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It's not even April, and I've brushed and steamed the wool skirt I've worn all winter, and mended the small bit that needed mending, and it's ready to be put away for the warm season.

Last year I think I postponed doing it until June or even July.

I'm counting this as a huge success :)

in reply to Elena ``of Valhalla''

Non è ancora aprile, e ho spazzolato e stirato col vapore la gonna di lana che ho indossato per tutto l'inverno, e fatto la piccola riparazione che andava fatta, ed è pronta da mettere via per la stagione calda.

L'anno scorso credo di averlo procrastinato fino a giugno o luglio.

Direi che quello di quest'anno è un successo enorme :)

in reply to Elena ``of Valhalla''

Out of curiosity, when you say "steamed", what does that mean? Is it using a garment steamer like in the link below, or something more fancy?

in reply to Lars Wirzenius

@Lars Wirzenius if I had a garment steamer I would use that, but in reality I just used my regular seam iron and just pressed the extra steam button a lot while going over the garment :)

definitely nothing fancy :)

(it helped that the skirt is easy to lay flat (in sections) on the ironing board, for something like a jacket I suspect that a steamer would be much more practical)

in reply to Elena ``of Valhalla''

Ah, ironing board. Having one would probably help me with my garment care. The kitchen table is not ideal.
in reply to Lars Wirzenius

@Lars Wirzenius yeah, it helps, mostly because you can wrap the thing around it, and only have one layer under the iron.

Mine is just a hand-me-down that isn't even 100% stable, but it already makes a difference.

And then there are the taylor's ham and sausage that I made for pressing while sewing, but sometimes they get used also for ironing sleeves and other small or curvy bits: I don't know if they're worth having if somebody does not sew, but they can help.

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