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hot take:
#cli software should (almost) only have --long-options

(like, ok, -i for input is pretty obvious, but -b for "don't buffer output" needs a proper fucking name, looking at you Plan 9 coreutils, I love the OS around you, but please learn to read long options in those argparse macros)


mdf2iso & iat – Convertir de MDF a ISO en GNU+Linux


system #cli #iat #iso #linux #mdf #mdf2iso

apt-get install mdf2iso $ mdf2iso archivo.mdf Algunas veces la conversión nos deja un archivo ISO mal formado. Esto puede apañarse alguna que otra vez con la herramienta iat: # apt-get install iat $ iat archivo.iso archivo2.isoImmagine/foto

@Gruppo Linux Como
Friclicli: Friendica CLI client
@Friendica Developers

I started to work on a CLI client for Friendica named friclicli. At the moment I'm working on the foundation of the client: A C library (called libfriclient) with functions representing Friendica API routes (one function per route). The client will use a curses interface (probably ncurses). To make requests to the Friendica API the libcurl library will be used. JSON data will be processed using the cJSON library.

The source code repository is here:

The client will be programmed in C and licensed under the GPLv3+.

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