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Mining for Education

How would you feel if all the food in your child’s school canteen were provided by one manufacturer of packaged snacks and soft drinks? How would you feel if your child’s diet were limited to crisps, cheese-flavoured tortilla chips, and sugary, carbonated beverages, with no chance of a healthier alternative?
I *cough* may have played minetest *sometime*, but I didn't know that there were also some education-oriented mods.

My fight against CDN libraries

A very nice writeup and awesome work by David Revoy of the Pepper & Carrot webcomic:

A CDN ( acronym for Content Delivery Network ) library is often a single line of code proposed "generously" by an external service to let you link and embed a complex features, the easy way. A common example is Google Web Fonts:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

Paste this line in the header of your website and 'tadaaa!', you can use the font 'Lobster' to decorate all your texts. Easy, quick, efficient and fast to load. Merci Google. So, what's the problem?

Well a big one: Privacy of the readers of Pepper&Carrot. In our example, users of Google Web Fonts are bound by Google's privacy policy. It allows Google to collect a large amount of data about readers: log data (e.g. browser version), location data (the IP address of your site's visitors) and more because they can track your path or history threw all the website using their other networks of CDN.

... And I didn't had a CDN only for Google Web Font. I had also a CDN for Addthis (easy social-networks buttons), Gravatar (easy avatars), Font-awesome (easy icons), etc... As many, many website around!

Read the full post at his blog!

#privacy #web #openculture #comics

My fight against CDN libraries

Official homepage of Pepper&Carrot, a free/libre and open-source webcomic about Pepper, a young witch and her cat, Carrot. They live in a fantasy universe of potions, magic, and creatures.


No more debugging (for today)

This afternoon my SO asked me to help him use kicad, because he was having issues understanding how it was working.

I was a bit surprised but said "ok, sure", and found out that it has been having serious rendering issues and spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening trying to reproduce it around.

In the meanwhile, he was trying to understand issues with a firewall that wasn't working properly.

Then we were getting ready to go to sleep, turned the alarm clock on and... it didn't. Then the led blinked a few times. So I grabbed the multimeter and checked the power supply (it gives 4.something V instead of the 7 it is supposed to).

Then my SO and me looked each other, laughed, and we said "no. we're NOT debugging our alarm clock this evening".

This looks like an excellent time for a dead tree book (no, I'm not going to trust the ebook reader not to break, not this evening) and then a good night of sleep.



The World's First Open Source RISC-V-based 32-bit μC
On a first glance it doesn't look that impressive, as yet another micro with an expensive devboard, but it's a huge step forward for the availability of RISC-V and Open Hardware down to the chip level.


Petter Reinholdtsen: Quicker Debian installations using eatmydata

Two years ago, I did some experiments with eatmydata and the Debian installation system, observing how using eatmydata could speed up the installation quite a bit. My testing measured speedup around 20-40 percent for Debian Edu, where we install around 1000 packages from within the installer. The eatmydata package provide a way to disable/delay fil...


There is no Free Software company - But!

Since the start of the FSFE 15 years ago, the people involved were certain that companies are a crucial part to reach our goal of software freedom. For many years we have explained to companies – IT as well as non-IT – what benefits they have from Free Software. We encourage individuals and companie...


Eppur si muove!

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Fabio 2 settimane fa
vogliamo foto del telecomando :-D

Elena ``of Valhalla'' 2 settimane fa

ma senza telecomando come faccio a fare una foto al telecomando, mi si muove la macchina in mano!

(ok, ok, aspetta che torni la grande palla gialla nel cielo e poi posso farla :) )


Early Edwardian Outfit

I will do another post later with the sources[esc]bdwapattern of the skirt (the shirtwaist is adapted from a commercial pattern) and more details, but this is the outfit I wore at Lucca Comics this year.


And this post is completely SFW *even* in an Edwardian workplace!
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Wooden Train Parenting - Charlie's Diary

By M Harold Page

I laughed at the mother who's bringing up her kids without electronic toys, but has a social media feed to boast about it... until I remembered the Red Train of Doom. A relative once bought our son Kurtzhau a traditional wooden ridealong steam train. It was big and red and he was tiny and a boy and he...


tzafrir 1 mese fa
There are many * phone numbers, aren't there? Those are also used in various IVRs (voice menus). And IIRC quite a few GSM phone features require # and/or *. See e.g. here. I believe those are handled by the communication co-processor and thus the phone designer has no control over them.

BTW: Asterisk comes with the following voice prompt (to be used in such menus):

touchtone3: "If you're calling from a rotary dial phone, hangup, go to a phone store, and purchase one of those 21'st century new fangled inventions called a touch tone phone."
# and

tzafrir 1 mese fa
Oh, and I forgot to mention that we have a very old rotary phone (with a real bell. One that rings using the ring current) that works just to show that our PBX supports it.

trAInsported - a game that teaches you programming

Just stumbled upon this game, where the aim is to program a simple AI to control trains to finish different levels as quickly and efficiently as possible. You write the AI using the Lua programming language. A simple interactive tutorial get's you started and teaches you the basics of Lua and how the game works. You can make different AI's compete on a given track, and you can even upload your AI's to their website and have it compete with AI's others have uploaded. (Or you can run your own server and have your friends upload AI's to compete!)

Looks like quite a neat way to learn the basics of programming if you have a child that shows some interest in this direction.

The game is released under the wtfpl.

#programming #lua #game #floss

The Programming Language Lua

Official web site of the Lua language

The link to the game (missing from the official post, but added as a comment) is

Apparently, it's not in @Debian yet, nor I could find it among the packages being worked on. Maybe somebody would like to solve this :)
Jacopo Girardi 1 mese fa
So, I have to wait for the Debian package before I will begin to play with it hi hi hi


Modificare il genere topologico di Piergiorgio O.

Perché il “teorema” di Odifreddi non regge. Con un’introduzione alla pratica matematica come attività intellettuale, corroborata da esempi…


The Weird Geonames Tour (the Bizzarrone edition)

I was chatting with friends about the weirdness of some village names in Lombardy and came up with a proposal for an *international* tour of some of them.

Malnate, Cantello, Ligurno, Stabio, Ligornetto, Genestrerio, Bizzarrone, Uggiate Trevano, Beregazzo con Figliaro, Castelnuovo Bozzente, Tradate, Torba, Gornate, Lozza, Gurone, Malnate.

An estimate made with OSRM would place it at some 50 km.

I'm not sure I'll ever do anything about it, but it looked like it was worth posting.

(Bizzarrone is the name of a border passing between Italy and Switzerland, and the settings of a series of sketches on the swiss TV, Frontaliers)


anarcat/blog/Managing good bug reports

Bug reporting is an art form that is too often neglected in software projects. Bug reports allow contributors to participate without deep technical knowledge and at the same time provide a crucial space for developers to be made aware of issues with their software that they could not have foreseen or found themselves, for lack of resources, variety...
Somebody needed to say that the famous “How To Ask Questions The Smart Way” is just not adequate to its task.