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Looks like people are still using my SailfishOS Friendica client.

As my Jolla1 died some time ago, I've stopped developing it, but I thought I could check how it works on newer sfos with the emulator.

But I can't find the code. I'm quite sure there is a git repo somewhere but I can't find it 🤦
I should have a copy on some old disk at home. I should also have somewhere a copy of my old friendica server with repos. I'll check...
Other half found!

Still didn't tried to build it..
The disk where I found first-half had newer code for front-end, but was missing the backend. The disk where I found the backend had an older code, but with divergent history (because, why push code on remote...).
So I'm not sure backend code is up-to-date with latest frontend...

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