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I used the #Plasma (#KDE) desktop for a while. It worked quite well, but there were too many moving parts and I decided to look for simpler alternatives.

I decided to give a shot again to #AwesomeWM. It was much better than I expected.
* I did not remember that the floating layout was the default one.
* It is also configured much better than I expected.
* As of version 4.0 (included in #Debian #Stretch), multiple screens generally work well without a need for explicit setup.

So I decided to keep it. I also decided to try and replace akregator (the KDE news feed program) with #elfeed (an #Emacs -based RSS reader). It works quite differently and I'm still getting used to it.

Work needed:
* I can't figure out how to move a window to desktop^Wtag 2. For some reason, mod4-shift-2 does nothing.
* Multi-screen still does not work as well as KDE. I need to better configure it.
* Battery and CPU monitors.
As a battery monitor I use xbattbar: it takes one pixel wide column or row at your favourite side of the screen and paints it proportionally to the battery charge.
For multiple screens I should mention autorandr. Unlike graphical xrandr front-ends (of the extension, not of the command-line) in various desktops), you still need to know how the somewhat cryptic xrandr tool works. But this is only for an initial setup.

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