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If your New Year's Resolution is to de-Google-ify your life a bit, here are some alternatives I use:

Browser: Firefox
Search engine: DuckDuckGo
Email: ProtonMail
Maps: OpenStreetMap
Chat: Telegram
News: Feedly

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Browser: Firefox
Search engine: DuckDuckGo
Email: @Tutanota
Maps: OpenStreetMap
News: RSS (controlled by me no algos)
Fonts: self hosted
Analytics: Matomo or none
Phone: #Librem5 coming

Boycott Google! More here:
Darn forgot @peertube obviously!
Have you tried goaccess ( for basic analytics? It's been great for me. Last real item I'm stuck on then is Google Fi
thanks for this never seen it before :)
I've been using it about 2 months. It isn't the most detailed but what it does have is super accurate as it isn't using JS
What do you use for discovering places when travelling? It seems whenever I'm abroad I have to reinstall google maps to find anything I might want to visit
tripadvisor is not bad for places/restaurants. it is almost as good as google maps. foursquare is good for north america and some big cities mostly. i don't think a non-surveillance capitalism alternative exists yet but do hope that openstreetmap could become it in the future
Wikitravel was biggish in early 2000s but I guess it didn't properly break through.
true, i liked reading their city guides but in most cases they are now outdated
didn't most of the wikitravel community move over to wikivoyage when they weren't happy with the wikitravel host / owner?

For many places I've found the latter to be quite useful.

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