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Since a few weeks, my # # system was no longer able to build the initrd.img for new kernels. This morning it couldn't boot at all with a recent kernel (it did with an older one), so I found the time to look into it: it seems that the problem could have been related to the fact that my system still had split /usr; I've installed the # package and now the initrd.img has been built.

now rebooting, wish me luck :D

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rebooting worked.

Here is why I've uptimes over 300 days…
@Bevilacqua Gustavino sometimes having an updated kernel is nice :D

(also, I tend to shut down the laptop every evening, but that's more for my own sake than the computer's)
Nice story!

Content warning: cibo italiano (pane e simili), fantasy (pratchett)

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Content warning: cibo italiano (pane e simili), fantasy (pratchett)

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Content warning: cibo italiano (pane e simili), fantasy (pratchett)

Content warning: cibo italiano (pane e simili), fantasy (pratchett)

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Content warning: cibo italiano (pane e simili), fantasy (pratchett)

Fantastico! 😃
@David de Groot 𓆉 @Nicholas Laney :copyleft2:

da non confondersi con il pane di via degli orchi, anche detto lo gnocco ingrassato o la crescente (a seconda della tribù di orchi che lo prepara / compra dal panettiere)

Content warning: itpol, lombardia

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Content warning: itpol, lombardia

Content warning: itpol, lombardia

Content warning: historical sewist reaction

here you go! The Dreamstress is one of my favourite historical costumers.
@Teffer thanks!

and I fully agree on the Dreamstress!

I've just realized that watercolours with a water brush are the artsy-painty thing that uses less water among all of the ones that I have around the house.

With just a few squeezes and passes on a wiping cloth for washing the brushes, and no other tool that requires washing, it's pretty hard to beat them.

Given the name, that's somewhat counterintuitive, however :)

(yes, I could be using pencils, pastels, pens and a lot of other things that don't require washing at all)

E del mio veve di Papa Legba non dicono nulla?

Apparently it's by design, to prevent the issues with broken threads that happen between mastodon servers, and I don't think that there is a way to remove one person from the list of @s :(

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ok, maybe I've found a way to be able to remove individuals from the list of mentions (I hope)

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# & The Shrines at Daste Bergamo

opening act by xiwt

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Content warning: food, sweet (fruit)

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yes, very sweet!

we freeze a lot of bananas - and use them in smoothies with milk. currently trying to grow our own bananas:

planting bananas

They are the USA's "most imported food".

Content warning: food, sweet (fruit)

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I have questions about the structural safety pins.
they are historically accurate for the late victorian era

(now that I think about it, I should probably mention that in the instructions, thanks!)

also, I don't like the feeling of the strap behind the neck in most aprons, and I wanted to try something different :)
I wanna know what kind of shirt you're supposed to be pinning that to - most shirts I know would fall apart in a heap with that kind of load. it's definitely a comfier option than the neck strap though fer sure
The apron also has a waist belt, the pins only get the load of the bib, not the full strap and most importantly not of whatever ends up in the pocket.

The shirt I was wearing is a relatively flimsy one in cheap cotton voile that I made myself, so it's probably still sturdier than an average fast-fashion shirt? :( also it's in woven fabric and not knit, which helps.

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had no idea I’d been waiting for “soft wear” as a pun for this long. Thank you!

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Ma che bel sondaggio che ha messo fuori l'università del Queensland, sarebbe un peccato se si mettessero a rispondere le persone dotate di una vita perfettamente normale ed equilibrata di #

cw: gente convinta che i videogiochi siano pericolosi e sondaggio che vi fa sprecare tempo che potreste dedicare ai videogiochi :D

(da )

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ma le domande le ha scritte mia mamma? Porca miseria...
Sto aspettando di arrivare alla sezione in cui posso rispondere "la mia psicoterapeuta mi ha consigliato di videogiocare quando mi sento troppo in ansia" oppure "le mie relazioni vengono rafforzate quando gioco con le altre persone (inclusa mia mamma che odia i videogiochi)"

Non c'è nemmeno la domanda "Quanto pensi che la tua vita sia migliorata da quando ti dedichi a un'attività ludica bella e coinvolgente come i videogiochi?"
tua mamma, solo che anziché odiare e basta i videogiochi è parte di un complotto mondiale per vietarli, direi

Dear # and # people: let assume that somebody (asking for a friend!) was planning a band of filet crochet that is 5 squares wide (plus two of border) and was tempted by the idea of using Baudot Code to make it spell some text.

Should it have the columns in order 1 2 3 4 5 as they seem to be depicted on, or should it be 5 4 1 2 3 as in the position of the keys?

