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The first of the pens is this TWSBI Diamond 580 with "iris" coloured trim. Don't know why it's called iris but it's gorgeous.

#newpenday #TWSBI #iris
The nib of the pen. It's a medium nib with the coloured finish on the top part of it. Stunning! A TWSBI box. The bottom is white but most of it is  clear. The pen is also clear but hard to really see in this angle through the box.
The top end of the pen, capped. The trim looks like oil on water, rainbowy..
The other pen is this Sailor from the limited Team time series "FIKA". The name of the modell is "Hallongrotta", a type of swedish fika. Look at that stunning cap with that white finial, not as on most special edition slims matched by the back finial.

#newpenday #Sailor #FIKA #progear #slim
That white finial with the Sailor logo in the middle. The logo is an anchor, this time in gold on red. The nib of the pen. It's a gold nib, marked 14k, in Medium fine.
The length of the pen. Most of it red, the cap ever so slightly different in colour to the body of the pen, and with a white end.
@josefin shiiiinyyyyyyyy

to me it would call for a ink with a lot of sheen, or even a shimmering one.
I'm having a real hard time right now diciding 😬🤣

But probably a light colour of some sort.. I'll ink it this weekend I think 😊

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