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So, yesterday evening @Gruppo Linux Como hosted the first "virtual meetup" using # .
We had a very nice experience (keeping the video stream at minimum), and friends abroad were able to join us!
I only missed the pizza together 😄
in reply to Fabio

But Jami was very unreliable for me
yes. also for me.
I was told Jitsi was bought by a company and other messengers should be preferred.
Never heard of.

Anyway, Jitsi Meet it's fully opensource and self-hostable. Don't see any problem..
in reply to Fabio

8×8 announced it has acquired the Jitsi team and our technology from Atlassian

"from Atlassian" looks like an improvement, to me.
Again, all the source code is available :)
in reply to Fabio

Sounds good. I guess there are not many other alternatives.

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