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On using Github and a PR based workflow

In mid-2017, I decided to experiment with using pull-requests (PRs) on Github. I've read that they make development using git much nicer. The end result of my experiment is that I'm not going to adopt a PR based workflow. The project I chose for my experiment is vmdb2, a tool for generating disk images with Debian. I put it up on Github, and invite...

Meltdown and Spectre in Debian

I'll assume everyone's already heard repeatedly about the Meltdown and Spectre security issues that affect many CPUs. If not, see These primarily affect systems that run untrusted code - such as multi-tenant virtual hosting systems. Spectre is also a problem for web browsers with Javascript enabled.
a short, to the point, update on the status in Debian
Inizia: Venerdì 02 Febbraio 2018 @ 19:00
Finisce: Domenica 04 Febbraio 2018 @ 18:00
FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software.

Taking place in the beautiful city of Brussels (Belgium), FOSDEM is widely recognised as the best such conference in Europe.

Support for SF conservancy... renewed

Like every year, I've just renewed my support for Software Freedom Conservancy.

The victims people at Conservancy are doing the hard and/or boring work of dealing with lawyers, accountants and other undeads so that we hackers don't have to, and this alone should be enough to earn our support.

btw, there are still a few days, until january 15th, to have your donations count twice thanks to a matching donation.

Backpack done! or is it?

My new backpack!


I started this project in august (pattern and material list) / september (actual sewing) and finally, this evening, it is usable!

It wasn't the only project running (not even the only *sewing* project), but still it took enough time that I'm glad I can finally use it, even if right now it doesn't really have any real advantage over what I could have bought from any store for less money than I spent on materials (but I have many leftovers — and plans to use at least part of them)

It also was pretty challenging, both for my skills and for my home sewing machine, and there are a few things that could have been done better (and maybe they will, in the next backpack I'll make?)


But is it really done? No, that webbing in the front (and sides) is there to attach extensions, and I have at least a couple planned (one easy, that I will do soon, and another complex one that will wait until I've recovered from the project fatigue with something completely different).

I'm also still waiting for the buckles that will close the compression straps in the front (not that they are really needed now that there are no extensions to keep compressed), but they are details I can take care of later.

P.S. I took pictures and notes, and the pattern is already on git, but a full tutorial will have to wait, probably even months, as now I have a bit of sewing backlog.

Eagle's Path: End of an FTP era (2017-12-17)

I just turned off anonymous FTP service on ...
Includes a description on why keeping an FTP service alive is nowadays enough of an hassle that it's not really worth doing any longer.


We're happy to announce that Debsources, the Web application that
allows to browse and search the entire source code of all Debian
releases, is now hosted on the official Debian infrastructure and
available at

How to get involved with open source if you're a cat

With the right approach, anyone can contribute to open source. Even a cat.

Private Internet Access and an Anonymous Donor Challenge Donors in Largest Conservancy Match Ever!

Today, Software Freedom Conservancy announces the launch of its most ambitious match challenge ever, generously brought forward by Private Internet Access and an anonymous donor. All donations up to $75,000 will be matched dollar for dollar until January 15. Sign up as a Supporter today to have your donation count twice, but please act soon. January 15th will be here before we know it!
My annual renewal is almost due...
A friend is working on a piece of Free Hardware for easy flashing a coreboot or libreboot laptop. He's doing an ad-hoc crowdfunding campaign until December 1st. If you think this is cool and have some bucks for the fundraiser, please get in touch with him!

Dear Folks! Zerocat’s Chipflasher applies for FSF’s Respects-Your-Freedom Certificate. As we received feedback recently, the Chipflasher is on the right way to go, however some features and fixes must be updated to get through the certification process...

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Metti in sicurezza il tuo bios ...

... o il tuo uefi... Quello che e'...

NERF - Trammell Hudson's Projects

The NERF project is a collaboration with Ron Minnich at Google (creator of LinuxBIOS and coreboot) that aims to build an open, customizable, and slightly more secure firmware for server machines based on using Linux and Heads in the ROM to replace UEFI as the bootloader. Unlike coreboot, NERF doesn't attempt to replace the chipset initialization co...
Compilatelo finchè è ancora caldo:

Linux 4.14 - Linux Kernel Newbies

Summary of the changes and new features merged in the Linux kernel during the 4.14 development cycle

Dino in Debian experimental

What is Dino?

