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I like how they don't mention the need for phone numbers to use either, which puts a direct homing beacon on what is supposed to be an otherwise secure service.
On one hand I really dislike Signal's behavior, on the other hand it's...kind of the right approach?
Not the "forcing users to use proprietary software if they want updates" and "refusing to use f-droid" parts of the approach, but a single client is kind of necessary for what Signal is aiming to do, isn't it?
no, it's not. Why should it be?
why ever use signal when matrix exists?
do you have a preferred secure instant messaging platform that works reasonably well on mobile phones?
xmpp, using at least this is what my friends with mobile phones tell me, I talk with them from a PC with a text-only client, and no phone number had to be exchanged ever.
thanks for the suggestion! I'll take a look into it. I also thought if Matrix but the UX leaves a lot to be desired.

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