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Public Money, Public Code

Public Money, Public Code - A campaign for releasing publicly financed software as Free Software



Probably inaccurate feature comparison table
A comparison of the capabilities of some of the most used #XMPP clients

@Gruppo Linux Como
goffi 2 mesi fa
oh forgot about this page, would be nice to add SàT and Movim.


Debian Day in Varese


The decorations *may* have been changed a bit from the way they originally came from the restaurant kitchen... :D

#debian @Gruppo Linux Como @LIFO by im-tomu

I’m Tomu, a tiny ARM microprocessor which fits in your USB port. I have two buttons and two LEDs! I’m fully open source, have a BOM of ~$10 (in individual quantities) and am constructable by hobbyists! Designed for 2-factor authentication or anything else you can think of.
@Gruppo Linux Como


Debian Day in Varese

I'm stuck home instead of being able to go to DebConf, but that doesn't mean that Debian Day will be left uncelebrated!

Since many of the locals are away for the holidays, we of @Gruppo Linux Como and @LIFO aren't going to organize a full day of celebrations, but at the very least we are meeting for a dinner in Varese, at some restaurant that will be open on that date.

Everybody is welcome: to join us please add your name (nickname or identifier of any kind, as long as it fits in the box) on before thursday, August 10th, so that we can
get a reservation at the restaurant.

#debian #stretch #libreoffice #gnome #bug

[gl-como] libreoffice -crash su debian stretch - architettura i386

Siccome ho pc scrausi sparsi per tutto il pianeta :) ho ricevuto
lamentele da gente imbufalita per il fatto che non riescono più ad

Il bug è noto, e non ci hanno ancora messo una pezza, ma si può evitare
il crash "segando" l'integrazione con le GTK (per chi le usa)..


Using a GPG key for SSH Authentication

One less private key to keep track of.
@Gruppo Linux Como
Davide De Prisco 5 mesi fa
ok ma l'altro giorno si parlava delle CRS per autenticazione

Fabio 5 mesi fa
poi studio anche quello :-)


Day Against DRM 2017

Inizia: Giovedì 06 Luglio 2017 @ 19:30

Finisce: Giovedì 06 Luglio 2017 @ 23:55


Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito
Via Watteau, 7
20125 Milano


Friendica 3.5.2

e' stata rilasciata la versione 3.5.2 di Friendica

il server è stato aggiornato :like


GnuPG - Donate

GnuPG is a free implementation of OpenPGP
@Gruppo Linux Como
Sandro kensan 6 mesi fa
donato qualche spicciolo


Comunità Debian @ducc-it 2017

Aaaaand back from where I've met many members of the Debian and Ubunty communities in Italy, and had a chance to talk about the Debian Community (represented in the slide below :) )

(photo by erossi)

Yes, there was a hat...

(and there will be a longer post soon-ish. when it's ready.)

@Gruppo Linux Como


Back to the roots: FidoNet |

Back in the good old days there was no Facebook, Google+, Skype and no XMPP servers for people to communicate with each other. The first "social communities" were Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), if you want to see those as social communities.
@Gruppo Linux Como can we run a BBS node for the LUG? can we? can we? :D


Edizione 2017 - DUCC-IT

La Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference Italia 2017 (in breve DUCC-IT 2017) è la quinta edizione dell'evento annuale che riunisce le comunità italiane di Debian e Ubuntu ma anche e soprattutto tutte le realtà italiane attive nel Software Libero, allo scopo di scambiare conoscenze, discutere della situazione attuale e conoscere altri sviluppatori e membri della comunità.
@Gruppo Linux Como


1968 Demo Interactive - Doug Engelbart Institute

A cool new way to experience the 1968 "Mother of All Demos" with the late Doug Engelbart and his incredible team. Test drive today.
@Gruppo Linux Como

#encripted #im #groupchat #kontalk @Gruppo Linux Como

Kontalk 4.0.0 - final group chat release

After a very long time... Compared to beta6.1, there are just a few bug fixes. For those coming from 3.1.10, here is a quick list of changes: group chats toggle encryption per chat internal logging system sticky conversations new app icon by Giovanni Lauricella organize preferences by category more reliable registration procedure Group chats work fine, but as a community project we always need your feedback for both bugs and improvements. Don't hesitate to open bugs at GitHub or discus...
albertuxone 9 mesi fa da Friendica for Android
Vuoi "non creare" un gruppo gl-como? :)

Sandro 9 mesi fa
Vengo anch'io !


Bradley M. Kuhn on paragraph 2 questions






From the answer to the last question on

# this_was_too_epic_not_to_do_this
# what_do_you_mean_this_is_not_tumblr?
# of_course_it's_not,_this_is_federated!
# also_my_screncapping_skills_are_not_tumblr_grade

And, for a person I know who complains about screencaps, this is the transcript:

but remember the GPL was designed to defend your freedom
and the conversation you're actually having is
how much freedom can we take away, please tell us!
and we say "you are not allowed to take away any freedom"
but can we take away a little bit of freedom?
well you have to ask a lawyer
why should we have to ask a lawyer how much freedom we can take away?
you should tell us how much we can oppress you
don't fall in that trap


Sniffami la usb

Lo sapevate? Potete sniffare cosa passa su USB:

Ma non solo si puo' usare wireshark:

Non mi serve (per ora), ma e' meglio saperlo ...

Sapevatelo anche voi!

@Gruppo Linux Como
Fabio 10 mesi fa da Friendly