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Does anybody know what the current situation is with CC-0 licensed #clipart websites? seems to be back, is it still the old openclipart or has it been taken over by somebody else?

What about the two mirrors I know of that appeared when openclipart died? are they the recommended ones? and ? is there something else?

Has anybody started a huge git repository of clipart that is shared via sneakernet by meeting graphic designers in car parks and other similar shady places? :D

(I'm looking for places to upload things to)

(boosts welcome)

#OpenClipArt #inkscape #svg
i think the original website is supposed to stay around for a while, now that it’s been relaunched and has been reintegrated into Inkscape.
Some info about its history on Wikipedia:
If anybody is wondering, the reason why I'm asking is that I've suddenly discovered a need of which I was hitherto unaware for this:

airmail sticker, except with the text "par hibou" and an owl drawing

(this toot will break in a month or so, but by that time I will have uploaded the sticker somewhere.)
great, that toot is already broken :D

anyway, I've uploaded the svg on openclipart:

and this is their png preview

]airmail sticker, except with the text "par hibou" and an owl drawing
The site has been solid since relaunch, from what I can tell.

It is constructed differently from before (new software system?), but the main functions have been recreated.

While the mirrors were created, I don't know if they are "competitors" in the sense of attracting new clips not found on #OCAL
Is your Owl Mail a reference to Harry Potter?
@Algot to the harry potter fanfictions, mostly, but yes
That's cool.

I did enjoy reading the first few Harry Potter books when they came our, but had not remembered owl mail.

Keep the images coming!
have you checked the internet archives? Lots there, I recall recently finding someone that uploaded a few of those 10000 Clipart or gif icon packs they found at a thrift store. I'll drop that link too if I can find it

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