Dino is a modern IM client using XMPP (Jabber) with support for both OpenPGP and OMEMO. It looks very nice and can already be used for chatting and group conversations. It is, however, not yet stable nor feature-complete. If you are looking for something like Conversations (Android XMPP client), but for the desktop, Dino is for you. If you like to have something more stable and feature-complete, try Gajim instead. I use both! :~)

Dino is written in C and Vala, uses the GTK+ UI toolkit and looks best in Gnome, XFCE, or other GTK+ based desktops. I heard about planned versions for Windows and MacOS, too, but don't hold your breath.

How to install Dino on Debian?

Since yesterday, the Dino IM client is available in the official Debian repositories, but so far only in the "experimental" distribution. To install it, Debian users have to:
$ echo deb experimental main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/experimental.list
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt -t experimental install dino-im

This should work on nine official and five unofficial architectures for at least unstable and testing. Not sure about stable. I'm pretty sure, that oldstable will not work.

Why the "-im" suffix for Dino in Debian?

There used to be another program, an "integrated MIDI piano roll editor and sequencer engine", by the same name in Debian. Many references to the old program still exist, so it would be problematic to recycle the name for a different purpose.

Happy chatting!

#xmpp #debian #dino #jabber #openpgp #omemo #im #federation #chat

Debian Package Tracker - dino-im

Debian Package Tracker - dino-im

Petter Reinholdtsen: Web services for writing academic LaTeX papers as a team

I was surprised today to learn that a friend in academia did not know there are easily available web services available for writing LaTeX documents as a team. I thought it was common knowledge, but to make sure at least my readers are aware of it, I would like to mention these useful services for writing LaTeX documents. Some of them even provide a...

Help! Linux ate my RAM!

But how do you count memory that is currently used for something, but can still be made available to applications? You might count that memory as "free" and/or "available". Linux instead counts it as "used", but also "available": This "something" is (roughly) what top and free calls "buffers" and "cached". Since your and Linux's terminology differs...
via @Fabio

Now, it's a shame that nowadays browsers have lost support for gopher, as that's required to follow some links on that page...
Programma Linux Day 2017
Il Linux Day è la principale manifestazione italiana dedicata alla promozione di GNU/Linux e del Software Libero; quest'anno si terrà il 28 ottobre in numerose città Italiane.

Il GL-Como e il LinuxVar organizzano quest'anno una edizione congiunta, presso il FaberLab di Tradate.

La giornata di quest'anno sarà divisa in due parti: il mattino dedicato specificatamente alle scuole e il pomeriggio destinato a professionisti, studenti e appassionati di informatica; entrambe sono accomunate dal tema nazionale: “privacy e riservatezza individuale”.

Il programma dettagliato e tutte le informazioni pratiche sono disponibili all'indirizzo

Millions of high-security crypto keys crippled by newly discovered flaw

Factorization weakness lets attackers impersonate key holders and decrypt their data.
This includes ID cards, TPM and OpenPGP keys generated on a some card-like devices (e.g. yubikey) (as opposed to those generated on a computer, that are safe).

KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2

This website presents the Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK). It breaks the WPA2 protocol by forcing nonce reuse in encryption algorithms used by Wi-Fi.

Navigation, ancients-style

The GPS on my firefoxOS phone has been acting up lately: it has never been exceptionally good, but the last couple of times I've tried to use it it gave errors of more than 1km.

Saturday evening we were in a place with internet (and laptops) and had to go to a new-to-us restaurants, so I asked for routing from OSMR, took notes on paper and this is what I gave to my navigator/co-driver:


Unbelievably we managed to get there in time, without missing even one of the turns, even if he wasn't able to decipher my writing on some of the street names.

Italian readers may also appreciate the maturity of some of the labelling, if they are able to decipher the writing.

Also, in case we decide to go back to that restaurant with the LUG, I guess I can just point them to this post and of course they will be able to get there, right? :D

One day I will have a GPS-enabled device that is not designed to steal my data first and be useful to me as an afterthought. And one that works.

