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Here I am one again #fighting against #appstreamcli validate

given this (image urls are not important here)

            <image type="source" xml:lang="en">https://[...].png</image>
        <screenshot type="default">
            <image type="source" xml:lang="en">https://[...].png</image>

appstreamcli validate complains
E: [...]: screenshot-image-source-missing
   A screenshot must have at least one image of type `source`.

... ok?

this works:

    <image type="source">https://[...].png</image>

but them flathub validation will complains that a lang attribute is required.

So here I am once again commenting out ninja test from PKGBUILD

End note:

$ appstreamcli --version
AppStream version: 1.0.1
in reply to Fabio

Oh, also:

E: [...]: custom-key-duplicated Purism::form_factor
   A key can only be used once.

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