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It's been a while from my last post on behalf of the Department of Unnecessary Projects #DepUnPr

So here is the "UEFI bootable slide show"

An UEFI executable that load tga uncompressed images from disk and display them as a slideshow in loop.

for when you feel the urge to show some photos and you can't wait for a full os to boot up.

(thanks to @Elena ``of Valhalla'' for inspiring this thing.)

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More from the Department of Unnecessary Projects #


git-list is an experimental git sub-command to interact with mailing-list based patch workflows.

Git comes with some tools to collaborate via email: git send-email and git am, one to send a patch directly to the mailing-list, the other to apply a patch which ... somehow... the user get from the mailing-list.

There are plenty of email clients written exactly to work with a mail-based patch workflow, or adapted to the job with configs and plugins. And I'm sure they work perfectly.

However, I'm only an amateur mail-patch user, and I'm not an hardcore consolophile: I prefer to keep using my graphical mail client, which unfortunately doesn't have any cool git integration.

But, one day I found out himalaya, a CLI mail client (not a TUI!). I would say himalaya is to thunderbird as curl is to firefox, in a way.

It allows to easily integrate mails into bash pipelines.

And so git-list is born. Put git-list script into your path, configure himalaya, add some local config to your repo and you will be able to easy list mail from the mailing-list related to the project, read mails, and apply patches to brand-new branches created ad-hoc from the comfort of your terminal:
$ git list
ID | Subject
 1 | [Patch] ....
$ git list show 1
$ git list test 1
$ git status
On branch patch/1

As always, everything is extremely experimental, and likely will stay this way.

Here is the code:

P.S. have a look at the git send-email tutorial

An update from the Department of Unnecessary Projects:

Climatik 0.4.1

A python library to create command line interface from function definitions.

In this version:
  • Command group. Ever wanted to create cli like docker image ls , docker image rm? Now you can.
  • Arguments help text from function docstring.
  • Support argcomplete if installed

It's on PyPi, if you need it.

Keys (no version yet)

The unnecessary CLI to manage SSH keys.

Updated to use climatik 0.4.1.

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