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If any of the lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list refer to 'stable', you might get a surprise on your next upgrade! #ReleasingDebianBuster
I have the following repo set up:

deb stretch main non-free contrib

deb-src stretch main non-free contrib"

Will I still be able to get the latest upgrade?

#Debian #Linux #FOSS
No, and that is by design. The name is meant to pin down the distribution and avoid upgrades.
Thanks for your response. Can I simply add the stable repo to my list, or would I have to update manually?
Just replace "stretch" with "stable" and it will always keep up-to-date with future releases as you run "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"
You are able to get the latest upgrade if you change that list with s/stretch/buster/, as described in the relase notes, specifically at (the release notes are still WiP, but I don't expect that specific bit to change)
Thanks. I found out more about this after some research.
What do I need to do so I can upgrade right after the release?

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