencast è il podcast del GL-Como che tratta di open source, software libero e tecnologia in generale.


I've just realized that warm colours are those with less energetic wavelengths, and cool colours those with more energy.

My life will never be the same.
This pops up in interior lighting too. Warm white is ~3000 kelvin, cool white is ~6000 kelvin.
Which is always confusing when doing colour correction in post production, since you apply the opposite to correct for colour cast, so for cool white light that you want to make warmer, you apply higher kelvin correction (6000K or so).


Sigh, today we found the second commercial flyer in our post box since the start of the lockdown (and the first was a request for donations from a charity that is in the next block from us).

This is a bit of normality that I wasn't looking forwards to have back.

(OTOH, yay, free paper to protect the working surfaces while crafting, I guess...)


on AO3 and not being a social network designed to sell your eyeballs to advertisers
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pins, following the instructions on

made with 0.6mm copper wire, because that's the one I already had plenty of. I also have some huge 1.2mm brass wire that I want to try (but probably will only be suitable for things like coarse wool?) and silver plated copper wire that I'm not sure would survive the hammering part.

I also need a better surface to do the hammering on; the scrap of wood I used is probably too soft and didn't enjoy the process :D

Definitely something I need to get better at (and will probably try to).
Second batch (the ones on the right). The silver plated copper is too thin to be really useful, and the brass is nice, but too thick. I do plan to buy thinner brass, the next time I have a chance to.

I also found a better surface to do the hammering on: one of my multifunction heavy washers / fabric weights (placed on top of the wood scrap).


Introducing Inkscape 1.0! After a little over three years in development, we're excited to launch this long-awaited version for Windows and Linux (and the macOS preview) Watch the release video ( and download it here:

Note: If the download link doesn't work, check back a little later. The files are being propagated across our CDN.


Apparenty I've discovered that: a) sewing reusable masks stresses me out b) sewing reusable masks by hand relaxes me.

I'm not sure whether it's the pattern I'm using being full of nice features, but also a bit fiddly, making the same thing multiple times or the guilt over having had two months of quarantine and not having managed to make masks even for my close neighbors.

Sewin by hand while on confcall and the like is not really different from sewing by hand random things, apparently (at least for the first mask I'm making, maybe I'll need a break from this too).

Anyway, doing them by hand is slower, but probably faster than leaving a big pile of cut mask pieces near the sewing machine and avoiding watching in that direction :D




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Well. I've already been Mr. Cranky Pants enough for today, so I won't provide any more detail.

Please, don't worry about that, I'm sure that there are plenty of ways to implement self-checkout in a way that it is a hassle for customers!


Just in case you needed this in your life: instructions for a pieced and quilted plague doctor mask by mctreeleth (they also include instructions for a single fabric piece version, too):
A person wearing a plague doctor mask made from brightly coloured quilt pieces.
A plague doctor mask made from brightly coloured quilt pieces.
E' incredibile: scopro di averne bisogno!


it! could! work!

(a picture of a somewhat crumbly dough in a glass container)

I've successfully reproduced baker's # following the instructions (in Italian) on ( and the linked videos ( plus (

The basics are: mix 25 g fresh yeast (or 8g dry, which is what I used) and 25 g water, add 60 g flour, knead a bit and put in the fridge (low temperature is important) in an airtight container (low oxygen is the other important factor) for at least 24 hours. Use in the following week, and start again from the last 25 g.

It smells definitely like baker's yeast (as opposed to sourdough) and the bread I've made with it has risen as expected.

David de Groot 𓆉 reshared this.

How much do you use each time? I use one 7g dry packet per loaf normally. ~480g of wholewheat flour (I don't have a good scale).
It depends on the recipe: the proportion between dry and fresh is about 1:3 (but my 7g dry packets are marked as equivalent to one 25g block of fresh yeast).

I'm also used to dry yeast, so I don't really have an idea of how much that would be in volume. In the picture the container is a bit less than 10 cm wide, if that can help.

Also, I tend to make a lot of bread with pre-ferments, so I may be using as low as 2-4 g of fresh yeast (around 1g dry) for 400-500 g flour. The highest I routinely go is one 7g dry packet (i.e. 25g fresh) per 1000g flour.
Thank you!
This bread making game is a real adventure. At least my recent efforts are good and edible. Last year's experiments were a disaster - even the crows couldn't eat the sourdough rye Rocks I produced.
Oh! This is kind of a sourdough but instead of relying of wild yeast starting from a particular strain 🤔

Interesting! I hope it lives forever 😀
Starting from a particular strain and trying to prevent anything else from growing.

I don't think I'm going to keep this alive long-term for a few reasons.

Between the low amounts of yeast per dough and the fact that I also have an active sourdough, this is making more yeast than I use (and it only keeps for a short time between feedings — although it can keep in the freezer for slightly longer and I could try to experiment with drying like I do with sourdough).

While sourdough grows with time and gains flavour, with baker's yeast the idea is to have something that is consistent, so one would want to remain pretty close to the original, and I suspect that after a few generations mutations may start to change the way it behaves. I believe that this reason alone makes it worth restarting the batch from commercial yeast periodically (maybe every few months?)

And then there is the bit where dry yeast is soooo convenient, while this is a bit of a hassle to get the same results, and I'm basically lazy…

OTOH, it's an excellent way to get more yeast from a package now that it has disappeared from the supermarkets (and this means that I'm currently in the 1% or less of italians that have more yeast than they can use, and I can't even share it with other people in a reasonable way :( (at least not outside the building where I live))
I understand.

Anyway, it is a great experiment and could be useful to prevent packaging as well in the future when it can be shared.


@Ondiz I've received this (via xmpp) and for some *strange* reason I thought about your italian lessons :D

(image is a screenshot of a post by some Claudio Marinaccio with the following contents:

"C'è la faremo" = Il signor La Faremo è presente.
"Ce l'ha faremo" = Faremo è in possesso di qualcosa.
"Ce la fa remo" = Remo riuscirà a fare qualcosa.
"Cela faremo" = Qualcuno nasconde Faremo.
Ce la faremo?
Va detto che se in italiano le maiuscole contassero, ci sarebbe qualche errore ^_^

se però li si vede come modi possibili per separare un hashtag scritto in sole minuscole (come viene scritto di solito fuori da mastodon e dal fediverso), tutto torna :)


the palindromic prime 1000000000000066600000000000001 is known as Belphegor's Prime, named after #, one of the seven princes of Hell. Belphegor's Prime consists of the number 666, on either side enclosed by thirteen zeroes and a one. Belphegor's Prime is an example of a beastly # # in which a prime p is palindromic with 666 in the center. # # #


Conventionally accepted spelling, grammar and typography are not absolutely necessary when writing. However, if deviations from convention distract the reader from the actual point of the text, that's a disservice both to the reader and the writer.


A few days ago I found out that the shop I buy kitchen appliance from is making home deliveries (this is still allowed under our lockdown rules for any kind of product), so I decided to buy the pasta machine I've been wanting to buy for quite some time (everybody in our household is still working, from home, so I wanted to spend some money in the local economy).

Yesterday we called them to order… and about two hours later we had a shiny, new, pasta machine: take that amazon and next day deliveries!

(ok, it was just a lucky accident: they already had a delivery scheduled to our area — and they have known us long enough to trust us with delivery before the payment had cleared — it's not going to happen a second time)

(in this context, the real advantage over amazon is that this involved the shop owner preparing and delivering the package safely on her own, rather than underpaid workers risking contagion in an unsafe warehouse)
flat things, round things, or oddly shaped things? :D

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