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lightroom is such a stinking turd and yet there is no better alternative :(
I use darktable to develop RAWs and just the filesystem to organize them. I know it's not ideal but works. One thing that I love of darktable is that it doesn't use a db for edits, but just an XML that it saves in the same directory of the original file, so it's already covered by my backup strategy.
darktable's UI is terrible and every time i've filed feedback on it they reply with variations on "you're holding it wrong". i'm not a fan of projects like that
I was not aware that they reply to feedback this way, it's sad. I'm not a fan of this kind of projects too. :(
In my software-to-try list I have a note about this one: but never tried before so I really don't know how it and how they reply to feedback.
My experience is that rawtherapee is nice for quick development of RAW files, probably less powerful than darktable for more advanced techniques (but then, it may be me not being skilled enough to do them).

I've never had any experience with the developers of rawtherapee, however.
thanks, I will try it ASAP! I plan to develop the same photo using both and compare the process/result.


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