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apparently, the # shortage may not be caused by hoarding and stupidity

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Yeah, I was just mentioning that to my wife last night. We've been baffled about shortages for things that have short shelf-life, but if you start to consider people doing more things at home, then you realize there actually may be a legitimate surge in demand at the individual retail level that has nothing to do with hoarding.
author claims it's because of the difference in retail in business market and changes in proportion of each
I've heard of a number of restaurants providing TP along with takeout because of this.

The larger thing is, there's a whole lot of similar misinformation and misapprehensions going around.
This article is presenting a sensible argument. But dang, it could've so easily been explained in two sentences.
The point they make about people using more, because they are at home is valid, but reading that article you'd think there weren't hordes of hoarders at the beginning. They certainly exist where I live!
The stores here were selling out for a few days, but quickly adjusted their truckloads. There was supply every day. After a few days they weren't ever selling out.
Hoarders turned to flour next, but that's fixed, so now there is no yeast! Or isopropyl.
Plenty of bog roll though! :-)

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