(sadly, (afaik) friendica doesn't support polls, you'll have to write your answer in a comment)

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Filed under: I don't really need another # project, right?

An irregular sample of crochet filet, 7 × 8 squares, still active with the crochet hook in it, and another one in bigger yarn, also 7 × 8 squares, but complete; both have a very simple checkerboard pattern with an empty border.

I've received a piece of vintage lace, of a type that would work nicely on a petticoat ruffle.

While handsewing the linen shirt I'm working on, I've also started to think that the same fabric would also be nice for a petticoat or a petticoat+corset cover combination (and I have enough for it).

But such a garment doesn't call for just a bit of lace at the hem, it calls for some lace on the ruffles, some insertion (and pintucks, dere vill be pintucks), and while of course I have a box of lace of various kinds, I don't have enough for that project.

However, the more I think about it, rather than wanting to look for enough matching lace in the stores, I'm tending towards going for a mix-and-match of looks, joined together by a theme of having some history.

So I'm using some lace that I've been given by different people, and then I want to puppy-eye my mother into doing some crochet lace for me, but then I thought that maybe I should also do some myself.

And thus, yesterday I asked my mother to teach me filet #, I did the bigger square-ish under her guide, and then I've started a sampler band, starting with the simplest pattern to get myself to learn the right tension, and then trying various patterns as I go, until I finish the leftover of crochet lace appropriate yarn I've found in her stash.

I don't have any source on historical people doing something like this, but it's underwear, the silhouette will be correct, and nobody needs to know how it looks (other than the people who will see the pictures here on the fediverse :D )

ETA for the project: maybe a couple of years? Don't hold your collective breaths :D

# #

Content warning: lamentele di stagione, italiano

Content warning: lamentele di stagione, italiano

Junge Hexe:
Der Puder ist so wie der Rock
Für alt' und graue Weibchen,
Drum sitz ich nackt auf meinem Bock
Und zeig ein derbes Leibchen.

Cipria e gonne sono fatte
per le donne vecchie e grigie;
io che mostro un corpo sodo
sul mio capro siedo nuda.

Young Witch:
A powderd face is like a skirt
for old and graying wives;
so I sit naked on my buck
and show my eager thighs.
(Translation Peter Salm)

Forse ho esagerato con le quantità...

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@rastinza stessa cosa che mi sono detto

it. is. DONE!

Now @Diego Roversi has backpack that matches mine!

I believe I started working on this in 2019, did a bit, stopped for a long while, did another bit, stopped a very long while, etc. so getting rid of the WIP (and having the finished object to use) is a very nice feeling.

picture of a mostly parallelepipedal backpack in black fabric with blue and red webbing stripes on the front and black webbing compression straps. the lining can be seen at the top and it's light blue.

source code :) at

# # #
🥳 🎉 🥳 🎉 🥳 🎉
👏 👏 👏 👏
bello! Di materiali, in tutto, quanto ti è costato? Mi piace l’estetica simile a GreenRoom136 :)
ecco... uno sproposito

ho comprato i materiali quando ho fatto il mio, e tra una cosa e quell'altra credo di averci speso più di 200 euro. però buona parte era perché c'erano dei pezzi minimi di acquisto, e da quella cifra sono usciti i due zaini, e ho ancora quasi tutto il materiale (extra ci sarebbero da prendere webbing, cerniera e accessori) per farne potenzialmente un terzo, e di alcuni materiali (soprattutto 3d mesh e imbottitura) anche di più (in realtà il piano non è di farne un terzo uguale, che non mi servirebbe, ma accessori vari).
Ben fatto! 👏
azz, praticamente 2 zaini + zainetto/sling/altro a poco meno del prezzo di uno

Allora ci credo quando il ragazzo di dice che non poteva allinearsi ai prezzi esteri perché faceva tutto in Italia
Beh, c'è da dire che un conto è comprare i materiali per un solo zaino (o 3) nel negozio sotto casa (ok, negozio che si trova in Germania, ma il principio è quello :) ), un conto è comprarli a pezze intere per la produzione di massa.

Non credo che per averli di qualità possano comunque materiali economici, ma sospetto che li paghino molto meno.

