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Please don’t use Slack for FOSS projects

I’ve noticed that more and more projects are using things like Slack as the chatmedium for their open source projects. In the past couple of days alone, I’vebeen directed to Slack for Babel and Bootstrap. I’d like to try and curb thisphenomenon before it takes off any more.
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Bits from Debian - What does it mean that ZFS is included in Debian?

Petter Reinholdtsen recently blogged about ZFS availability in Debian. Many people have worked hard on getting ZFS support available in Debian and we would like to thank everyone involved in getting to this point and explain what ZFS in Debian means. The landing of ZFS in the Debian archiv...
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Buono e Giusto a Somma Lombardo
Domenica prossima, 22 maggio, il LIFO sarà presente con un banchetto a Buono e Giusto, Giornata del consumo consapevole e sostenibile, presso la Comunità ANFFAS di Maddalena, Somma Lombardo.

Ulteriori informazioni sull'evento si trovano purtroppo solo sulla pagina facebook, informazioni su come raggiungere il posto sono anche sul sito degli organizzatori (mappa OSM)

Come nostro solito in queste occasioni, avremo esempi di computer a basso consumo, materiale informativo sull'esistenza di un modo di fare informatica incentrato sull'etica, materiale di cultura libera e — per la prima volta — qualche copia di schemi di ricamo liberi :)

@Gruppo Linux Como
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Blue long top

I've finally found the courage to cut the wool jersey I've bought more than one (two?) years ago.


The pattern has been drafted using valentina and sooner or later I may publish the file.
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Django Girls Torino on 2nd July 2016

Django Girls Torino è un workshop per donne dedicato alla programmazione Python e Django.
Parte del più grande Django Girls ed una buona occasione sia per imparare qualcosa di nuovo che per iniziare ad incontrare la comunità.
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Useless? yes.
Fun? yes.
Involves our Feline Overlords? yes.
I've pledged. (just 1£, because it *is* useless, and I'm not even going to see the results, since I don't think I'll be in the London tube in the nearby future)
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Displaying Linux Memory

Memory management is hard, but RAM management may be even harder. Most people know the vague overall concept of how memory usage is displayed within Linux. You have your total memory which is every…

A detailed explanation on how to interpret the output of free(1)
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Pyra preorders

If you've met me at a conference you may have noticed that instead of a laptop I was using a handeld which looks like a laptop scaled down to nintendo DS size, the OpenPandora.

I've used it as my main computing device while travelling for a few years, even for work (as a programmer)so happily that when EvilDragon announced at FOSDEM (link points to youtube video) that he was working on a successor device I started saving money for it even before I knew many details about the specs, other that they would have been way better than the Pandora ones (which is getting painful to use a browser on, because of its 256MB RAM).


Now this successor device is almost ready, they have opened the preorders, and they have already reached the absolute minimum number of orders for mass production and are almost there for a more reasonable number of 1000 devices, so if you want a chance to get one of the first batch devices now it's time to visit their store.

A few highlights, from my point of view, include:

* It will run Debian with just a custom kernel/bootloader (and a few configuration only packages): most of the kernel mods are being submitted upstream, so maybe one day there won't even be a need for this kernel (but e.g. with Pandora upstream didn't accept the custom way they managed the keyboard; on the Pyra the keyboard is managed in a more standard way, but there may be other similar issues).

* It has been designed with modularity in mind: the CPU board is socketed on the main board and in the future upgrades may require just replacing the CPU board. I haven't read the details on the actual licensing, but it seems that the hardware design will be open enough that 3rd party boards may also be a possibility.

* just like on Pandora: real keyboard. hardware analog volume wheel. Huge user-replaceable battery (I don't think that there are any independent reviews of the pyra battery yet, but the one on the Pandora is still able to go through a day of FOSDEM — i.e. alternating often between on with wifi and suspendend — and only go down to 50% or so charge). Stylus (and 3d-printed quill) friendly touchscreen. Long term support from the producer.

* The 4G version has been designed in such a way that the GSM modem can be actually turned off (just like on the Neo900)

There are of course a few bad parts:

* PowerVR. The good news is that there is a risk that no 3d drivers will be available at all, and this means that the Pyra has been tested and considered good enough with just (FOSS) software acceleration.

