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Today I've worked on a little on my toy python-only Gtk UI Light Language (GULL), which is an experiment to write a lighter, more compact, UI definition file for #GTK instead of XML.

My experiment works only with python, as the code which parse and build widgets is all in python/py-gobject . It has also some nice functionality, like import other definition files as widgets and python module to connect functions to events. Oh and probably will ever support only Gtk3, because it's a toy, I'm lazy and I didn't started to look into Gtk4 yet...

I was thinking about writing a "converter" from my format into XML, to be able to use it via standard GtkBuilder.

My ugly code is here:

And now I stumbled on this by @James Westman

I see we both come on that from the same thread on #GNOME discourse 😀

Work in progress on "Collector"

Collector is a #GNOME collection manager based on lesana, still #wip. Lately I found the time (and the will) to get back to hack on it.

Collection entries now can be added and edited, using specific widget per field type, with input validation.
Field types are been updated to be in sync to latest lesana release.

( This collection can be browse online at )

A GtkSourceView allow edit yaml fields (with validation)

Still many thing doesn't works as it should: textviews expand instead of wrap text, settings dialog don't fit on phone, fields can't be removed nor ordered, git integration is to do and entry list view needs speed up...

Confy 0.4.1

Version 0.4.1 of Confy, the conferences schedule viewer for GNOME, has been tagged.
This release comes with support to libhandy 1.
A confy-git package on AUR has been created, for those of you using #archlinux

I've removed links to flatpak on project page because it never worked as it should. I'm planning to add Confi to flathub in a future.

I should start to write a propert changelog :)

#confy #gnome

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Also, I should proof-read when i write posts in English while I'm tired... 🤦

I've got a lighting-fast #GNOME dashboard disabling most of the search providers. I'm not using them anyway.. I keep only File and Calculator 👍

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