new article on #lowtech magazine that I'm sure will resonate with a lot of folks here:

'How and why I stopped buying new laptops'

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Boja, dè ...veramente interessante. Ebbravo Diego!

Dino 0.2 is out!

Dino is a privacy-friendly messaging application. The 0.2 release adds message correction, improves the file upload functionality and provides more information on encryption.

Release blog post:

Oh, HP, never change.

First you tricked people with a fake "security update," that blocked cheap ink, then you invented rented ink, and now
you've redefined "free ink for life" to mean "[share author='Electronic Frontier Foundation' profile='' avatar='' link='' posted='2020-11-06 16:30:03' guid='52acf9cd-9b9c1e584adcaac4-5a54530e']Oh, HP, never change.

First you tricked people with a fake "security update," that blocked cheap ink, then you invented rented ink, and now
you've redefined "free ink for life" to mean "$0.99/month, forever, or else."[/share].99/month, forever, or else."

free and open source music composition software now with ~design~. amazing!

@Gruppo Linux Como

Profanity 0.9.0

Profanity 0.9.0 wurde released!
Four months and 350 commits after 0.8.1 we are happy to release 0.9.0.
profanity ist ein XMPP Client für die console mit sehr vielen coole Funktionen.

#XMPP #profanity #Messenger #IM #Linux #console

Just got another email from a blind user of SourceHut thanking me for caring about accessibility in my work. And honestly, it wasn't difficult. I don't understand why my peers in web development seemingly couldn't give a rat's ass about accessibility. Maybe because at their level of complexity, to them "accessibility" means "a shitload of aira tags and a ton of work", whereas at my level of complexity it means "just keep it simple and don't do anything particularly stupid"

A quanto pare qualche solerte burocrate a deciso di bloccare in Italia il progetto Gutenberg.
RT @gutenberg_org
To all Italian followers/users.

Please see below our CEO's statement about some issues with some people in Italy reaching PG (

Listen Wikipedia

Produce sound based on wikipedia edits...

Linux day 2019 a Tradate (VA)

Il Linux Day è la principale manifestazione italiana dedicata alla promozione di GNU/Linux e del Software Libero; quest'anno si terrà sabato 26 ottobre in numerose città Italiane.

Il GL-Como e il LiFo organizzano quest'anno una edizione congiunta, presso il FaberLab di Tradate.

L'evento quest'anno è limitato al pomeriggio, a partire dalle ore 14.30.

14:30 - Saluti
15:00 - Caramelle dagli sconosciuti - ed altri buoni motivi per usare apt
15:30 - Da Python 2 a Python 3 senza ritorno
16:00 - Coffee break
16:30 - Blender 2.8
17:00 - Infilare a forza python in una applicazione commerciale per salvaguardare la propria sanità mentale
17:30 - Ansible: the sane way - Dalla cameretta all'enterprise: i pochi tricks che fanno la differenza


@Gruppo Linux Como @LIFO

Coucou! C’est la rentrée et donc voici l’épisode qui m’a tenu compagnie cette été:

Étant l’épisode 30, c’est un épisode silencieux (comme tous les épisodes multiples de cinq, comme le 5,10,15,20 et 25…une tradition et une contrainte artistique). C’est aussi un épisode qui zoom un peu sur les préoccupations de Carrot et fait un tour sur la vie studieuse à présent de tous les jours dans la maison de Pepper. J’espère que ça vous plaira! Merci encore!

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Happy Birthday FreeDOS

Olimex freedombox home server kit is available:
FreedomBox Home Server Kit for Decentralizing the Internet and keeping your privacy away from the Big brother is now in stock!

On Sunday, March 24th at the @fsf's annual #LibrePlanet conference, the FreedomBox Foundation announced that it has partnered with @olimex to sell Pioneer FreedomBox Home Server Kits.

We chose to announce at #LibrePlanet for a reason. #BeAPioneer


Downloadami il corso

Una serie di corsi gratuiti su coursera non saranno piu' disponibili a partire dal 30 giugno. Scaricateli prima che scompaiano!

Friendika e i fusi orari

Ne approfitto per fare gli auguri a @Fabio ;-) . E intanto segnalo un possibile baco (o misconfigurazione). Sul promemoria dei compleanni vedo:

Compleanni questa settimana:
Fabio 11 PM Lunedì 29 Febbraio

[oggi]Non dovrebbe essere 00 AM Martedì 1 Marzo?

(e mi chiedo anche come si formatti il testo in Friendika... e perche' mi mette gli acapi dove non ci sono :-P)

shaun the sheep

Shaun the sheep, the movie.

L'ho detto? L'ho detto.
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