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I've found out what the issue with the #tea shop was: they had to restore the website from backups and some user got stuck in the process.

I've now procured more tea (by preparing a list on the website, printing it out and going to the shop. yes, it's close enough that I could just go there without visiting the website. I could.)

@Naomi P do you want some tea? I'm making an herbal one, since here it's evening, but it can turn into whatever you want during the internet trip :)

in reply to Elena ``of Valhalla''

Ho scoperto qual'era il problema col sito del negozio di té: hanno dovuto recuperare il sito da backup e qualche utente è rimasto incastrato nel processo.

Ho procurato del té (preparando un elenco sul sito, stampandolo e andando al negozio. sì, è abbastanza vicino da poterci andare anche senza visitare il sito. volendo.)

in reply to Elena ``of Valhalla''

Oh, thank you! But I have an oversufficiency at the moment, so will have to pass.

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