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Confy 0.4.1

Version 0.4.1 of Confy, the conferences schedule viewer for GNOME, has been tagged.
This release comes with support to libhandy 1.
A confy-git package on AUR has been created, for those of you using #archlinux

I've removed links to flatpak on project page because it never worked as it should. I'm planning to add Confi to flathub in a future.

I should start to write a propert changelog :)

#confy #gnome

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Also, I should proof-read when i write posts in English while I'm tired... 🤦

So, looks like #archlinux enabled pam_faillock by default, with default options so if you fail to input password 3 times in 15 minutes (in login, screen unlock or sudo), you are locked out for ten (10) minutes !!

Quite extreme, for people like me that have multiple devices with different password that can be connected to same keyboard, which leads to input wrong password at first (even second) try from time to time; add to this that I lock the screen quite often and you get a quite annoying picture..

If you are like me and you don't want to disable this because can be useful, but mostly because you don't want to fiddle with pam config file, you can edit /etc/security/faillock.conf and set more sane settings. (thanks to this forum thread)

If you get locked out, but you have root access, you can reset the lock with

# faillock --user yourusername --reset
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I just tripped over it today, much fun considering that you can only know that you are locked out if you try a logging into a different tty ^_^
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It's more fun when it locks you out after a single wrong password at the unlock screen, because maybe I have typed wrong password twice in a sudo prompt in last 15 minutes...

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