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New little toy project in #vala #gtk4 / #libadwaita : Oliver, a simple GUI for PHPStan.

Select a folder, it runs phpstan found in vendor/bin subfolder, shows (searchable) results, monitors reported file for modification to automatically analyze project while coding.

It's called Oliver because, you know... Stan... Oliver...

Code here:

Managed to spend some time on this.

#gtk4 #libadwaita #vala #pixelfed

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We like this and we’d love if this became a real app 😉

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New experiment!
First experience with #gtk4, #libadwaita and #vala :

Appaya, to monitor and control Syncthing daemon (very much inspired by Syncthing Indicator Gnome Extension), obviously #WiP

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Update! Now with 100% more info! and more buttons! (but not everything works so far).. And bigger headers!! (but I'm not sure about that)

Two columns on desktop, single column on mobile! wow!

And this is the "nice" icon: Appaya the Papaya

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oh, and this is also using #blueprint from @James Westman , even though I have problems with it, vala and meson. but it's meson fault........

mh.. son riuscito a fare un progetto #meson + #vala + #gtk3 (da template di Builder) che dipende da una libreria che si trova in un sottoprogetto #meson + #vala ... interessante...

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