D'altra parte, loro devono anche pagare il tempo di chi li cuce (che spero sia decisamente più veloce di me, che ho impiegato una giornata solo per la penultima cucitura :D ), che invece nel mio caso conta come divertimento e si scala dal prezzo dei materiali :) .
non so quanti siano ma sono ben lontani dalla produzione di massa! (Come greenroom a dirla tutta)
beh, ma immagino che ne faranno qualche centinaio per volta, almeno?

comunque ordini di grandezza di distanza dai due estremi della produzione cinese venduta su aliexpress e di chi se ne fa uno in casa
GreenRoom136 non lo conoscevo, invece; la mia ispirazione sono state le varie borse tattiche cinesi (anche per la praticità del sistema), con però uno schema colori il più lontano possibile da quello dei survivalist.

Content warning: sewing, finished apron, ec in the picture

The sleeve protectors btw are something I did years ago, and they are based on School sewing based on home problems


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Content warning: sewing, finished apron, ec in the picture

One thing that bothers me while # is trimming the sewing allowances: I understand that having wider allowances makes it easier to sew by machine, but all those strips of fabric waste hurt my feeling even if they end up as stuffing and not in a dump.

So, what I tend to do when sewing french seams is not to sew with half the seam allowance, but sew the first seam at a bit less than that and the second seam at a bit more.

And for flat-felled seams, I tend to cut the fabric with double allowance on just one side, and align the other side at one allowance of distance, as in the picture.

Closeup of two pieces of fabric aligned as described above.

It doesn't really change anything, it's not like I can fit more pieces in the same fabric by saving that 6 mm strip, but it helps my OCD :D

I believe it was the norm in old sewing manuals, but I can't be bothered to look for the source right now, sorry

Why It's OK to Have Unfinished (Sewing) Projects!

or, TL;DW: it's just not sustainable to keep churning out finished projects every week to be a proper content creator (not explicitely said in the video: as defined by platforms that earn money out of such content, and the more content the more MONEY for them).

@WelshPixie (Del On Earth)

I took a picture of the test I did with the posca pen, ironed, and then thrown in the washing machine:

a scrap of fabric with a blob of black paint and the words uni posca, not particularly faded

The blob on top is where I refreshed the paint on the pen, and I forgot to take a picture before washing it, but I believe it didn't wash away.

It's not great for fabric because it definitely has some rigidity that fabric paint avoids, but I think I can confirm it works.

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I've used white posca to draw on a black t-shirt - ironed properly and all thst jazz.
Resisted for a month or two but after a year it is close to invisible :(
I'll try to wash it again, then (it's not like I can do anything else with it :D )

Filed under: if it can be done it must be done (it's probably not a good idea), right?

18th century pocket. *tactical*!

(Picture of something shaped line a 18th century pocket, except it's made of blue cordura with alternating red and white 2.5 cm webbing sewn at regular 4 cm intervals, and the front slit is closed by a water repellent zipper.)

(Picture of the back of the same pocket, where the webbing is blue (in a darker hue than the cordura), there is no slit, but two small belt loops sewn in the top seam.)

I know, to make it properly *tactical* it should have been camo instead of brightly coloured, but I have no camo fabric at home (and honestly have no plan to buy any) and this was a spur-of-the-moment thing made with leftovers from my backpack-and-accessories.

# # #

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It is camo because whoever look for something military-like (i.e. kaki) doesn't ever see that 😄

If anybody else is interested in #, today I stumbled on a couple of lists of period # and generally # books, mostly biased towards the early 1900s

(and my collection of related PDFs has grown, and I really need to organize it somehow :D )
btw, my own list of such books (the ones I've actually used, not just collected) is at

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Very cool collection!
Very handy, thank you!
Nice! I will have a look after a crunch time at work, I have some resources like that from the trecento to the seicento at
uh, interesting resources (and excellent choice to do that instead of doomscrolling :) )

I'll look at them tomorrow (here it's sleeping time)

a small pile of cut white fabric, with the paper pattern pieces on top

The 1700 petticoat has been finished (pictures in the weekend?), so it's time for the next project: a 1880 gentleman shirt in linen.

The instructions have been written, but the pictures I took while making the first mockup weren't great, so I'm going to take them again with the real thing, and then publish everything.

@FreeSoftWear group #

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And since I didn't have enough WIPs, I've just started # a 18th century underpetticoat in cotton double gauze.

It should be a pretty quick project, I think. maybe.

* starts herringboning¹ 3 meters of hem…

¹ not historically accurate, but it helps with the elasticity of the fabric, which isn't historically accurate either

Dear miss manners,

the company my SO works for has been sold, and they are giving away all the gadgets that they have made, including those that would have never been given to the likes of us¹ such as neckties and pocket squares. How long would it be suitable for me, not related to the company in any way, to wear them? Should I respect a formal mourning period before I use the loot I got from the dead body?

