Ultimo giorno per aggiornarsi a Windows 10 gratis: che fare? | Il Disinformatico

Conviene passare a Windows 10? Di solito sì: chi lo fa beneficia degli aggiornamenti di sicurezza, che le versioni precedenti non hanno più o non avranno per molto, e ci sono molte funzioni nuove e pratiche (per esempio i desktop multipli, la riga di comando e migliori prestazioni nei giochi; per non parlare dell’imminente arrivo di bash).
Effettivamente sì, decisamente meglio aggiornare a qualcosa che offra desktop multipli, una riga di comando ben funzionante e bash :D

L'articolo va letto fino in fondo — o almeno guardare le figure fino all'ultima.
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Onion Services

I just set up a lot of Onion Services for many of Debian's static websites.

You can find the entire list of services on

More might come in the future.

-- Peter Palfrader
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(seen at LWN) - the Email to NNTP/Web gateway has shut down.


Random Thoughts: The End of Gmane? (larsmagne23)

In 2002, I grew annoyed with not finding the obscure technical information I was looking for, so I started Gmane, the mailing list archive. All technical discussion took place on mailing lists thos…
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kvm virtualization on a liberated X200, part 1

As the libreboot website warns: there are issues with virtualization on x200 without microcode updated.

Virtualization is something that I use, and I have a number of VMs on that laptop, managed with libvirt; since it has microcode version 1067a, I decided to try and see if I was being lucky and virtualization was working anyway.

The result is that the machines no longer start: the kernel loads, and then it crashes and reboots. I don't remember why, however, I tried to start a debian installer CD (iso) I had around, and that one worked.

So, I decided to investigate a bit more: apparently a new installation done from that iso (debian-8.3.0-amd64-i386-netinst.iso) boots and works with no problem, while my (older, I suspect) installations don't. I tried to boot one of the older VMs with that image in recovery mode, tried to chroot in the original root and got failed to run command '/bin/bash': Exec format error.

Since that shell was lacking even the file command, I tried then to start a live image, and choose the lightweight debian-live-8.0.0-amd64-standard.iso: that one didn't start in the same way as the existing images.

Another try with debian-live-8.5.0-i386-lxde-desktop.iso confirmed that apparently Debian > 8.3 works, Debian 8.0 doesn't (I don't have ISOs for versions 8.1 and 8.2 to bisect properly the issue).

I've skimmed the release notes for 8.3 and noticed that there was an update in the intel-microcode package, but AFAIK the installer doesn't have anything from non-free, and I'm sure that non-free wasn't enabled on the VMs.

My next attempt (thanks tosky on #debian-it for suggesting this obvious solution that I was missing :) ) was to run one of the VMs with plain qemu instead of kvm and bring it up-to-date: the upgrade was successful and included the packages in this screenshot, but on reboot it's still not working as before.


Right now, I think I will just recreate from scratch the images I need, but when I'll have time I'd like to investigate the issue a bit more, so hopefully there will be a part 2 to this article.
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updatish: apparently it's not "recent version of debian" that works, it's "32 bit version of debian" that does.

I thought I had done an amd64 installation with the netinstall, but actually it was an i386 one.
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Linux Performance Observability Tools

found on teh interwebz, no idea where it comes from (if you do, please tell me in the comments)

edit: it was as easy as actually opening imgur with javascript on: the source is

@Gruppo Linux Como
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tzafrir 5 giorni fa Diaspora
netstat is wider in scope that ss?
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One Liberated Laptop


After many days of failed attempts, yesterday @Diego Roversi finally managed to setup SPI on the BeagleBone White¹, and that means that today at our home it was Laptop Liberation Day!

We took the spare X200, opened it, found the point we were on in the tutorial installing libreboot on x200, connected all of the proper cables on the clip³ and did some reading tests of the original bios.


While the tutorial mentioned a very conservative setting (512kHz), just for fun we tried to read it at different speed and all results up to 16384 kHz were equal, with the first failure at 32784 kHz, so we settled on using 8192 kHz.

Then it was time to customize our libreboot image with the right MAC address, and that's when we realized that the sheet of paper where we had written it down the last time had been put in a safe place… somewhere…

Luckily we also had taken a picture, and that was easier to find, so we checked the keyboard map², followed the instructions to customize the image, flashed the chip, partially reassembled the laptop, started it up and… a black screen, some fan noise and nothing else.

We tried to reflash the chip (nothing was changed), tried the us keyboard image, in case it was the better tested one (same results) and reflashed the original bios, just to check that the laptop was still working (it was).

It was lunchtime, so we stopped our attempts. As soon as we started eating, however, we realized that this laptop came with 3GB of RAM, and that surely meant "no matching pairs of RAM", so just after lunch we reflashed the first image, removed one dimm, rebooted and finally saw a gnu-hugging penguin!

We then tried booting some random live usb key we had around (failed the first time, worked the second and further one with no changes), and then proceeded to install Debian.

Running the installer required some attempts and a bit of duckduckgoing: parsing the isolinux / grub configurations from the libreboot menu didn't work, but in the end it was as easy as going to the command line and running:

linux (usb0)/install.amd/vmlinuz
initrd (usb0)/install.amd/initrd.gz

From there on, it was the usual debian installation and a well know environment, and there were no surprises. I've noticed that grub-coreboot is not installed (grub-pc is) and I want to investigate a bit, but rebooting worked out of the box with no issue.

