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#guadec2024 today's schedule in #confy , timezone-adjusted 🙂

Grossi ritardi sulla linea Milano-Como, #Trenord dichiara trattarsi di 'un aggiornamento di #CrowdStrike sui binari'

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An ancient computer from the silicon age! We can scarcely believe our luck.

Angus calls from the next room: "I found the power switch!" The room lights up. The computer turns on with a bonnnng!.

"Network activity detected!" alerts Helen. "Is it arming a failsafe—?"

"Relax," I reassure them, "it'll be done in a moment." Sure enough, after a minute, the computer becomes quiescent, and pops up a dialog:

U2 Album downloaded

"That always happens," I mutter. "Damned if I know why."


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@Tobias @Mike Macgirvin happy birthday!

@Fabio next year we should remember to do a group buy of club mate and celebrate!

/me raises a mug of black tea as a toast as a second choice :)

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Ajustar el maldito:

Da set per il rammendo a "sistema il rammendo" a "AGGIUSTARE QUEL MALEDETTO!" il passo è breve, specialmente se si fa relay translation passando tutto in una macchina a partire dall'inglese (leggete l'alt text delle immagini se il processo vi è sfuggito) 😂

Effettivamente mi serviva per aggiustare quel maledetto bottone che è saltato via

(@aran have fun)

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@videolan people here in Rock Im Park? 🤣

#livemusic #RockImPark #floss #FreeSoftware

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New article: "Libadwaita: Splitting GTK and Design Language"

#GNOME #GTK #Libadwaita #OpenSource #FOSS #Linux #GTK4 #Development

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What's up at the Department of Unnecessary Projects #DepUnPr lately?

Here is Oliver ( #vala / #gtk4 / #libadwaita ) running on #osx (12.4, x86_64)

theme is WhiteSur; decoration layout forced in app (both just to make it blend a little more in osx); bundler script adapted from System76 Keyboard Configurator; #gtk4, #libadwaita via homebrew.

(I know: adwaita is a GNOME thing, custom themes are bad, it should be pure gtk etc etc ... , but I had it around and it was small enough for a test)

On a more useful note, while playing with this I've update Oliver interface and added some features and fixed some bugs. I could publish a new version soon.

I would like to release it as a #flatpak, but I'm not sure how to handle running php as as subprocess...

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Very cool to see #Vala projects on different operating systems!
How did you find the development experience and do you have important things to note, for helping other people developing #Vala apps for #osx ?
#OSX #vala
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@Vala It was boring in a good way :) all what I need was available via homebrew. Meson, ninja, valac and everything else just worked. I've added blueprint as a meson subproject, no issues.
As editor I've used VSCode which has plugins for vala, blueprint and meson language support, very nice.
As I said, I've adapted the script to bundle everything in a osx app from @System76 :popos: :ubuntu: repo (thank you :D). It supports also signing, but I don't have this need.
It was really a smooth experience. 👍

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Grazie per l’attenzione

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Prima legge dei sistemi operativi

  • se è windows e funziona, è merito di windows
  • se è windows e non funziona, è colpa del produttore hardware che non sa fare i driver
  • se è linux e non funziona, è colpa di linux
  • se è linux e funziona, no guarda, è un caso, una anomalia statistica, probabilmente sei un nerd che non ha una vita

Seconda legge dei sistemi operativi

  • se è windows e si rompe, lo risolvi tranquillamente con un formattone riparatore
  • se è linux e si rompe, è complicato, non è stabile e sinceramente non posso vivere così.
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tra le varie ho letto (più o meno) "eh, con linux devi comprare hardware che sia risaputo che funziona con linux, altrimenti eh... meglio apple"
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quello è vero fino a un certo punto, è più probabile che succeda con certi portatili o con periferiche particolari, ma la situazione è lontana dall'essere tragica come vogliono farti credere questi bravi signori che io chiamo molto affettuosamente "wincucks".

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Una fotina della bionda a caso

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Siccome siamo anziani, ma anche abbastanza idioti, abbiamo creato un progetto per chi come noi gioca di ruolo da sempre... o meglio, da quando era tutta Campagna.

In attesa che si concretizzi in qualcosa di sensato per il mondo rpg, trovate le magliettine degli Umarólls allo stand di Grumpy Bear al Play di Modena questo weekend.

Per citare chi è ancora più anziano di me "Sono troppo vecchia per queste st***ate" 😄

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ma che figata! Da giocatore di ruolo, posso solo apprezzare!

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E buongiorno
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@Fabio uops, non hai letto il thread di @LaVi 🕊️📚🐈 stamattina prima di andare in stazione?
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@Elena ``of Valhalla'' @LaVi 🕊️📚🐈
No, fortunatamente avevo deciso alla cieca di venire in ufficio a piedi.
La foto è stata fatta passando alla stazione di arrivo.

