Mutual friends (7)

These contacts both follow and are followed by Davide De Prisco.

Diego Roversi
Diego Roversi (friendica)
freesoftware, linux
Elena ``of Valhalla''
Elena ``of Valhalla'' (friendica)
Fabio (friendica)
php, python, django, friendica, graphics, music, blender, gimp, inkscape, musica, grafica, 3d, gnu, linux, archlinux, floss
Francesco Angelo Brisa
Francesco Angelo Brisa (friendica)
Free Software Foundation Europe
Free Software Foundation Europe (diaspora)
freesoftware, opensource, openstandards, policy, advocacy
Nextcloud (diaspora)
freedom, web, freesoftware, owncloud, nextcloud
The Internet
Simone Magrin
Simone Magrin (friendica)

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