* The price: yes, it is expensive. I'm happy I've saved money in advance for it, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford it. Some of it is a problem of small production, some is actual product quality. If you consider that it can take the place of both a laptop (and small ones are getting quite expensive, now that netbooks have disappeared) and a smartphone (I don't do lots of voice calls) it will start going down from "oh so **** high" to "high, but not unreasonably so"

Disclaimer: I have preordered one, so I am interested in the success of the project because it will mean better software and better support for the device.

Edit: forgot the link to the press kit the images comes from, which also includes more infos on specs etc.
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iTunes ruba la tua musica...
... soprattutto se non si legge il contratto con attenzione.

vellumatlanta: Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously. (jamespinkstone)

“The software is functioning as intended,” said Amber. “Wait,” I asked, “so it’s supposed to delete my personal files from my internal hard drive without asking my permission?” “Yes,” she replied. …
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News on the anaxar lawsuit from the Language Creation Society

LISTSERV 16.0 - CONLANG Archives

Paramount has filed an opposition to our motion for leave to file amicus:
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for a (software mostly) project that may be coming close to releaseable state, if I don't get distracted by some other project.

(last weekend I got tired with always having to connect everything on the small breadboard I carry in my bag, so...)
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Steal a level?


no, buy MOAR levels!

Enough to get to the winning zone of an epic game!


(ok, actually I *needed* just one of the round ones, but they were cheap and...)
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Philip Hands wrote to the Arm-netbook mailing list

Debian will not make the experience worse for those users, to no real
benefit to other users, because we have a Social Contract that ensures
that we will not get in the way of people that want to use our software
for things that we almost certainly disagree with.

Apparently some people think it's important to make Debian a tiresome
experience for those that were foolish enough to no know the exact
chipset that was going to be in whatever hardware they bought, and thus
found that it (currently) needs its proprietary firmware uploaded.

Mostly old stuff that has been said multiple times, but I fully agree with that email on why having non-free distinct from main, but available is actually better for freedom than not having it.

I would s/hardware they bought/hardware they bought, or received as a gift\/charity/, because knowing the exact chipset of e.g. a wifi-card and refusing donated hardware because of it can be even more problematic.

At Debconf15 there were talks to split non-free in a way that enabling it to get firmware for your wifi card wouldn't make you accidentally install other non-free software that is not strictly required, and it was generally accepted as a good idea. I don't know the current status, some details still required working out.
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Detecting the use of "curl | bash" server side | Application Security

Another reason not to pipe from curl to bash. Detecting curl | bash serverside.

Devious, but not really unexpected.

Of course, I'd expect that by now everybody knows that curl | bash is insecure (and half of everybody is still doing it anyway)
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Yesterday I wanted to use up some scraps and leftovers, and I didn't have a pincushon, so the Papero (italian for duck) was born.


Made from cotton jersey leftovers, stuffed with fabric scraps.
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_("Gitify your life") al FaberLab di Tradate
Questo sabato, il 16 aprile, dalle ore 15:00 in poi presso il FaberLab di Tradate si terrà un'incontro dal titolo _("Gitify your life").

La versatilità di git ha permesso la nascita di un ecosistema di
strumenti che sfruttano comandi e strutture dati di git per andare ben
oltre il semplice controllo delle revisioni.

"Gitify your life" è il titolo di un talk di Richard Hartmann nel quale
vengono presentati alcuni dei programmi usati dalla comunità vcs-home
per gestire configurazioni, dati, backup eccetera.

_("Gitify your life") è il nome localizzato di un pomeriggio nel corso
del quale vecchi e nuovi utenti di git si scambiano informazioni e
suggerimenti su come usare git per salvare, gestire e condividere tutto
ciò che non è codice: file di configurazione, documenti, agende, media,
il patrimonio culturale di villaggi remoti in Brasile e quant'altro.

Moderazione (e sufficienti esperienze da condividere in caso di vuoto cosmico) a cura di @Elena ``of Valhalla''

@Gruppo Linux Como
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Urgent - Help until 10 April to influence how 750 millions will be spent

We were notified of a very interesting consultation by the European Commission. The European Commission is about to allocate 750 million Euro over the next years on the "future internet", but the really important subjects (like: everything we learned from Edward Snowden) are not on their radar - yet...
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