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#Cat on the track

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I'm used to hearing about the wrong type of snow on the track. What's this listed as?
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yes, this cat is properly... trained.

Calibro 35 - Traitors

#mastoradio #fediradio

io ho deciso per #sculo

tired: it's pronounced S Q L

wired: it's pronounced sequel

inspired: it's pronounced squirrel

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@Fabio Salt could be helpful. Looks really tasty nonetheless!
Unknown parent

@Enrico IU4JRU plain old electric oven 🙂

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when you've been using a #vim -like editor all day and you open #nano

#cli #cliproblems #musclememory

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!Friendica Developers

I was playing with my "FediBadge" generator I created some time ago

I noticed that it doesn't show Person avatar of People from Friendica.
The thing uses webfinger to find the ActivitiyStream json representation of the acct from the user, and it get it's data from there.
Now I noticed that "icon" and 'image' properties are missing when I request a user profile with 'Accept:application/activity+json" from Friendica.

I looked at code and I found there:

that 'icon' and 'image' and other profile proprties are behind $full flag, that for what I understand, is true if request is http-signed and from a 'live' contact of the profile.
(so, false for any anonymous get)


If the profile is public, that data is present on the html version of the profile.

This break my code, which is unfortunate, but also looks like it has the consequence that on mastodon (and others I think), when searching for a profile that is not already cached locally, ther

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@Michael Vogel
no, the point was to work for every AS implementation, using standard AS.
But ok, it's only a toy, it's not important.

Still all data is available, in machine-parsable format, in html rendering, as hCard microformat. If anyone want to scrape my public avatar from my public profile, they can do it anyway.

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Yeah, sure, the data can be fetched in different ways. It is only meant for this whole "Threads" situation.

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You have performance problems in your app.
You think "I know, I can fix them using threads".
Now yuo hvea npareermcof smloprbe in uoyr app.

Trying to do some coding in Vala live

The goal is to write a Glib implementation of lesana as a library in Vala....

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@Fabio just as we were leaving the computer for dinner :D

so, we're probably not going to watch this time (unless you're still there later)

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Here I am one again #fighting against #appstreamcli validate

given this (image urls are not important here)

            <image type="source" xml:lang="en">https://[...].png</image>
        <screenshot type="default">
            <image type="source" xml:lang="en">https://[...].png</image>

appstreamcli validate complains
E: [...]: screenshot-image-source-missing
   A screenshot must have at least one image of type `source`.

... ok?

this works:

    <image type="source">https://[...].png</image>

but them flathub validation will complains that a lang attribute is required.

So here I am once again commenting out ninja test from PKGBUILD

End note:

$ appstreamcli --version
AppStream version: 1.0.1
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Oh, also:

E: [...]: custom-key-duplicated Purism::form_factor
   A key can only be used once.

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Confy 0.7.1

Version 0.7.1 of #Confy, the #gtk4 / #libadwaita conference companion, has been tagged.

This release brings small fixes.
Main highlights are:

  • New German translation.
  • Flatpak now will use GNOME Runtime 45

#Arch #AUR packages are updated, #flatpak on #Flathub should be on its way.

New little toy project in #vala #gtk4 / #libadwaita : Oliver, a simple GUI for PHPStan.

Select a folder, it runs phpstan found in vendor/bin subfolder, shows (searchable) results, monitors reported file for modification to automatically analyze project while coding.

It's called Oliver because, you know... Stan... Oliver...

Code here:

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It's been a while from my last post on behalf of the Department of Unnecessary Projects #DepUnPr

So here is the "UEFI bootable slide show"

An UEFI executable that load tga uncompressed images from disk and display them as a slideshow in loop.

for when you feel the urge to show some photos and you can't wait for a full os to boot up.

(thanks to @Elena ``of Valhalla'' for inspiring this thing.)

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I'm doing some experiments with #tracker3 and #gtk4 model/view machinery.

So, for ease the test of #sparql queries against tracker, here it is Traqlr:

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(No repo yet, and, most importantly, no icon!)
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Got an icon. Yes, it looks like Tracker's icon, but look: the magnifying glass looks like a Q, with a text cursor. Because you can edit Queries... got it? Queries!


No, still no repo. But now it uses GtkSourceView! How cool! 😎


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update : #bugReport
upss, this was BS!
I missed the fact that simply ticking the boost button the boost get's "untoggled" and their for deleted,

Anyway, do you plan to create a
bugreport profile or something like that on:

Also, have you thought about pinning a bug report and/or feature request template on your profile like for example:

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Cory Henry #live @ Fabrique, Milan

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