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Dear fediverse: do you know of any online shop in Europe that sells food-grade paper packaging such as bread bags in quantities suitable for the needs of a household (a min quantity of 100 pieces is fine, 1000 is not, 10000 is definitely way too high)?

Excluding amazon / ebay / other big platforms.

Thanks, and boosts welcome

Gentil fediverso: qualcuno conosce dei negozi online in Europa che vendono imballaggi di carta per alimenti, tipo i sacchetti del pane, e che vendano a privati in quantitΓ  adeguate a privati (acquisto minimo 100 pezzi va bene, 1000 no, 10000 Γ¨ decisamente troppo)?

Che non siano amazon / ebay / altre megapiattaforme.

Grazie, e i boost sono graditi
Tempo fa trovai una ditta in Sicilia specializzata in forniture per sagre e simili.
Se ritrovo l'indirizzo te lo giro. probably has what you are looking for. only sells to businesses, not individuals (it requires a partita iva)
Sorry about that... ☹️

(I wonder if that kind of restriction is a thing only in Italy and not elsewhere)
I know some Metro shops are opened to the public here in France, which is why I mentioned it. But, yes, most are for professionals only.
you could search on ebay for it and then look if the seller has an own website with shop, many have :)

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