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Task: Turn off laptop integrated display with external monitor connected and laptop lid up.



@Lemmy Why a link inside a button... It's... quite unusual..

And the padding on the button (which it doesn't respond to user action) makes clicking on the link a little bit more difficult than it should be.

I know.. I should have opened an issue, or better send a patch.. but I'm lazy, sorry :D

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It's aliiiiveeee! (almost) #WiP #confy #gtk4 #libadwaita

Screenshots on last post where blueprint ui files made in Workbench, this is from the wip branch. 🚧👍
@Fabio is somebody getting ready for fosdem?
@Elena ``of Valhalla'' I'm mostly trying to not delete everything at this point

@Nico Rikken Thank you. I don't think I'll manage to release the Gtk4 version for #FOSDEM, but the Gtk3 is already usable :D
Yeah, it proved to be essential in the last conference I attended. On Android I use #Giggity but #LinuxPhones are the future. So thanks for working on this!

Ma non avevi smesso qualche settimana fa ?
Quando uno ha un art-attack che gli scappa, gli scappa!

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Linupx #Tux #Lego
#tux #Lego

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Discotux #Tux #Lego
#tux #Lego

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Coppolinux #Tux #Lego
#tux #Lego

Today I've been "nerd snipped" by a friend.

He had to write some excel formulas, and he was writing them in 'pseudocode' before putting the formula together, while commenting about "why I can't write formulas in a sane language".

So I've spent my evening (and part of my night) doing this:

Next step: a web page to run it in a browser :D

Ok, I think it's already gone too far...

Things I've done lately:
  • Dist-upgraded my VPS from Debian 10 to Debian 11
  • Updated the ansible playbook which configure my VPS almost up to date with the real state of my VPS. Things have started to diverge many moons ago. Now is quite back on track to be able to run without any unwanted side effects
  • Installed Dentrite matrix homeserver with a couple of bridges, using the aforementioned ansible playbook

Ancora con 'ste fotocopie identiche, mamma mia che roba vecchia. Noi aggiungiamo decorazioni, ghirigori, grechine, fiorellini ai vostri documenti :awesome:
@Yaku 🐗 @Fabio quanto viene la fotocopia decorata con washi tape? :D
5€. Se ci vuoi pure gli stickers fanno 10€
@Yaku 🐗 @Fabio ci devo pensare.

gli stickers hanno sopra i gattini? :D
@Yaku 🐗 @Fabio e non lo so. i gattini i dinosauri se li mangiano :D
ma come sono le fotocopie NON identiche?
sono come la settimana enigmistica, devi trovare le dieci piccole differenze. @fabrixxm

Ascoltaci, o madre Sparta! Noi, i tuoi figli, andiamo a morire per la libertà.
"Si, ma non fate tardi".
Leo Ortolani, "299"

Cose da fare: provare una ricetta generata da una catena di Markov partendo da "La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene" di Pellegrino Artusi
si batte la fiacca su questo pesce le scaglie e, lavato ed asciugato, infarinatelo tutto e mettetelo al fuoco mezz'ora prima di svenire

#retrocomputing #modding #rgb #bbcmicro

Today experiment
Pseudo-CSS to SVG "compiler"
Because perhaps it's easier to write than xml...
thinking about it, changing default xml namespace it can output any xml...

and profile image, in one template, if you have it, like if you are from mastodon...
code here

open to suggestions for new templates

Sikitikis - Metti un Tigre nel Doppio Brodo (2005)


A List of Things People Blamed on Bicycles

Star Trek"Come stai?"
"Sto Trek."

Managed to spend some time on this.

#gtk4 #libadwaita #vala #pixelfed

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Looks like people are still using my SailfishOS Friendica client.

As my Jolla1 died some time ago, I've stopped developing it, but I thought I could check how it works on newer sfos with the emulator.

But I can't find the code. I'm quite sure there is a git repo somewhere but I can't find it 🤦
Other half found!

Still didn't tried to build it..
The disk where I found first-half had newer code for front-end, but was missing the backend. The disk where I found the backend had an older code, but with divergent history (because, why push code on remote...).
So I'm not sure backend code is up-to-date with latest frontend...

ho dovuto farlo.


Oh no!
É un debian!
btw i use arch

that would be awesome!
We like this and we’d love if this became a real app 😉

#KingKhan & The Shrines at Daste Bergamo

opening act by xiwt

Forse ho esagerato con le quantità...

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