GRVI Phalanx at Hot Chips 29 (2017)
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Bits from Debian - Work on Debian for mobile devices continues

Work on Debian for mobile devices, i.e. telephones, tablets, and handheld computers, continues. During the recent DebConf17 in Montréal, Canada, more than 50 people had a meeting to reconsider opportunities and challenges for Debian on mobile devices.

Debian Day in Varese


The decorations *may* have been changed a bit from the way they originally came from the restaurant kitchen... :D

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Incazzatura di una notte di mezza estate

Andfrnd Uploader Beta

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Qt 4 removal in Debian testing (Buster)/unstable

So, if you depend on FLOSS which is still based on Qt 4 be sure to try to port it. If you depend on a proprietary vendor software which uses Qt 4 then you better start telling them it's really time to update it. Really.


So today is the last (official) day of DebConf17 and it looks like #844431: "packages should build reproducibly" will be merged into debian-policy today! So I'm super excited, super happy, quite tired and a bit sad (DebConf is ending…) right now!

metti che per caso sei a Brescia il 5 settembre...

Il software libero all'università, nella comunità e nella vita pubblica: esperienze internazionali | Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Seminario  5 settembre 2017 Aula: Sala Riunioni -  Ore: 11.30 Via Musei 41, BresciaIntroduce: Prof. Maurizio Paolini Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Interviene:MARIANNE CORVELLEC, PhD April, Francia ( Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal, Canada ( Locandina (349,88 KB) Condividi:...

Bits from Debian - Blog from the Debian Project

Today, Saturday 12 August 2017, the annual Debian Developers and Contributors Conference came to a close. With over 405 people attending from all over the world, and 169 events including 89 talks, 61 discussion sessions or BoFs, 6 workshops and 13 other activities, DebConf17 has been hailed as a success.
All of the videos except for one have already been published, so if you weren't there nor watching the streamings you can now download and watch them...

and why not contribute to the subtitling effort (not yet set up, but do come on #debconf-video@OFTC and let the team know that you are interested in contributing).
Uh, I've just realized I forgot to post this

PDP-8/e Replicated — Introduction

I am creating a replica of the DEC PDP-8/e architecture in an FPGA from schematics of the original hardware. So how did I end up with a project like this?
The story begins with me wanting to have a computer with one of those front panels that have many, many lights where you can really see, in real time, what the computer is doing while it is executing code. Not because I am nostalgic for a prior experience with any of those — I was born a bit too late for that and my first computer as a kid was a Commodore 64.
And then there is a follow up post:

@LIFO @Gruppo Linux Como #retrocomputing by im-tomu

I’m Tomu, a tiny ARM microprocessor which fits in your USB port. I have two buttons and two LEDs! I’m fully open source, have a BOM of ~$10 (in individual quantities) and am constructable by hobbyists! Designed for 2-factor authentication or anything else you can think of.
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The Pac-Man Rule at Conferences — Eric Holscher - Surfing in Kansas

I firmly believe that conferences can provide a lot of value for people in an industry. Conferences allow people to create a network, which helps them feel integrated in a community and profession. In order to build a network you need to meet other people at events, and for this to happen attendees need to feel empowered to reach out and connect to...
(thanks lamby for mentioning this on # debconf)

Debian Day in Varese

I'm stuck home instead of being able to go to DebConf, but that doesn't mean that Debian Day will be left uncelebrated!

Since many of the locals are away for the holidays, we of @Gruppo Linux Como and @LIFO aren't going to organize a full day of celebrations, but at the very least we are meeting for a dinner in Varese, at some restaurant that will be open on that date.

Everybody is welcome: to join us please add your name (nickname or identifier of any kind, as long as it fits in the box) on before thursday, August 10th, so that we can
get a reservation at the restaurant.

Allthetropes: a fork of tvtropes


Un ruotino ti salva la vita...

Andfrnd Uploader Beta

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Immagine/foto The game is also going to be released under the CC-BY license.
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[gl-como] libreoffice -crash su debian stretch - architettura i386

Siccome ho pc scrausi sparsi per tutto il pianeta :) ho ricevuto
lamentele da gente imbufalita per il fatto che non riescono più ad

Il bug è noto, e non ci hanno ancora messo una pezza, ma si può evitare
il crash "segando" l'integrazione con le GTK (per chi le usa)..

If you use the Debian Live images, consider joining the Debian Live team and help in the development -

If you use the Debian Live images, consider joining the Debian Live team and help in the development
Help is needed both for development and tests, and most importantly there is a need for sustained commitment to help (even if it's just with testing the release candidates and reporting bugs).

If there is no interest, live images may just be dropped.

Pixel-art asset by DiamondDMGirl

DiamondDMGirl posted this week on an asset of pixel-art. You'll find full walk-cycle for Pepper, Carrot, Saffron, Coriander and Shichimi. You'll also find a portrait for each characters. The pack is licensed as CC-By 4.0 license
I do hope that this will help towards TODO-list #2, for *completely* *altruistic* reasons :D

Also, a reminder that is full of cool artwork.

