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Before you close a web page make sure you scroll up to the top, so it’s in the right position for the next person

#trenord in ritardo mi fa fare tardi anche in bici...

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My latest startup manufactures and sells safety helmets for desk workers who bang their head on their desk out of frustration.
may I suggest a premium service, so the built in airbags will only fire if you have a valid subscription?
I'm thinking that I want mine with antlers, or horns... or maybe just cat ears?

No, wait! Shark teeth! 🦈

A quick'n'dirty in-browser experiment to incorporate a profile header image in #friendica user profile and status pages
I like the original, narrower version! Would love to be able to display a profile header like this.

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GIMP 2.10.34 is now out with a very nice team effort! It features various improvements, such as better support of several file formats.

Also it is the first of a new release procedure with the goal to improve the quality of each release! 👍

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Act normal as you read this and boost if you are pretty sure the squirrels are up to something.

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"I have lost many friends to the squirrels"
Skip to 47 seconds in:
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The Tektronix 7000 series was a meowdular oscilloscope. You could get many features by installing purrlug-ins. (source:!/msg4299250/#msg4299250 )
Tektronix 7854 with two plug-ins installed and an empty plug-in slot. A cat is inside the slot, starring at the outside.

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I used those oscilloscopes at school, memories!

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Fediverse over line-of-sight optical links.

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Regola del prendere il #treno una tantum: qualunque ora arrivi in stazione il tuo treno partiva 30 secondi prima. E devi ancora fare il biglietto.

Elena ``of Valhalla'' doesn't like this.

@Fabio la navigazione laghi fa coincidenza coi treni, per caso? (nel senso che pianifica le corse in modo che partano nel momento in cui i treni sono appena arrivati)
@Elena ``of Valhalla'' di sicuro fa viceversa..

arrivo all'imbarcadero a Torno ore 14.11. la corsa passa alle 14.09. prossima corsa 14.44, che arriva alle 14.57. ora che sbarca e imbarca partiamo che son da poco passate le 15.00. arrivo a Como ore 15.30, pontile di fronte alla stazione Nord. Il treno è partito alle 15.16, prossima corsa 16.16... ortomio!
Se tornavo a piedi probabilmente arrivavo prima.
@Elena ``of Valhalla'' (pero' ne ho approfittato per prendere le chiacchiere dal Fuin: win)
@Fabio ma sta sicuro che l'ora di arrivo prevista per il battello sarebbero state le 15:15 precise, così fai in tempo a scendere dal battello, arrivare tutto trafelato in stazione e vedere i fari rossi del treno che si allontanano.

mica questa cosa che arrivi un quarto d'ora dopo, che quasi quasi uno se ne fa una ragione!
@Elena ``of Valhalla'' infatti siamo partiti con un quarto d'ora di ritardo..

Elena ``of Valhalla'' doesn't like this.

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Dino 0.4 is released! 🎊️

Dino now supports message reactions and replies. Furthermore, we switched to GTK4 and libadwaita. #dino #xmpp

Release blog post:
@debacle @jorge I just tried it on my #Mobian #pinephone . If it wasn't for the bulky contact list on the left it would be pretty usable.

I might steal that picture. - CC-bY or CC0 something like that?
@Tobias go with CC0 and make nice things with it 😃

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#confy #gtk4 / #libadwaita branch wip/gtk4 has been merged into master. It's not 100% at par in features with last gtk3 version, but it's usable.

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Taking my induction loop receiver out with headphones today to explore the electromagnetic world.
It’s a device that translates magnetic fields directly to audio frequency. This is one I redesigned from an old Silicon Chip magazine schematic. Nominally it’s for testing induction hearing assistance loops, but the “interference” you get is itself really interesting! #tinkering
Photo of my hand holding a 3D printed purple box on a bus. A headphone cable is coming out the top.

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So far I’ve heard:
- lots of heavy 50hz hum, from both overhead wires and buried high-current feeder cables near my place.
- the noise from the alternator on this bus commutating, which is a whine that changes frequency with the engine RPM!
- the noise of the bus aircon compressor.
- at least five different bands and/or modulations of my phone’s radios.
- the BLE on my smartwatch
- some kind of underground telecoms?
- traffic light comms
- traffic light pedestrian beeper
- outdoor TVs
- outdoor LED drivers
- 1500V catenary noise
- train regenerative braking
- train acceleration PWM including changing frequency with acceleration for efficiency
- ooo, diesel-electric XPT making a much lower frequency than 50hz, that was interesting
Now I’m on a Waratah train (newest generation) and the difference in tone of the electric traction drive is very cool! Clearly a different type of traction to the Millennium and Oscar sets that I listened to before in passing. This is much more sinusoidal, with a few different “octaves” with harmonics varying in strength depending on the torque, seemingly more so than the total frequency ascending and descending. Also the regen braking seems to have much more variability than the previous ones.

