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Instalar y configurar un servidor web LAMP en Ubuntu 18.04

#apache #http #lamp #mariadb #php #sysadmin #ubuntu 18.04
Instalar y configurar un servidor web LAMP en Ubuntu 18.04

#php #phpMyAdmin #csrf #xsrf


OSTicket sobre nginx + mariadb + php7 en Debian 9

#apache2 #codigo #debian #mysql #nginx #osticket #php #sistemas #tickets

Osticket es un software que sirve para gestionar incidencias. Lo que viene a ser un software en el que puedes dar soporte a algo mediante tickets. Los/las usuarios/as abren un ticket o realizan el seguimiento de alguno abierto. Las personas que dan soporte pueden ir al mismo tiempo gestionando esto con cuentas en osticket de […]


Movim at Debian Mini DebConf in Hamburg

Movim developer Timothée “edhelas” Jaussoin writes:
Hey everyone :) I'm currently in #Hamburg for the MiniDebConf.
The goal is to work on #Movim and prepare it to be packaged for #Debian!
Lots of work has already been done as you can see on the CHANGELOG of the project.
We first worked on cleaning up and stabilizing the #dependencies of Movim. The outdated heyupdate/emoji was replaced by a wonderful pull request by mirabilos that add support of emojis directly inside Movim.
On my side I replaced ramsey/uuid with a simple internal function and worked on upgrating reactphp/http to their latest release with the help of WyrilHaximus, which also helped to release the v0.4.0 of reactphp/zmq that contains some important fixes for Movim.
The template engine of Movim, RainTpl was also stabilized to the latest release.
Natureshadow also made a really nice pull request to prepare the Debian package and fixe a couple of small bugs regarding URL handling inside the project.
All those dependencies will soon be packaged and integrated in Debian.
On top of that I worked a few hours yesterday on the optimisation of the #database requests by using some memory caching and Eloquent eager loading to prefetch some extra information when querying resources in the DB. This reduces the time spent to generate the pages and contents by more than 50 to 75% in some cases! It can especially be noticed on the Chat page and Contacts page.
The main pods were also updated with all those changes, so you can try them on, or
That's all folks!
#movim #debian #socialnetwork #minidebconf #hamburg #xmpp #php #eloquent

Programming #php in for over ten years. Debugger use: Never. There's no PHP debugger.

(Just joking, there's kind of a debugger with full trace and timing, but since PHP executions are usually contained, there's little need for it outside of pure speed optimization)


Federated XMPP chat (and more) with Movim: A success story

Some fundamental information about the XMPP based movim social network.

#xmpp #jabber #movim #federation #freesoftware #socialnetwork #php


Federated XMPP chat (and more) with Movim: A success story

Some fundamental information about the XMPP based movim social network.

#xmpp #jabber #movim #federation #freesoftware #socialnetwork #php

Federated XMPP chat (and more) with Movim: A success story

There are many reasons to be unhappy with current social media sites and chat applications. For a long time, there was no viable alternative, especially not, if you wanted usability and integration. Now there is hope, with Movim.
The downsides of OSNs
Online Social Networks, such as Facebook or Go

For the same reason, "6" == " 6", "4.2" == "4.20", and "133" == "0133". But note that 133 != 0133, because 0133 is octal. But "0x10" == "16" and "1e3" == "1000"!

#php #programming

PHP: a fractal of bad design

(This article has been translated into Spanish (PDF, with some additions) by Jorge Amado Soria Ramirez — thanks!) Preface I’m cranky. I complain about a lot of things. There’s a lot in the world of technology I don’t like, and that’s really to be expected—programming is a hilariously young discipline, and none of us have the slightest clue what we’re doing. Combine with Sturgeon’s Law, and I have a lifetime’s worth of stuff to gripe about. This is not the same. PHP is not merely awkward to use, or ill-suited for what I want, or suboptimal, or against my religion. I can tell you all manner of good things about languages I avoid, and all manner of bad things about languages I enjoy. Go on, ask! It makes for interesting conversation. PHP is the lone exception. Virtually every feature in PHP is broken somehow. The language, the framework, the ecosystem, are all just bad. And I can’t even point out any single damning thing, because the damage is so systemic. Every time I try to compile a list of PHP gripes, I get stuck in this depth-first search discovering more and more appalling trivia. (Hence, fractal.) PHP is an embarrassment, a blight upon my craft. It’s so broken, but so lauded by every empowered amateur who’s yet to learn anything else, as to be maddening. It has paltry few redeeming qualities and I would prefer to forget it exists at all. But I’ve got to get this out of my system. So here goes, one last try. An analogy I just blurted this out to Mel to explain my frustration and she insisted that I reproduce it here. I can’t even say what’s wrong with PHP, because— okay. Imagine you have uh, a toolbox. A set of tools. Looks okay, standard stuff in there. You pull out a screwdriver, and you see it’s one of those weird tri-headed things. Okay, well, that’s not very useful to you, but you guess it comes in handy sometimes. You pull out the hammer, but to your dismay, it has the claw part on both sides. Still serviceable though, I mean, you can hit nails with the middle of the head holding it sideways. You pull out the pliers, but they don’t have those serrated surfaces; it’s flat and smooth. That’s less useful, but it still turns bolts well enough, so whatever. And on you go. Everything in the box is kind of weird and quirky, but maybe not enough to make it completely worthless. And there’s no clear problem with the set as a whole; it still has all the tools. Now imagine you meet millions of carpenters using this toolbox who tell you “well hey what’s the problem with these tools? They’re all I’ve ever used and they work fine!” And the carpenters show you the houses they’ve built, where every room is a pentagon and the roof is upside-down. And you knock on the front door and it just collapses inwards and they all yell at you for breaking their door. That’s what’s wrong with PHP.

#owncloud #php #develpment

Dependency management with Composer... let's see...