Day Against DRM 2017

Inizia: Giovedì 06 Luglio 2017 @ 19:30

Finisce: Giovedì 06 Luglio 2017 @ 23:55


Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito
Via Watteau, 7
20125 Milano


On brokeness, the live installer and being nice to people

This morning I've read this.

I understand that somebody on the internet will always be trolling, but I just wanted to point out:

* that the installer in the old live images has been broken (for international users) for years
* that nobody cared enough to fix it, not even the people affected by it (the issue was reported as known in various forums, but for a long time nobody even opened an issue to let the *developers* know).

Compare this with the current situation, with people doing multiple tests as the (quite big number of) images were being built, and a fix released soon after for the issues found.

I'd say that this situation is great, and that instead of trolling around we should thank the people involved in this release for their great job.

Privacy preserving share buttons

I used to use sharenice (archived on:, but apparently it's dead, and a living alternative is quite useful.

[Freedombox-discuss] Stable image builds

Debian 9.0 (Stretch) was recently released, and it includes FreedomBox!
This marks the first time that FreedomBox is available in a stable
release of Debian.

Travel piecepack v0.1


A piecepack set of generic board game pieces is nice to have around in case of a sudden spontaneous need of gaming, but carrying my full set takes some room, and is not going to fit in my daily bag.

I've been thinking for a while that an half-size set could be useful, and between yesterday and today I've actually managed to do the first version.

It's (2d) printed on both sides of a single sheet of heavy paper, laminated and then cut, comes with both the basic suites and the playing card expansion and fits in a mint tin divided by origami boxes.

It's just version 0.1 because there are a few issues: first of all I'm not happy with the manual way I used to draw the page: ideally it would have been programmatically generated from the same svg files as the 3d piecepack (with the ability to generate other expansions), but apparently reading paths from an svg and writing it in another svg is not supported in an easy way by the libraries I could find, and looking for it was starting to take much more time than just doing it by hand.

I also still have to assemble the dice; in the picture above I'm just using the ones from the 3d-printed set, but they are a bit too big and only four of them fit in the mint tin. I already have the faces printed, so this is going to be fixed in the next few days.

Source files are available in the same git repository as the 3d-printable piecepack, with the big limitation mentioned above; updates will also be pushed there, just don't hold your breath for it :)

Friendica 3.5.2

e' stata rilasciata la versione 3.5.2 di Friendica

il server è stato aggiornato :like

Un Fottuto Sito web

Probabilmente tu costruisci siti web e pensi che la tua merda sia speciale. Pensi che la tua home page con lo slider da 13 Mb vincerà il "Premio Banner" dell'anno per poi andarlo ad inserire in alto a destra nel tuo sito. Pensi che il tuo file jQuery da 200 Kg ( si hai capito : c h i l o g r a m m i ) e 83 mila righe, se tutto andrà bene, causerà...
(vedi anche: )

Debian Stretch Release Party, Tradate

Debian Stretch Relase Party
Party? Party!

Il rilascio della nuova versione di Debian stable, stretch, è stato annunciato per il prossimo 17 giugno, in tutto il mondo la comunità si sta organizzando per festeggiare e noi non potevamo essere da meno.

L'appuntamento è per domenica 18 giugno 2017 a partire dalle 14:30 presto il Faberlab di via Europa 4/a a Tradate; alla sera ci sposteremo poi a Varese per la cena, probabilmente presso il ristorante la vecchia Varese.

L'ingresso all'evento del pomeriggio è libero; per partecipare alla cena è necessario registrarsi sull'apposito dudle entro lunedì 12 giugno.


Comunità Debian

Presentazione della comunità Debian: come e perché entrare a farne parte e contribuire, qualunque siano le proprie competenze.

Install party

Installiamo e aggiorniamo stretch sulle nostre macchine.

Keysigning party

Il keysigning party avverà in modo distribuito: per partecipare portare qualche decina di foglietti con il fingerprint della propria chiave (ad esempio generati da gpg-key2ps ed i propri documenti.

Durante il pomeriggio ci saranno svariate occasioni per conoscersi a vicenda e scambiarsi i fingerprint per la firma.


Festeggiamo assieme!

Come arrivare

Il Faberlab è lungo la strada provinciale Varesina, accanto alla rotonda “dell'aereo”, sopra al supermercato Eurospin (mappa )

Arrivando dal'autostrada si consiglia l'uscita Saronno dell'A9 Milano - Como.

In treno è facilmente raggiungibile a piedi dalla stazione Tradate della linea Milano - Varese - Laveno.