Next step will be liberating my own X200 laptop, and then if you are around the @Gruppo Linux Como area and need a 16 pin clip let us know and we may bring everything to one of the LUG meetings⁴

¹ yes, white, and most of the instructions on the interwebz talk about the black, which is extremely similar to the white… except where it isn't

² wait? there are keyboard maps? doesn't everybody just use the us one regardless of what is printed on the keys? Do I *live* with somebody who doesn't? :D

³ the breadboard in the picture is only there for the power supply, the chip on it is a cheap SPI flash used to test SPI on the bone without risking the laptop :)

⁴ disclaimer: it worked for us. it may not work on *your* laptop. it may brick it. it may invoke a tentacled monster, it may bind your firstborn son to a life of servitude to some supernatural being. Whatever happens, it's not our fault.
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Aaaand second laptop liberated (no pictures, they wouldn't be significantly different from the ones of the first).

(mostly: I still have the original wifi card, until I can find one supported by a free firmware)
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Tumblr: In your opinion is Italy at the stage of... (Just rockin' and rollin')

This is oh-so-very-true: Italy is sadly full of xenophobia, but the whole race thing looks quite unfathomable from here.

Also, MadameZou's tags make the link worth posting in itself :)
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My first spun yarn

And my first spindles, made with stuff available from the local craft store.


It's evidentely novelty yarn (euphemism for "horribly irregular"), but it doesn't break when breathing on it, so I can probably use it to knit something :)

I plan to use it as a single, so next step would be soaking/setting, and then actually deciding what I want to do with it :) (I have a few alternative ideas).
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The Importance of Following Community-Oriented Principles in GPL Enforcement Work - Conservancy Blog - Software Freedom Conservancy

Our community learned together over the last 20 years how to do this work well. Last year, Conservancy published the concise but comprehensive Principles of Communited-Oriented GPL Enforcement. The Principles were immediately endorsed by Conservancy, FSF and — the three historic community-oriented GPL enforcement organizations, as well as other non-enforcing organizations such as OSI.
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Homemade notebook

Since apparently only the Belgians can have nice things, yesterday made myself a couple of notebooks with removable sheets.



* does not require a trip to Belgium¹.
* Respects one international standard (ISO 838), and the sheets can be stored in a regular binder after I'm done writing them.
* I've had fun making them.


* Adding and removing sheets is easy, but not as easy as the real thing.

The .scad file for the rings is quite trivial, but if there are requests I can publish it somewhere.

¹ yes, I know that the website lists distributors for my country, but I've never seen it sold anywhere.
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If men were meant to wear trousers instead of dresses, they would have a hips-to-waist ratio that would allow them to hold them up with no effort, instead of having to go against nature and wear a belt (or braces).

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Two-factor auth for local logins in Debian using U2F keys

Warning: This blog post includes instructions for a procedure that can lead you to lock yourself out of your computer. Even if everything goes well, you'll be hunted by dragons. Keep backups, have a rescue system on a USB stick, and wear flameproof clothing. Also, have fun, and tell your loved ones you love them.

I've recently gotten two U2F keys. ...
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note by Marcelo Santana -

All recorded DebConf16 sessions have already been reviewed and published by our video team, you can find them here:
And don't forget, now the Subtitles team NEEDS YOU!

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Derivation: publishing by Glénat

Nicolas Forsans, project manager at Glénat, met the Pepper&Carrot website 8 month ago. He was seduced with the concept and decided to build an internal dossier about it. After months of work, meeting and review, Glénat decided to add Pepper&Carrot to their official catalog to print and distribute the comic in France.
Especially noteworthy is the part about how Glénat adapted some of its workflow to work with the open standard files generated with Krita, Inkscape etc. while still using the Adobe tools they are used to.
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Debconf video are being published right now

DebConf16 videos already available! -

Thanks video team, numerous videos from the DebConf16 talks are already available for download and watch. DebConf16 continues all along the week; today is the DayTrip; talks and BoFs will resume on Thursday.
Grab the videos from, or even better try to help the Video Team (some tasks can be done remotely, including subtitling, which can also be done online, and even for just part of one video).

#debconf @Gruppo Linux Como @Debian
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Esteban Manchado Velázquez wrote the following post:
And I just made my last pet project public. It's a program to help storytellers (esp. of interactive or semi-improvised stories, like in role-playing games) integrate images and music into their stories. Check it out:

Hat tip to Marek, who might want to check it again #freesoftware #storytelling #rpg #roleplaying

Lyre by emanchado

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Confirming all use of an SSH agent

For a long time I’ve wanted an ssh-agent setup that would ask me before every use, so I could slightly more comfortably forward authentication over SSH without worrying that my session might get hijacked somewhere at the remote end (I often find myself wanting to pull authenticated git repos on...
My favourite user interface would be "enter passphrase/pin once after login (or card removal/reinsert), press a button on the smartcard reader / device for every use", but this is already starting to look interesting.

(of course, most of the times I'm working from a place where there is nobody else who could press that button)

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DebConf16 Open Festival day 1

Today was day one of the DebConf16 Open Festival and I attended the open hardware panel, part of the talk about Code For South Africa, shirish's experiences and the DebConf new folks session. The open hardware panel was a wide ranging discussion between bdale, Andy and indiebio. bdate talked ...
I've followed the open hardware panel streaming and as soon as it will be available I can recommend watching the video both if you're already interested in open hardware and if you're just wondering what is this all about.
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