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Juki DDL series #sewing machines are some GOOD FUCKING SHIT and I recommend them to anyone who has their sewing machine set up All The Time, uses it at least 10 hours a week, and doesn't need anything but a straight stitch (or needs other-than-straight stitch rarely enough that pulling out a secondary machine is reasonable).

Also, sewing machine oil is not the only lubricant your #sewing machine needs. Oil is good for shaft bearings, the hook, and a couple other components but gears need to be greased.

Oil will not stay on your gears and you'll end up wearing your sewing machine out prematurely.

If you take your machine to a professional for service you're good, though.

So I'm researching the proper procedure for giving my #sewing machine a tune-up and it's come to my attention a lot of people are using WD-40 in their machines.

Let me be clear: WD-40 is NOT an acceptable lubricant for anything more critical than a door hinge!

It is a corrosion barrier. It's meant to prevent rust in things like hinges that are exposed to the weather and the like. It does have some ability to lubricate but it is almost never the oil you're looking for.

It's slow at work so I threw together a more ambitious dice bag #sewing
Now I just need a drawstring

Made my first bag today. Not perfect, but extremely pleased with it and it’s very usable. I loved the entire process. I had no idea how intellectually difficult #sewing is. Props to all the #sewists out there making things.

‪Did you know if you have enough scraps from cutting fabric you can make a big, comfy dog bed? And if you have pieces of flannel, you can make it flannel-topped and build in a blankie. ‬#dog #mastodog #mastodogs #sewing #crafts #pup #pups

It has finally happened! I've been using valentina to draft #sewingPatterns for a while, using the upstream packages inside a virtual machine, and I can recommend it to other people who want to draft their own patterns from measurements (and not just because there are afaik no other free software alternatives).

I've been planning to try and package it for debian for a long time, but ended up spending my #sewing time on sewing-in-a-hurry instead of working on the tools, so I'm quite happy that somebody else had time to do it.

Cutting mats are surprisingly expensive. #sewist #sewing

Early #christmas for me! #singer #sewing machine. I have no idea what I am doing.

I stumbled on the patent for cutting charts on garment #sewingPatterns:

“and suggesting uses for ,the scraps or pieces of material remaining after the garment parts have'been cut out”

WHY don't they print that part anymore??? #sewing #reducingWaste

Hello mastodon, I'm new here (but not on the federation) and interested in #freesoftware, #federated services, #debian, #sewing clothes and other #crafts