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Confy WiP

New upcoming feature in Confy:
talk progress indicator

every "talk row" widget will show talk progress as a vertical bar on left side

On room page the result is a nice continuous bar that gives the idea of the progress of the whole room :)

On talk detail page, the bar span the top border:

get it from git or aur

#confy #FOSDEM2021

in reply to Fabio

I've decided to tag #cony 0.5.3 and to try to add Confy to flathub...
in reply to Thib

Would be an honor :D
I'm waiting for the app to be on flathub
in reply to Fabio

Oh nice: Confy showed up on "New & Updated Apps" on flathub, but the app page return an error...
I'm sure I'm doing something wrong...

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