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Project #linocut steampunk #piecepack is under way!

Quite a few months ago I started the project by making this

linocut print of four suites in white on black background: goggles, top hat, airship and gear

and buying some supplies (such as non-black linocut ink :D ), and then procrastination happened and I got quite stuck.

Today I've actually drawn all most of the pieces on tracing paper, I need to add the smaller suites, trace everything from the reverse, and then finally carve the linoleum.

And then maybe I'll start procrastinating again, or maybe I'll actually do some test prints in the weekend?

I may also be thinking of regular piecepack suites and playing card suites in the same style, but first I need to actually assemble a piecepack and discover whether it will work.

For Linux Days:

- carve a fancy Tux not wider than a pasta machine

- bring paper, ink and a pasta machine on the event site

- have people printing their own Tux with their hands ("Ooooh, look, I'm skilled!")

- gather contributions

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