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which is the best option if you literally just want to make Git repositories visible on the Web but don't want pull requests and issues and so forth

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gitweb is built in but I understand it has weaknesses
Gitea is overkill, GitLab moreso
just put bare repos online? Like, literally have a HTTPS host where you put git bare repos? Via HTTPS they are read-only. You manage this via SSH or whatever without giving anyone access.

Unless you're talking about some other meaning of "visible"?
"Visible" as in "visible using a Web browser, as Web documents"
right. So you need something that actually *interprets* the data. In that case I don't think I've heard of anything simpler than Gitea.
I've gotten several recommendations now for cgit, which is a very similar tool to the built-in (part of the Git suite) GitWeb
I recommend it as well. It's dead simple to set up. It may or may not suit your needs.
Another vote for cgit for read only serving of git repos.
I'm also using cgit, it didn't require too much effort to set up, and it tends not to require any effort for maintenance (other than the basic “keep the server updated”)

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you may also be interested in stagit which generates static pages for browsing the contents of a repo through the web:

hosting a repo like this is simple/cheap but i'd bet it's more complex than e.g. cgit to get set up nicely

this project uses it

and i'm building a static-hosted git forge with it too but my messy experiments are nothing i would recommend to pick up and use just yet
the latest cgit drew in python crap for html conversion. it's absolutely unneeded there. I purified it from python and it works fine with plain bash. no fat, no shit.
I haven't actually used this, but I found another option, smithy (written in golang):
stagit (a static site generator for git repos) also seems interesting:

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