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Among the things we typically content warn for so as to provide a safe and comfortable space for our viewers around the fedi, are eye contact and AI-generated artwork, both of which can cause discomfort and anxiety of various levels for people.

If you're posting any kind of art with eye contact, or any kind of AI-generated art, *please* consider hiding it behind a content warning. for AI art specifically, use the #AIArt hashtag so people can hide it if they want to.


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would it not be enough to mark media as sensitive?
@Leonard Ritter @Mastodon•ART 🎨 Curator :masto: something that is probably not widely known: media marked as sensitive, but without a content warning, is shown as if it wasn't marked on friendica (another platform that speaks activityPub like mastodon)
Ooh that is good to know, thank you!
CWs work better than hashtags for filteeing, IMO. And let you post your art in a filterable way without tagging it, which is impprtant.
I've had people specifically ask for hashtags too so I mention both :)
The hashtag is optional but helpful, the content warning is the main thing ^.^ The content warning will hide the media and give viewers the option of clicking if they want to - some people just need an advanced warning that the post contains AI art so that they can prepare for it before clicking through, but still want to click through. The hashtag lets people add the hashtag to a block list so they *never* see posts containing that hashtag, which some people also want to do. :)
I've also been made aware that media marked as sensitive (when you hit the 'mark media as sensitive' checkbox rather than using the content warning feature) doesn't mark the media as sensitive on all platforms, so yeah, ideally use the full CW :)
Friendica is the one that was pointed out to me ( )
That can't possibly be right cc @heluecht
I admit I haven't paid much attention about this so far, but I will try, going forward. But I'm curious about the eye contact issue specifically. What is it about, where can I learn more? Thanks!
You can have a look at this thread and comments to see what people are saying about eye contact: but in a nutshell, it's anxiety from direct eye contact and/or being stared at, mostly from photographs but can also extend to artwork and can include animals as well. People with social anxiety disorder (like me!), for example, avoid eye contact and for some that extends to images.
i think especially relevant on fedi, where I believe a lot of people are looking for refuge. Thanks.
what exactly makes AI art trigger people?
I know eye contact triggers an old part of the brain (being watched by predator)
I'm not sure, but posting it over on my personal account I've had a lot of people tell me various ways it affects them, from making them feel uncomfortable, to dizzy, to nauseous, in varying degrees, and it's more prominent with some kinds of AI art than others (the more 'off' something looks, the worse the effect). Might be something similar to the uncanny valley.
oooh, the uncanny valley! Well, at least it's not what I was thinking about. 😅

I ended up cw'ing and hiding mine anyway, even before reading this post. Phew!
I don't think the eye contact is just that though - in some people it's a feeling of being scrutinised, which triggers anxiety, prevalent in people with social anxiety, myself included - and that's anxiety from a feeling of being judged.
I'm sorry but why should eye contact or AI generated art be considered sensitive?

And if there's something that can trigger anxiety or discomfort, that person should abstain from places that could have these elements... Like artwork, or the internet in general.

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