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ecco perché oggi hai latitato! Malnàt
Ebbene si, mi hai scoperto! Social spioni!😁
ecco, qui c'è gente a cui si è rotta la timeline, e l'admin latita per andare a gozzovigliare! :D
uops, interessante. si è messo ad aprirmi di default il tab preferiti. cliccando su ultima attività si vedono COSE
postando dal cellulo non son riuscito a taggare @Daniele Figini

birra? Ma cos?
Vai tra, non era mia 😁

@Chiese Brutte Senna Comasco, Como

Tutto cemento, forma ad hangar, cortili in cemento con grate in metallo. E filo spinato.

Non era catechismo, era un'ora d'aria.

This one from @James Westman is very cool.

Now I need to hang a big monitor in the office and let this page up.

#osm #realtime #map

Musica per oggi:

pronophonique - 8-bit lagerfeuer

#8bit + #chitarra

E sono anche sul fediverso @pornophonique

E perchè andare a dormire quando invece si puo' scrivere uno script poliglotto bash/python?

echo "Ciao da bash"
python "$0"
" """
import this

More from the Department of Unnecessary Projects #


git-list is an experimental git sub-command to interact with mailing-list based patch workflows.

Git comes with some tools to collaborate via email: git send-email and git am, one to send a patch directly to the mailing-list, the other to apply a patch which ... somehow... the user get from the mailing-list.

There are plenty of email clients written exactly to work with a mail-based patch workflow, or adapted to the job with configs and plugins. And I'm sure they work perfectly.

However, I'm only an amateur mail-patch user, and I'm not an hardcore consolophile: I prefer to keep using my graphical mail client, which unfortunately doesn't have any cool git integration.

But, one day I found out himalaya, a CLI mail client (not a TUI!). I would say himalaya is to thunderbird as curl is to firefox, in a way.

It allows to easily integrate mails into bash pipelines.

And so git-list is born. Put git-list script into your path, configure himalaya, add some local config to your repo and you will be able to easy list mail from the mailing-list related to the project, read mails, and apply patches to brand-new branches created ad-hoc from the comfort of your terminal:
$ git list
ID | Subject
 1 | [Patch] ....
$ git list show 1
$ git list test 1
$ git status
On branch patch/1

As always, everything is extremely experimental, and likely will stay this way.

Here is the code:

P.S. have a look at the git send-email tutorial

Very nice!


Adoro sapere che il fediverso sta creando MOSTRI :D (nel senso buono)

An update from the Department of Unnecessary Projects:

Climatik 0.4.1

A python library to create command line interface from function definitions.

In this version:
  • Command group. Ever wanted to create cli like docker image ls , docker image rm? Now you can.
  • Arguments help text from function docstring.
  • Support argcomplete if installed

It's on PyPi, if you need it.

Keys (no version yet)

The unnecessary CLI to manage SSH keys.

Updated to use climatik 0.4.1.

guarda che a Bruxelles vogliono vietarla! Troppo sale, e poi è cotta in un forno a legna! Aborro! Troppa CO2! 😜
Vedi come spuntano spacci clandestini di pizza, tempo zero....
Yeah.. it was a clandestine pizza shop up in the north... can't tell you the exact location, sorry...

English is a strange language

Norway might defy the power of, or moist substance; to petrify.
The vertical triangular portion of meal, or other vehicle. Colloq.
Bid hook, small hook used for soles of leather or cloth; to sun thyself in inofficious sleep.

(hand-selected from )

The quality that gives or takes away thief.

Strict adherence to the Scriptures into the Court of claims of self-importance; -- applied especially to animals in the interior;

Those bottom ones look like Pigs in Blankets!

And they were delicious. Were.

Don't you love the #js dev scene, where after years of darknes where sites were built to only support IE, now that there are standards across all major browsers, they are still building sites that works only in chrome..... and safari ?
What's that? Nostalgia for old times? Some sort of PTS? Pure masochism? Or an example of what in Rome define as #sticazzi ?

@GNOME , is there a way to prevent the "open with another application" dialog to change the default file association? It's quite annoying, to be honest.
mmmh. it doesn't do that anymore.. an update somewere, I suppose. Nice! Thank you! :D
no. it does it again.. mh.


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492 #VGO Infinity Dive è stato sviluppato durante il penultimo Ludum Dare, un concorso di sviluppo di videogiochi in tempi brevissimi, due giorni. Il tema, se ho ben capito, era "deeper and deeper". Secondo me ha colpito proprio nel segno, guardate un po'.

Il gioco consiste nel far rimanere la linea al centro dello schermo mentre questa zooma sempre più velocemente verso di noi. Un'idea semplice ma whoosh! Provatelo!

Infinity Dive - keeps - 2021

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More work in progress on "Collector"

Collector is a python/Gtk3/libhandy app to manage collection inventories, using lesana for the hard part.

Collector 0.2.0 (shortly followed by 0.2.1) has been tagged some days ago, the first "release" after a year of intermittent development.

The 0.2 release follow the release of lesana 0.9, which adds some nice features. Features that are making their way into Collector too. See lesana 0.9.0 and [Collector 0.2.0] changelogs for more details.

Some highlights:

Precision property for decimal fields (in screenshot, a decimal with precision 1), and allowed values for fields: lesana cli checks that field value is one of the allowed, Collector shows to the user a select box to choose the value from.

Initial support for search aliases. Right now are used as "saved queries". No UI for add/edit/remove yet.

Coming up

Some features for the next release

Create a new collection in app. And some work as been already done to be able to clone a collection from a git repository.

Some new actions in menu to open collection folder in terminal or in file manager, and if is installed, to open the collection git repository in gitg.

Search completion of fields names and allowed values. Much wip but a nice add.

It's been a while from my last #pizza photo. So here it is.

Ci sono mattine, sul treno, in quell'attimo tra il "mi devo alzare per scendere" e il "mi sto alzando" in cui valuto la fattibilità di non alzarmi, di arrivare a Milano, prendere la metro, arrivare in Centrale, trovare il primo treno che parte e salirci.
e se poi il primo treno che parte ti riporta a Como?

Scossa notevole di #terremoto avvertita a Como circa alle 11:30.

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New experiment!
First experience with #gtk4, #libadwaita and #vala :

Appaya, to monitor and control Syncthing daemon (very much inspired by Syncthing Indicator Gnome Extension), obviously #WiP
Update! Now with 100% more info! and more buttons! (but not everything works so far).. And bigger headers!! (but I'm not sure about that)

Two columns on desktop, single column on mobile! wow!

And this is the "nice" icon: Appaya the Papaya
Great work" Thanks fabrix
is there a git repo?
uhh this is great do you plan to make a flatpak?
Eventually, when I'll find some time to get back to hack on it...

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oh, and this is also using #blueprint from @James Westman , even though I have problems with it, vala and meson. but it's meson fault........

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#php #php8 #Cheatsheet

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a camera/smartphone tripod!
No! It's poorman's desktop microphone stand!

It did his work remarkably well, I have to say...

Confy 0.6.2

Nothing really new, some visual adjustment to look more "gnomey"

l'universo si espande.
lo sappiamo perchè orione ha fatto un'altro buco alla sua cintura!

universe is expanding.
we know it because orion has added a hole on his belt!

The thing is going out of hand..

(data in screenhost is "fake": I just imported my outbox from @Fabrix.xm Needs mooooore work to handle AP in a way that's not too broken)

The latest bonus email is full of hot ‘Ween content. Collab with @arcanebullshit. Sign up at link bio.
Photo by Obvious Plant on October 28, 2021. May be an image of 1 person and text.

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