Il ristorante della cena sarà in Varese centro, raggiungibile a piedi dalle stazioni (ultimo treno verso milano 23:13 dalla stazione di Varese).
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Mi dispiace per i vegetariani/ quanno ce vo' ce vo' scarnazzata domenicale. =

Andfrnd Uploader Beta

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Eagle's Path: On time management (2017-05-27)

Last December, the Guardian published a long essay by Oliver Burkeman entitled "Why time management is ruining our lives". Those who follow my book reviews know I read a lot of time management books, so of course I couldn't resist this. And, possibly surprisingly, not to disagree with it. It's an excellent essay, and well worth your time. Burkeman ...

Modern XMPP Server

I've published a new HOWTO on my website:

Enrico already wrote about the Why (and the What, Who and When), so I'll just quote his conclusion and move on to the How.

I now have an XMPP setup which has all the features of the recent fancy chat systems, and on top of that it runs, client and server, on Free Software, which can be audited, it is federated and I can self-host my own server in my own VPS if I want to, with packages supported in Debian.


I've decided to install prosody, mostly because it was recommended by the RTC QuickStart Guide; I've heard that similar results can be reached with ejabberd and other servers.

I'm also targeting Debian stable (+ backports); as I write this is jessie; if there are significant differences I will update this article when I will upgrade my server to stretch. Right now, this means that I'm using prosody 0.9 (and that's probably also the version that will be available in stretch).

Installation and prerequisites

You will need to enable the backports repository and then install the packages prosody and prosody-modules.

You also need to setup some TLS certificates (I used Let's Encrypt); and make them readable by the prosody user; you can see Chapter 12 of the RTC QuickStart Guide for more details.

On your firewall, you'll need to open the following TCP ports:

  • 5222 (client2server)

  • 5269 (server2server)

  • 5280 (default http port for prosody)

  • 5281 (default https port for prosody)

The latter two are needed to enable some services provided via http(s), including rich media transfers.

With just a handful of users, I didn't bother to configure LDAP or anything else, but just created users manually via:

prosodyctl adduser

In-band registration is disabled by default (and I've left it that way, to prevent my server from being used to send spim).

prosody configuration

You can then start configuring prosody by editing /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua and changing a few values from the distribution defaults.

First of all, enforce the use of encryption and certificate checking both for client2server and server2server communications with:

c2s_require_encryption = true
s2s_secure_auth = true

and then, sadly, add to the whitelist any server that you want to talk to and doesn't support the above:

s2s_insecure_domains = { "" }


For each virtualhost you want to configure, create a file /etc/prosody/conf.avail/ with contents like the following:

VirtualHost ""
enabled = true
ssl = {
key = "/etc/ssl/private/";
certificate = "/etc/ssl/public/";

For the domains where you also want to enable MUCs, add the follwing lines:

Component "" "muc"
restrict_room_creation = "local"

the "local" configures prosody so that only local users are allowed to create new rooms (but then everybody can join them, if the room administrator allows it): this may help reduce unwanted usages of your server by random people.

You can also add the following line to enable rich media transfers via http uploads (XEP-0363):

Component "" "http_upload"

The defaults are pretty sane, but see for details on what knobs you can configure for this module

Don't forget to enable the virtualhost by linking the file inside /etc/prosody/conf.d/.

additional modules

Most of the other interesting XEPs are enabled by loading additional modules inside /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua (under modules_enabled); to enable mod_something just add a line like:


Most of these come from the prosody-modules package (and thus from ) and some may require changing when prosody 0.10 will be available; when this is the case it is mentioned below.

  • mod_carbons (XEP-0280)
    To keep conversations syncronized while using multiple devices at the same time.

    This will be included by default in prosody 0.10.

  • mod_privacy + mod_blocking (XEP-0191)
    To allow user-controlled blocking of users, including as an anti-spim measure.

    In prosody 0.10 these two modules will be replaced by mod_privacy.

  • mod_smacks (XEP-0198)
    Allow clients to resume a disconnected session before a customizable timeout and prevent message loss.

  • mod_mam (XEP-0313)
    Archive messages on the server for a limited period of time (default 1 week) and allow clients to retrieve them; this is required to syncronize message history between multiple clients.

    With prosody 0.9 only an in-memory storage backend is available, which may make this module problematic on servers with many users. prosody 0.10 will fix this by adding support for an SQL backed storage with archiving capabilities.

  • mod_throttle_presence + mod_filter_chatstates (XEP-0352)
    Filter out presence updates and chat states when the client announces (via Client State Indication) that the user isn't looking. This is useful to reduce power and bandwidth usage for "useless" traffic.

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Seen in the window of a shop in Bézier


I think that either a word is missing, or there is something seriously wrong in there :)

Lady Gaming

by Shaenon
Steampunk! Gaming! (and a trigger warning for women in gaming :( )

See also: TL;DR: if you need a -dbg package you will need a new archive (stretch-debug) and it will be called -dbgsym. (plus, how to use debug symbols when a programs is not working.)
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