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If you want to use the Fediverse through a Facebook-style interface, you may want to try Friendica.
Some good instances to sign up at:
You can use Friendica through the @fedilab app.
It federates through ActivityPub with Mastodon etc and it also lets you follow RSS feeds as if they were users.
The developers are very active with regular new releases.
#Friendica #Facebook #Alternatives #DeleteFacebook #ReplaceFacebook

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I prefer diaspora* over Friendica. The options that Friendica offers are great, but I’ve found it to be a bit glitchy though. Most people use their social network on their mobile phone, and using Friendica on mobile, you can’t change your profile photo. There are other instances of Friendica responding in unexpected ways. I do like it though. Either one is better than Facebook!

I have to admit that the main reason why I use Friendica is that I have a friend who is hosting an instance :)

From what I understand, diaspora* isn't able to federate with ActivityPub, and I believe that almost half of my contacts are on mastodon, so I would need two different accounts on the two networks.

Anyway, as long as a social network federates, and the instance isn't owned by a megacorp, that's very likely to be good.

“We are death,” the first of the three dragon heads said.
“And destruction,” said the second.
I turned to the third.
“And we like cookies!” It said with a grin. “Have you brought us any?”
I held up a basket filled with all sorts of snacks.
The first head spoke. “You shall be spared.”
“For now,” the second added.
“See you tomorrow!” Chirped the third as clawed hands snatched the basket away from me.

L'estensione #Unpaywall per trovare #ricerca ad #AccessoAperto da Firefox/Chromium è #SoftwareLibero gratis.

Ha oltre 200mila utenti e un milione di usi al giorno. Riesce in 50+ % dei casi, precisione 98+ %.

Quanti #ricercatori la conoscono in Italia?

Debian Day 2019
Inizia: Sabato 17 Agosto 2019 @ 20:00
Finisce: Sabato 17 Agosto 2019 @ 23:59
Posizione: Birrificio di Como, Camerlata


Turning a MacBook into a Touchscreen with $1 of Hardware

We turned a MacBook into a touchscreen using only $1 of hardware and a little bit of computer vision. The proof-of-concept, dubbed “Project Sistine” after our recreation of the famous painting in the Sistine Chapel, was prototyped by me, Kevin, Guillermo, and Logan in about 16 hours.

@Gruppo Linux Como

Meh. You are likewise not allowed to walk naked in the street, even though naked people have done much less harm than people in suits.

Hijabs, for instance, are banned (when banned) as religious symbols (and where similar religious symbols are banned). You'd have to be quite naive to think that those have no impact (whether you agree with those bans or not).

Well, the suits thing was mostly a joke / provocation, I don't think anybody who shared that post really wanted to ban suits instead of stopping to ban hijabs.

Saying that "all religious symbols are banned in the same way" however is misleading: in an area where the religious people are mostly part of either a dominant religion that does not mandate wearing any visible symbol (and if they do want to wear one, it's usually something small and easy to hide like a cross pendant) and one that is discriminated against that mandates that its followers must always show visibly their religion, such a law will not impact the followers of the former, but only the followers of the latter.

Also, there are laws that are not against religious symbols in general, but just against specific kinds of dress (especially the burkini, afaik) under the excuse that they are a symbol of the oppression of women and those are even worse: if a woman is being forced to wear a burkini when going to the pool, and the pool forbids that woman from entering while wearing a burkini, it's not like magically she can wear a swimsuit, they have just forbidden her from going to the pool.

So, yes, these things do have an impact, one that adds more burdens and discrimination to the weakest parts of society.

(disclaimer: I'm talking about the laws and proposed laws in Europe, mostly Italy and to a lesser extend France, I don't know what the situation is elsewhere well enough to have an idea )

(disclaimer2: I know that not everybody who is religious in Europe is either christian or muslim, but at the moment the political debate is on those, everybody else I'm afraid is going to end up as collateral damage)

waaaay overdue #tourDeFleece update: on day 13 I did indeed spin some wool I carded myself (forgot to take a picture while still on the spindle, but here it is before being lightly blocked: Image/photo

I think that for the rest of the fleece I want to try combing it, but with this bit I also want to try some naalbinding.

