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It has finally happened! I've been using valentina to draft #sewingPatterns for a while, using the upstream packages inside a virtual machine, and I can recommend it to other people who want to draft their own patterns from measurements (and not just because there are afaik no other free software alternatives).

I've been planning to try and package it for debian for a long time, but ended up spending my #sewing time on sewing-in-a-hurry instead of working on the tools, so I'm quite happy that somebody else had time to do it.

A bit from another world - recently I started exploring other package managers on top of my main distribution packaging system, for the rare and very specialized software that I often need the most recent version, like SuperCollider. My "host" distribution is Fedora (although I use Debian as well for other things), but on top of that I started using nix for some of the packages that aren't in the main fedora repositories yet. For me it's just a slightly better way to do ./configure && make && make install - one that would not pollute /usr/. Also I can rebuild a package easily with other flags if needed. Of course, I'm not advocating for not packaging the narrowly specialized packages into the distribution repositories. In general, I am beginning to like this pluralistic and compartmentalized approach to getting software onto my system.