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2020-07-13 18:20:04
"Just type: npm install..."

*10 minutes later*:


When precision is everything...

I didn't buy it. I needed one of 0.55000000000000005 cm

(and then there is the fact that it's something soft with rounded borders which is sold by weight, not size. And the other fact that I'm quite sure that the size is wrong, or it would be a tiny package, not the usual ones.)


2020-07-02 06:50:47

Happy 10th Birthday Friendica!

Ten years ago the 1st commit to the git repository of Mistpark was made by Mike Macgirvin, a project that since has become Friendica accumulating some 27.000 commits contributing the work of more then 250 people from all around the world.
Friendica themes from 2010 to 2020Mistpark and Friendica themes from 2010 to 2020
Together we have build a social media platform that had many faces over the years. It has grown from a decentralized communication platform into an integral part of the Fediverse and Federation. Allowing its users to interact with their friends and family across the borders of nodes, projects and physical distance outside the world of data-harvesting corporations.

Thank you Mike and everybody else who has contributed their time to the project over the years! And while we are preparing the 2020.06 release of Friendica, lets have a big party to celebrate ten years of this wonderful part of the free social web.


Pronti? #


First bread made at home with sourdough (thanks @Elena ``of Valhalla'' )

durum wheat flour:

durum wheat flour / "00" flour mix:


2020-06-18 14:45:50
Questa sera durante la settimanale riunione virtuale del GL-Como si terrà la serata “sales pitch” per linguaggi di programmazione: una serie di presentazioni
brevi nel quale cercare di convincere ad imparare un linguaggio di programmazione.

Il target sono persone con nozioni di programmazione: né completi
principianti né sviluppatori esperti.

Si parlerà di awk e di python.

Le presentazioni saranno in diretta all'indirizzo , con la possibilità di interagire via chat.

Appuntamento a partire dalle ore 21:00


A small update on #

A wip branch with updates to support future libhandy 1.0 (0.80.0 right now) has been created:

So far:
- It is possible to add a custom pentabarf url to the conferences list
- The map page now show the map, scrollable and zoomable. It's ugly but i works
- Map image and conference image are loaded asynchronously
- pages stack has been replaced with Handy.Deck, with support for swipe gesture to get back
So, now I'm trying to add some settings to the app.
I've populated the .gschema.xml file, but I can't manage to have the app found it, running on the host (I get a Gio.Settings without keys) or running it as a flatpak ("Settings schema is not installed").
Why it must be so difficult?
I think I'll go with a couple of python lines to replace this..
So after some hours spent on this, I noticed an error in compile logs:
the schema was invalid, but meson doesn't stop on test() errors... useful...


Perché Como è diventata una delle prime città in Italia a usare il riconoscimento facciale


OpenCast Live

Inizia: Martedì 26 Maggio 2020 @ 21:00

Finisce: Martedì 26 Maggio 2020 @ 22:00


Torna OpenCast in versione Live!

Martedì 26 maggio a partire dalle 21:00 saremo live all'indirizzo , con la possibilità di interagire via chat!

Opencast è il podcast del GL-Como che tratta di open source, software libero e tecnologia in generale.


Homemade Krumiri biscuits


Panico in Italia: per motivi di distanziamento sociale, da domani 14 maggio sono vietati non solo gli abbracci, le strette di mano e *hiavare, ma anche la gestualità popolare come da tabelle allegate. Gennaro Italico: “È un attentato alla libertà d’espressione, anche facciale”


Durante la pestilenza, per sentirmi meno solo, ho inventato un amico immaginario al quale parlare. Si chiama Vanvera.


# 1.0 !! 🥳 🎉


TIL* about Project Gemini
"Gemini is a new, collaboratively designed internet protocol, which explores the space inbetween gopher and the web, striving to address (perceived) limitations of one while avoiding the (undeniable) pitfalls of the other."

Found about it via Castor ( ), a graphical gemini (+ gopher and finger) browser, written in # / # , which I found thanks to the "Featured projects" list of Sourcehut Hub ( read more here )

So, obviously, I neeeeded a # browser on my # phone.

It's not yet here, but while experimenting I ended up writing a desktop browser for # with # and # which I called Alrisha :

At this point I neeeeeeeeed a presence on the 'gemini space'. But I'm not inclined to maintain it by hand. It will become stale quickly, I'm sure.

So I'm on the road to write an "ActivityPub C2S client via gemini". A web.. no, a gemini app that will render gemini pages from ActivityStream objects.

Just to publish this # on gemini automatically. Because why not.

It's been written in # using Jetforce

Here a screenshot of what I have now: on the left firefox shows my profile page via http/html, on the right the terminal running the gemini appserver, in the middle Alrisha rendering the result of the work...

*Thursday I Learned


quando il chat bot markoviano comincia a capire come funzionano le cose...



@albertuxone ci stiamo preparando per festeggiare con te dopo la riapertura…

(oppure stiamo affondando i dispiaceri nei lievitati)
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entrambe, direi

Now I'm curious!! What are you doing there? What Software are you using? Are there songs? ;)
My "portable" Setup looks like this
Mostly I open a backing track on youtube and jam over it..

sometime I connect to some ninjam rooom at to jam online. I'm using JamTaba (a software that does not convince me completely..)

I'm not recording anything :)


Life is too short to format source code manually.


Videolezioni, Videotutorial e Videoesperimenti curati da Alan "Curiuss" Zamboni.
Accesso gratuito al tempo della pandemia.


The karaoke on the hill @StefSound @EdCloth

The karaoke on the hill… @StefSound @EdCloth


I've got a lighting-fast # dashboard disabling most of the search providers. I'm not using them anyway.. I keep only File and Calculator 👍



# # #

with a spare piece of wood, some wire, two clothespins...

Bel lavoro, grande




Leo: "and now some tips to live this day with lightheartedness!"
"you can read a good book"
"or study a foreign language"
"or exercise"
"or tidying wardrobes"

Tv: "tearing down this wall will cost you $ 3000, but you'll have the well-lit kitchen you wanted!"

"rate my setup"
Ha! Hahahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣


Look ma! New site!

yes, ma. I copied it from Foliate.. sorry..

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Did you ask them first?
me copying the website


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