Then I finished some generic black roving from the yarn shop (that I had started before #TdF19 and kept as my to-go "spin for 5 minutes" project), spun worsted, and then, instead of being able to write this post life happened again, badly, and I just didn't have the energies for it.


In the next few days I also spun another bit of generic blue roving from the yarn shop, this time woolen, and that was it for my spinning this month.


#TeamFediSpinners #FediSpinners

I'm definitely happy with the amount of spinning I did: I completed everything that I had planned (and didn't hurt my hands) and by the time I had the forced stop I was already thinking about stopping for a while and using some spun yarn in order to decide what kind I needed more: I'm weaving a scarf on the backstrap yarn and winging it without real plans, so I'm not sure if I'll have enough weft, but I also want to try some tablet weaving with the same fiber, spun thinner, so I want to leave some of the roving for the project that will need it most.

I think my spinning has improved a bit, and trying to card was also something I wanted to do: I'm definitely not proficient at it, but I have plenty of materials to learn (today I washed a bit more of the fleeces)

I also learned that whorls made in salt dough will. break., but then it is quite easy to “glue” them back with a few drops of water and some time.

I might have accidentally bought some new #ink...


Text reads:

I wonder if being in love with the blood-red ink I've recently bough is yet another sign of the fact that I can't prove I'm not a vampyre(sic).
I should start wearing the black ribbon whose precepts I've always followed (with no plans to stop).

At least this looks like fresh blood and not something used to sign a pact with the devil.

The ink is Rohrer & Klingner writing ink, merinda.

#calligraphy #dipPen

... "accidentally" ...

It wasn't my fault! it just happened!

(the fact that I visited two brick and mortar shops, opened a forum thread asking for more shops to try and then browsed through the online reseller list on the producer's website until I found one I liked doesn't mean I can't claim it was something like the devil forcing me to act, right?)

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Last Friday of July! Today is the System Administrator Appreciation Day. In Debian we're very proud and thankful to the DSA Team You rock! #SysAdminDay

Today is the #DebConf19 Open Day! See the schedule and follow the live streaming

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It's again that time of the year... :D

#DebConf19 has started and as usual the video team needs MOAR volunteers to provide full streaming and recordings coverage at the quality we're used to: if you are attending please attend one of the training sessions (they are announced in the [url=]daily announcement emails like this one): some of the tasks are pretty easy and you can sign-up for shifts during talks you wanted to attend anyway (they will not prevent you from following the talk, and in some case they may even help you do so).

If you are remoting (like me :( ) you can still help: hop on #debconf-video@OFTC to help with reviewing the recordings before they get published. If there are enough of us we can aim to release most¹ of the recordings before the conference is done! This is really helpful for people in different timezones or those who would like to attend two talks at the same time, but mostly, it's fun.

¹ except for the very last batch, of course.

Things you’re probably not using in Python 3 – but should

Day 3 and 4 of #TourDeFleece: yesterday I spun the Romney sample, as usual half as worsted and half as woolen.


Then I had… issues… as I discovered that the floss game flare now has a shiny new campaign and… let us just say that a) I didn't post any update and b) I'm very surprised that today I still managed to spin all of the mixed brown top I planned to spin :D



Tomorrow I have a carded band of Rhoen shep waiting for me (and/or zombies and skeletons to kill, choices, choices…)

#TeamFediSpinners #FediSpinners

#tourDeFleece update: on day 8 I did the Gotland samples as plannedImage/photo

Then on sunday (day 9) instead of spinning I washed a bit of the “distraction” I posted earlier, on monday life happened and I had a forced day of rest; on tuesday I mostly respected the day of rest (but I started a bit on the Coburg Fox sample) and today I finished them both.


And that's it for my basic plan for #TdF19 , which has been completed way early thanks to the power of lowered expectations!

But... tomorrow it's challenge day, when I want to try and spin some wool that I've (badly) carded myself (with dog brushes), so this evening I've done that


And then I must confess I couldn't resist starting to spin a bit of it, to see how it would be


(this one is going to be spun woolen, and then one day I think I'll buy or make a pair of combs, as for most of the things I want to do with the yarn worsted would be more appropriate)

#TeamFediSpinners #FediSpinners

Un po' di musica

Form Opencast Alpha, the playlist of Jamendo traks used in the podcast episodes.

