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Comfy clothing

Last autumn I followed the Otari Hoodie sew along using black cotton sweatshirting as the main body and leftovers of cat print cotton jersey as the lining.


I had enough sweatshirting for a matching skirt, with applied pockets, using the circle_fraction_skirt pattern (on my git repository.

I had pockets on the hoodie and the skirt, but they aren't very big (and knits aren't great at carrying weight), so I added zippers to both seams so that I can access my pockets, so that I can have the “privilege of not lending” my scissors :D


And then today was a great day to wear it while on the couch (not pictured: warm blanket, book)


I only need to be careful not to wear this while playing munchkin steampunk in case those things count as toy cats for the mousetrap level 2 monster (“+1 for each living or toy cat you can see in the room when this card is turned up”. I wouldn't see my own clothing (riiight?), but other players would, and I suspect that they wouldn't be happy :D )