Also of course, these ones have actual hearing loop announcement system so occasionally I’m loudly hit by clear audio announcements because I’ve got the gain so high
Haha, I can hear my phone noise when I hit “post toot”
If anyone wants one of these listeners. I will send you one for what it cost to make (about AU$30) plus postage! Or less if that would be prohibitive for you!
I got a bunch made by JLC assembly service, and I really don’t need them all. Please let me know!
When I pass signal boxes there’s a funky high pitched warble. It might be something to do with continuous block occupation detection which I believe is in this section of rail, where different audio frequencies are injected across the rails at different locations and the block occupation (where a train is) can be detected by band pass filter on the given frequency. Otherwise I don’t know what it would be.

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For anyone interested in my Hearing Loop Receiver project, and maybe desiging or making their own, I've finally uploaded the schematic, board and associated files here:
It's a great idea! :blobcataww:
Have you ever tried it on an electric car? I'd be curious to know the electromagnetic level inside

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If you get the intonation just right, and tilt your head at the correct angle, when you say "Let me change into something more comfortable", you turn into a cat for a few hours.
Not a lot of people know that.
I would show you how, but it's time for my nap.
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic
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I'll need a few days to bruteforce this right.
oh shit why do I know the exact intonation for this

Task: Turn off laptop integrated display with external monitor connected and laptop lid up.



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me: it doesn’t have a tail so i’m pretty sure it’s a hamster

tech support: okay fine right-click the hamster

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@Lemmy Why a link inside a button... It's... quite unusual..

And the padding on the button (which it doesn't respond to user action) makes clicking on the link a little bit more difficult than it should be.

I know.. I should have opened an issue, or better send a patch.. but I'm lazy, sorry :D

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2 personnages discutent. Le 1er demande "quel est le job de tes rêves ?" Ce à quoi répond le 2nd ""Pourquoi devrais-je rêver d'un travail ?"

Après un moment de silence, le 2nd voyant le 1er s'en aller lui demande 'Où vas-tu ?", et le 1er de répondre "repenser ma vie."

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"Non diciamo cavolate: un lampione non può spaventarti".

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It's aliiiiveeee! (almost) #WiP #confy #gtk4 #libadwaita

Screenshots on last post where blueprint ui files made in Workbench, this is from the wip branch. 🚧👍
@Fabio is somebody getting ready for fosdem?
@Elena ``of Valhalla'' I'm mostly trying to not delete everything at this point

@Nico Rikken Thank you. I don't think I'll manage to release the Gtk4 version for #FOSDEM, but the Gtk3 is already usable :D
Yeah, it proved to be essential in the last conference I attended. On Android I use #Giggity but #LinuxPhones are the future. So thanks for working on this!

Ma non avevi smesso qualche settimana fa ?
Quando uno ha un art-attack che gli scappa, gli scappa!

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Discotux #Tux #Lego

#tux #Lego

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Coppolinux #Tux #Lego

#tux #Lego

Today I've been "nerd snipped" by a friend.

He had to write some excel formulas, and he was writing them in 'pseudocode' before putting the formula together, while commenting about "why I can't write formulas in a sane language".

So I've spent my evening (and part of my night) doing this:

Next step: a web page to run it in a browser :D

Ok, I think it's already gone too far...

Things I've done lately:
  • Dist-upgraded my VPS from Debian 10 to Debian 11
  • Updated the ansible playbook which configure my VPS almost up to date with the real state of my VPS. Things have started to diverge many moons ago. Now is quite back on track to be able to run without any unwanted side effects
  • Installed Dentrite matrix homeserver with a couple of bridges, using the aforementioned ansible playbook

Ancora con 'ste fotocopie identiche, mamma mia che roba vecchia. Noi aggiungiamo decorazioni, ghirigori, grechine, fiorellini ai vostri documenti :awesome:
@Yaku 🐗 @Fabio quanto viene la fotocopia decorata con washi tape? :D
5€. Se ci vuoi pure gli stickers fanno 10€
@Yaku 🐗 @Fabio ci devo pensare.

gli stickers hanno sopra i gattini? :D
@Yaku 🐗 @Fabio e non lo so. i gattini i dinosauri se li mangiano :D
ma come sono le fotocopie NON identiche?
sono come la settimana enigmistica, devi trovare le dieci piccole differenze. @fabrixxm

Ascoltaci, o madre Sparta! Noi, i tuoi figli, andiamo a morire per la libertà.
"Si, ma non fate tardi".
Leo Ortolani, "299"

Cose da fare: provare una ricetta generata da una catena di Markov partendo da "La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene" di Pellegrino Artusi
si batte la fiacca su questo pesce le scaglie e, lavato ed asciugato, infarinatelo tutto e mettetelo al fuoco mezz'ora prima di svenire

#retrocomputing #modding #rgb #bbcmicro

Today experiment
Pseudo-CSS to SVG "compiler"
Because perhaps it's easier to write than xml...
thinking about it, changing default xml namespace it can output any xml...

and profile image, in one template, if you have it, like if you are from mastodon...
code here

open to suggestions for new templates

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