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CFP is out.

I still have problems with the sponsoring of the event. If Gaggle, M$ et al are sponsoring it, I might not be interested. I know there's a couple of people in the @fosdem organization that feel that way as well, but they're a minority. AFAIK the issue is to be able to spend time to find more smaller sponsors rather than a small bunch of large sponsors. So the more interested people, the more chances to avoid surveillance capitalist sponsors.
For a volunteer-organized event, more, smaller sponsors mean a lot more work chasing payments (not just finding sponsors, but making sure that sponsors actually pay). It's true that if a few smaller sponsors end up not paying it's less of an issue than if one of the big ones do, but I'm not sure that starting to refuse sponsors could be easily feasible.

Also, these events tend to have lots of things that they could spend more money on; (generic-)you're not asking them to have a little less profit, you're asking them to stop providing some services to attendees, both local and remotes (recording and streaming all those rooms does have significant costs).

On the other hand, I don't think that those sponsors are having undue influence on the conference; browsing just through the keynotes of the last few years I could spot a number of subjects that are against the interests of those corporations, and I din't bother looking at the rest of the main track, not to speak of the devroom.

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