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#XMPP console client #Profanity supports #OMEMO now in its master git branch.

Users of #Debian unstable or testing can install version 0.6.0+git20190503.4a165b8-1 from the experimental distribution.

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I think in some ways the concept of "pythonic code" overlaps with functional programming (i.e. less loops, more comprehensions/generators, no manual counters) or "feels" similar (context managers somehow remind me things in lisp that wrap code and execute it in a specific way), however some things are outside the notion of "pythonic", like recursion.

@Gruppo Linux Como @LIFO it's time to start testing the installer:
Help test Debian Live

Just downloaded the network installer. Will try it later in a VM. Once in graphical mode and ones in the trusty CLI mode.

Codesto ~friendica ~friendica è stato aggiornato all'ultima versione develop

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Delivery of Allwinner VPU driver main goals
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Gruppo Linux Como created new project 'ansible_glc'
Ansible playbook per

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Friclicli: Friendica CLI client
@Friendica Developers

I started to work on a CLI client for Friendica named friclicli. At the moment I'm working on the foundation of the client: A C library (called libfriclient) with functions representing Friendica API routes (one function per route). The client will use a curses interface (probably ncurses). To make requests to the Friendica API the libcurl library will be used. JSON data will be processed using the cJSON library.

The source code repository is here:

The client will be programmed in C and licensed under the GPLv3+.

#Friendica #Client #CLI #C


Debian Day in Varese

I'm stuck home instead of being able to go to DebConf, but that doesn't mean that Debian Day will be left uncelebrated!

Since many of the locals are away for the holidays, we of @Gruppo Linux Como and @LIFO aren't going to organize a full day of celebrations, but at the very least we are meeting for a dinner in Varese, at some restaurant that will be open on that date.

Everybody is welcome: to join us please add your name (nickname or identifier of any kind, as long as it fits in the box) on before thursday, August 10th, so that we can
get a reservation at the restaurant.


Bradley M. Kuhn on paragraph 2 questions






From the answer to the last question on

# this_was_too_epic_not_to_do_this
# what_do_you_mean_this_is_not_tumblr?
# of_course_it's_not,_this_is_federated!
# also_my_screncapping_skills_are_not_tumblr_grade

And, for a person I know who complains about screencaps, this is the transcript:

but remember the GPL was designed to defend your freedom
and the conversation you're actually having is
how much freedom can we take away, please tell us!
and we say "you are not allowed to take away any freedom"
but can we take away a little bit of freedom?
well you have to ask a lawyer
why should we have to ask a lawyer how much freedom we can take away?
you should tell us how much we can oppress you
don't fall in that trap


$89 Pinebook Linux Laptop To Go On Sale Next Month - OMG! Ubuntu!

Have you been patiently waiting for further information on that cheap and cheerful (if not hugely powerful) $89 Linux ARM laptop we mentioned last year?

At the time of our article we shared the specifications of the notebooks, their price, and their potential performace.

But that aside we didn’t know anything else, like when the device might actually go on sale.

Well, now we do.

Read the rest:

#pinebook #arm #gnu #pine64

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no, 3ddy ha dilapidato le mie.... la cassa del GL e' sempre stata vuota!


Linux Performance Observability Tools

found on teh interwebz, no idea where it comes from (if you do, please tell me in the comments)

edit: it was as easy as actually opening imgur with javascript on: the source is

@Gruppo Linux Como

netstat is wider in scope that ss?


Linux Presentation Day a Tradate

Corrispondente primaverile del Linux Day, il Linux Presentation Day è un evento europeo nel corso del quale i gruppi locali di utenti Linux e Software Libero si mettono a disposizione del pubblico per far conoscere il loro mondo, rispondere a domande, mostrare opportunità poco conosciute e — perché no? — divertirsi assieme.

Alcuni gruppi di utenti linux delle province di Varese e Como saranno a disposizione quel sabato pomeriggio, il 30 aprile, dalle 14:30 alle 19 a Tradate, presso il FaberLab in Viale Europa 4/a.

L'evento, a ingresso libero, non è rivolto a professionisti dell'informatica, ma al grande pubblico, e non prevede un programma prefissato di talk formali, ma spazi liberi dove conversare liberamente e senza vincoli di scalette di vari argomenti a seconda degli interessi specifici dei partecipanti.

@Gruppo Linux Como

The next time you find yourself using Microsoft or Facebook or Apple (...) products, ask yourself if there isn't an open source alternative - and if there is, go check it out. Most commercial software has readily available alternatives that were developed in the open source community.

If you talk to somebody about using open source products, they'll usually start talking about the different meanings of the word 'free'; e.g. free as in beer, free as in freedom, etc. At the same time, many will try to push products on you with licenses written by lawyers which dictate exactly what you can and cannot do with your 'free as in freedom' software. [I always found this amusing.]

But I think they are all missing the point. I develop and use open source software - and my reasons for using it have very little to do with 'free'; and have everything to do with the fact that open source is developed by definition in an environment that is open and transparent. I know a bit about software, and I also know that you can bury manipulative and deceptive algorithms inside software in order to control and influence the software "users". During my years of employment in the industry, I've been asked to create software with manipulative and deceptive intentions, and I've also been affected by manipulative and deceptive algorithms which were created by other companies to stifle competition by the very companies I worked for. You don't see these algorithms because they are tucked away behind a curtain and a veil of secrecy. But let's summarise: software tends to embody within itself the values and motives of the organisations who create it, both good and bad.

So I use open source software because ultimately it is an ethical and "trust" decision. I tend to put more trust into things which are open and transparent and developed by people and organisations who embody those values than things which are closed and manipulative and developed by people and organisations that embody those values.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

#FOSS #FLOSS #Open-Source Software @Gadget Guru+

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Riunione stampata in 3D

Questa sera ore 21.20 ritrovo in sede per una serata su "Treddi", l'orsett-- la stampante 3D costruita da zero dal GL-Como.
Il nostro buon meccanico @Davide De Prisco ci aggiornerà sullo stato del progetto e si discuterà di come proseguirlo.
Prima tappa: plotter 2D!

Nella foto, Treddi in una foto d'epoca


ssh authentication with an OpenPGP smartcard

I've decided I don't want to keep an ssh key on my traveling laptop, but I still need to be able to authenticate to a number of hosts (and expecially gpg repositories). I also have an OpenPGP smartcard (from the FSFE). A plan is starting to form.

There are a number of guides available, but many of those are obsolete; the following pages are from this decade:

I've had some success from outside X, now I need to find out where I should disable ssh-agent from starting every time a start an X session, so that gpg-agent can take its place.

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