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Vertical Stand. Art Attack version.

where's the white glue?

where's the toilet paper roll?


I didn't have glue at hand. But I used packing tape and a plastic bottle cap...

Vediamo se ci riesce di pubblicarlo un po' più a lungo. magari quasi regolarmente

Whatever "[censored]" stands for here.

I'm quite sure it was [censored], but then it was censored.


Debian GNU/Hurd 2019 released!

I'm releasing the sources of the Pepper&Carrot eShop's product for #ThankYouPatrons day! Prepare your printer, transfer paper, sticker paper to hack, tweak and derivate your own DIY creation 🙂 E-shop sources link:

On Jolla Store now ! #jolla #SailfishOS #lobsters

A qualified technician checks up our car before leaving

#cats #mastocats #Caturday

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attento che ti ciula la macchina

se si allontana con la macchina, è perché evidentemente era sua.

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...
an android home screen themed to look like a windows 95 desktop

> > > > > people reading fantasy novels ask “why did the ancient ones seal the evil away for ten thousand years instead of just killing it” but then we go ahead and do this shit

> > > > We have learned nothing from every fantasy novel ever O.O

> > > The best part, from the wiki article: “According to its creator, the Morris worm was not written to cause damage, but to gauge the size of the Internet.”

> > It was intended to do good, but the programmer made a mistake and it got out of hand, becoming viral.

> R̴͓̮͈̞̿͐͛̏̒͂͊̾ͅE͉̝͍̹̣̺̿͗͟͝L̶͖̫͇͙̬ͬ͗͌͘E̻͔̳ͪͭ̑̔̉̉̑ͣ͝͝ͅẢ̲̳̝̗̮ͩS̼̮̠̦͍͈̳̝ͮ̌ͯͯ̌͆͗͠ͅEͦ̎̊͏̪͙̤̦͈̯̱͞͠ ̱̃ͥ̆̄M̛̝̘̺̥̙̱͚ͣ̋͊̚E̪̮͍̘̟̟͚͖͐[/share]

test message.
please don't reply... ...

or only 2 contacts disreguarded your request to "not reply please" ? :)

it's quite an inside joke: everytime someone post a "test message" noting that it's not required to reply, it become the longest and most commented thread. 🙃
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I just saw your message. Seems like the relocation stuff stays a mess.

So you haven't found something more stable than Friendica ? :P