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What's up at the Department of Unnecessary Projects #DepUnPr lately?

Here is Oliver ( #vala / #gtk4 / #libadwaita ) running on #osx (12.4, x86_64)

theme is WhiteSur; decoration layout forced in app (both just to make it blend a little more in osx); bundler script adapted from System76 Keyboard Configurator; #gtk4, #libadwaita via homebrew.

(I know: adwaita is a GNOME thing, custom themes are bad, it should be pure gtk etc etc ... , but I had it around and it was small enough for a test)

On a more useful note, while playing with this I've update Oliver interface and added some features and fixed some bugs. I could publish a new version soon.

I would like to release it as a #flatpak, but I'm not sure how to handle running php as as subprocess...

in reply to Fabio

Very cool to see #Vala projects on different operating systems!
How did you find the development experience and do you have important things to note, for helping other people developing #Vala apps for #osx ?
#OSX #vala
in reply to Vala

@Vala It was boring in a good way :) all what I need was available via homebrew. Meson, ninja, valac and everything else just worked. I've added blueprint as a meson subproject, no issues.
As editor I've used VSCode which has plugins for vala, blueprint and meson language support, very nice.
As I said, I've adapted the script to bundle everything in a osx app from @System76 :popos: :ubuntu: repo (thank you :D). It supports also signing, but I don't have this need.
It was really a smooth experience. 👍

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