¹ IT people :D

(I already know the answer: it's “wait at least until september. because you don't really want to wear a jacket with a pocket square in this weather, right?” :D )
For a skirt you need *a lot* of ties!

I add a CW for the design of the ties in the video: they are pretty horrible 😄

uhm, on this hat I think I want to put some kind of decorative knot made with that shiny rayon rope I've around, but I don't know what knot to do

realizes she's bought the Ashley Book of Knots last christmas

uhm, I want to make a knot, but I don't know which one they are too manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

(ok, I think I settled on a simple one :D )

Content warning: trenord, treni italiani (lombardi)

c'è da dire che viaggiatreno è di trenitalia, e che non riporta le tratte di trenord, è anche probabile che i dati arrivino direttamente da trenitalia, perchè "gne gne noi i vostri dati non li vogliamo tiè sfigatoni" "senti ci parla, faccia da palla, noi i nostri dati non ve li diamo. brutti e cattivi" "e io non ti ascolto più" "e io non porto più il supertele" "tanto noi giochiamo con SBB CFF FFS che c'hanno il pallone di cuoio con scritto fifa! pllll"

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viaggiatreno non riporta le tratte di ferrovienord, tranne qualche stazione, però riporta i treni di trenord che le percorrono (oltre ai treni trenord che percorrono tratte RFI).

E non credo che trenitalia abbia sensori sulle linee ferrovienord, credo che sia ferrovienord a mandare loro i dati (sbagliati), perché con loro ci giocano perché gliel'ha detto la maestra, ma giusto giusto mentre la maestra guarda, appena si gira rubano il pallone.

Who is cutting a linen shirt and is carefully saving all scraps of fabric cut while straightening the grain, to extract the threads in case she may one day need them for invisible #, which is also something she is really bad at? :D


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Inspired by (not @-ing because this isn't really fiber arts content) I've just created @FreeSoftWear group for people who want to share and see content about wearables and accessories for which instructions are available and published under a Free Culture License, no matter if it is #, #, # or other #.

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This would work like the fiber arts group: @ the group in your # related posts so that it gets reshared, including in replies that add content (i.e. anything that isn't just a “love that” or so)

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I've just finished # a quick pair of shorts to wear under summer skirts and

a) the sky has just darkened
b) I've realized that I should have taken pictures and published the pattern as #

oh, well, if they fit well I'm going to make another pair in the same fabric, except *gasp* not-black, and they should be easier to photograph.

also, if they really work as an encouragement for rain, I'm up for making even more pairs :D
@Vi penso ti possa interessare questa idea!
Serve pioggia? (e a chi non serve quest'anno in Italia?)
Rain shorts... I need that pattern, Berlin is running dry. During the spring month' we only had 50% of the long-term average amount of rain. Your shorts would be really useful!

this is oh, so very relatable :D
"Can the Debian Project ever fall?" well, let's check the answer on the Arch Wiki! 😂

Molto interessante il messaggio a monte di quello sullo stato di RPM-based-distro e l'ormai declino di Ubuntu.

TFW you go in front of the mirror to try and level the hem of a skirt (pulling up from the waist, it's a 18th century under petticoat) and realize that even if you don't usually wear your glasses indoors you need them to see the marks on the yardstick at hem level.

# #
OTOH, I'm currently walking around the house with a bustle, skirt, and an old sheet used to mock up the skirt draperies; I need to stop doing this and start working in 15 minutes, but I don't want to take those off :D

me: ok, this afternoon I can attach the pocket to the apron I've almost finished and then go outside to take a picture before the thunderstorm arrives

thunderstorm: think again

(it's still not here, but there is definitely not enough light for photos :D )
and it has arrived. and gone (at least, it's not raining anymore).

and I've finished finished the apron.

but it's still a bit too dark for photos, they will have to wait for tomorrow.
ah shame - at least it's finished!

Current status:

unfocused picture of the beginning of a knit lace shawl on top of some microcontroller boards and a lot of jumper cables

I may have an idea of something I could make with the #. it's not working. Bluetooth hates me.

Every time I try something and it does not work I'm # a row of the lace shawl, that may or may not help :D

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later in the afternoon it worked a bit better. what is received on the serial pins goes to the bluetooth serial. As long as I compile with an older version of the esp support, because of

Also, I'm aaaaalmost at one ninth of the shawl.

Content warning: food, non animal / drink (non-alcool), abstract eye contact

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Content warning: italiano, discorsi da boomer

Content warning: proposta per una nuova istanza, stupido, italiano

Content warning: proposta per una nuova istanza, stupido, italiano

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