Playlist - OpenCast Alpha - Jamendo
La playlist con le tracce che sono passate su OpenCast Alpha

#TourDeFleece update: day 5 went as planned, with the Rhoen Sheep sample:


and then, instead of killing zombies I got distracted by a sack of unknown sheep fleece, received the evening before:


Then yesterday, day 5 of #TdF19 I manage to do both the Brown German Merino:


and the smaller (about 5g) sample of Valais Blacknose:


And then in the evening my friendica instance was down, so I couldn't post this.

Today I started on a sample of Gotland, but was busy most of the day visiting a museum and didn't finish it (I will probably do it tomorrow).

#TeamFediSpinners #FediSpinners

getting ready for the #Debian release party this afternoonImage/photo

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How was it? More pics?

er... we were having fun and I forgot to take pics :(

Days 1 and 2 of #TourDeFleece: yesterday I managed to spin half a sample of white Eider sheep (worsted):


And then today I did the rest of that sample (woolen):


for a total of about 10g, followed by the brown Eider sheep, about 12g again spun half worsted and half woolen:



I seem to be on a good start to go through the samples before the end of #TdF19… unless I get distracted by some other wool that may happen to appear around here for some reason O:-) but in that case I'll also be happy :)

#TeamFediSpinners #FediSpinners

Mich, die älteste, zum Spinnen
Hat man diesmal eingeladen;
Viel zu denken, viel zu sinnen
Gibt's beim zarten Lebensfaden.
Dass er euch gelenk und weich sei,
Wusst' ich feinsten Flachs zu sichten;
Dass er glatt und schlank und gleich sei,
Wird der kluge Finger schlichten.
Wolltet ihr bei Lust und Tänzen
Allzu üppig euch erweisen,
Denkt an dieses Fadens Grenzen,
Hütet euch! Er möchte reißen.

#Goethe, #Faust II, Vers 5305 ff.
I, the eldest, I, the spinning
Am lumbered with this time: I’ve
Need of lots of pondering, thinking,
To yield the tender threads of life.
So you may be soft and supple,
I sift through the finest flax:
Drawn through clever fingers, double
Fine, and even, smooth as wax.
If you wish all joy and dancing,
Excessive now, in what you take,
Think about those threads: their ending.
Then, take care! The threads might break.

Translation: A. S. Kline ©2003

You are definetively my idol

@Ondiz thanks! or maybe I'm just somebody who's digging too deep into old garment making technology and will awaken some balrog :D

You will still be my idol in that case :D

Debian: repository changed its ‘Suite’ value from ‘testing’ to ‘stable’

I have everything ready for the #TourDeFleece: I have to take it extremely easy, so my plan is to go through a bag of samples and #spin all of them so that by the end of #TDF19 I can decide what I want do buy next. Many of them are from rare sheep breeds, and up to now I've mostly spun random-probably-merino.


For the challenge days I have some samples that also require carding, such as this one:


The easy target I'm aiming for is one top sample every two days, and one that requires carding on the two challenge days, bonus target is being able to do more than one of the samples that require carding (they are six in total).

Starting with an easy one:


(but tomorrow is also the release day for Debian, so it's extremely likely that I'll start on Sunday).

#TeamFediSpinners #Fedispinners

TFW you have finally repaired the battery compartment door on your camera, using a hair pin, and you can't take a picture of the repair to share on the fediverse…

I did manage to take a picture of the broken bit and of the sacrificial hairpin, however.


(also, I should have used a tripod instead of going with high iso, but the tripod was in the other room, and...)

If you have a Google account

it’s more likely you are human

(Can I haz a t-shirt with this wise saying?)

SKS Keyserver Network Under Attack

"High-risk users should stop using the keyserver network immediately."
1. Open gpg.conf in a text editor. Ensure there is no line starting with keyserver. If there is, remove it.
2. Open dirmngr.conf in a text editor. Add the line keyserver hkps:// to the end of it.

#OpenPGP #SKS #keyserver #vulnerability #certificate #spamming #attack #GnuPG

@Gruppo Linux Como

Today I went to CastelSeprium for this

(wool and fiber tools)

and for the guided tour of the unesco site.

But then I have to admit that I stayed also for

(short line of longobard warriors getting ready for battle)

(short line of roman warriors getting ready for battle, with a much more disciplined line)