Optimal Mouse by JohnSu on DeviantArt

Optimal Mouse

Well, seeing as this new Chinese year is my year, I suppose I should at least do something mouse related. I admit I was also tempted to have a mouse with blue teeth and a laser gun running through ...



Today a friend of mine (meow if you want to be identified¹) mentioned that it would be nice to have a name like campingpunk for a look with less brass than steampunk and more anodized aluminum and paracord. Also a bit like crazy survivalists with less camo and more colors.

I like the idea.

¹ no, that doesn't uniquely identify them: I tend to have many friends with feline tendencies.

Come gli utenti leggono le pagine web...

.. un po' te lo aspetti, ma e' comunque una lettura interessante:

How Users Read on the Web

Users don't read Web pages, they scan. Highlighting and concise writing improved measured usability 47-58%. Marketese imposed a cognitive burden on users and was disliked.
Tonight I dreamt of an old man, dressed in grey with a wide felt hat, who was tending a small vegetable garden like the ones typically kept by retired men.
He was using a tool that changed shape according to what he needed in that moment, but at every change it blinked a bit as if it wanted to return to its native shape of a spear.

Now I'm a bit worried for humanity's sake. :)

P.S. even more worryingly his usual associate wasn't around to be seen.

[Lugbz-list] Open & Closed Source nelle scuole della provincia di Bolzano

È online sul sito del Consiglio Provinciale la risposta
all'interrogazione n. 2924/17 Open source nelle scuole della Provincia di
Bolzano. Destinatario principale è l'intendenza scolastica tedesca,
destinatari secondari l'intendenza italiana e ladina alle quali era
richiesto di rispondere alle domande 5, 6, 10, 12.

Anatomy of a moral panic

The piece claims that “users searching for a common chemical compound used in food production are offered the ingredients to produce explosive black powder” on Amazon’s website, and that “steel ball bearings often used as shrapnel” are also promoted on the page, in some cases as items that other customers also bought. The ‘common chemic...

meta search engine

Un piccolo passo per non dare a google tutti i tuoi dati... Conto di installarmi una mia istanza prossimamente.

Welcome to searx — searx 0.12.0 documentation

Searx is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither tracked nor profiled. Additionally, searx can be used over Tor for online anonymity. Get started with searx by using one of the public instances. If you don’t trust anyone, you can set up your own, see Installation....
I find another fine webcomic ...

The Meek | An epic adventure webcomic

A webcomic about a young girl who goes on an epic adventure to decide the fate of mankind. She is also mostly naked. Updates weekly!

Public Money, Public Code

Public Money, Public Code - A campaign for releasing publicly financed software as Free Software
A comparison of the capabilities of some of the most used #XMPP clients

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This is VENETO!

While having breakfast near Venice one of our group of friends noticed that the ingredients in the chocolate filling of his croissant included ethyl alcohol.


This isn't that strange, as it is commonly used as a preservative in such creams, although there is a bit of contrast with the labeling "prepared: with non-OGM ingredients without added preservatives nor colorings without hydrogenated oils".


A bit more unexpected was the fact that also the jam croissant included alcohol, as usually jams spoil less than chocolate creams.


Evidently there is one explanation that is simple, self-coherent, fun and unlikely: Venetian people being Venetian, and needing their bit of alcohol in the morning!

(In the picture above I've removed the name and address of the producer because this post is just me being silly, but I've left the province: TV)

Quando sbatti il kranio su una cosa....

Andfrnd Uploader Beta

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FSFE announces Software Licensing Best Practices #fellowship - #news # fsfe

FSFE announces Software Licensing Best Practices

The FSFE launches today its best practises in licensing for Free and Open Source Software project. Targeted at developers and companies, these best practices show you how to make it clear to others wh...

Python FAQ: Why should I use Python 3?

Part of my Python FAQ, which is doomed to never be finished. The short answer is: because it’s the actively-developed version of the language, and you should use it for the same reason you’d use 2.7 instead of 2.6. If you’re here, I’m guessing that’s not enough. You need something to sweeten the deal. Well, friend, I have got a whole mess of sugar cubes just for you. And once you’re convinced, you may enjoy the companion article, how to port to Python 3! It also has some more details on the diffences between Python 2 and 3, whereas this article doesn’t focus too much on the features removed in Python 3.

End Summer Camp

if year % 2 == 1:

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