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Today I've worked on a little on my toy python-only Gtk UI Light Language (GULL), which is an experiment to write a lighter, more compact, UI definition file for #GTK instead of XML.

My experiment works only with python, as the code which parse and build widgets is all in python/py-gobject . It has also some nice functionality, like import other definition files as widgets and python module to connect functions to events. Oh and probably will ever support only Gtk3, because it's a toy, I'm lazy and I didn't started to look into Gtk4 yet...

I was thinking about writing a "converter" from my format into XML, to be able to use it via standard GtkBuilder.

My ugly code is here:

And now I stumbled on this by @James Westman

I see we both come on that from the same thread on #GNOME discourse 😀

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