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Forgotten Yeast Bread - Sourdough Edition

Posted on March 23, 2024
Tags: madeof:atoms, craft:cooking, craft:baking, craft:bread
Yesterday I had planned a pan sbagliato for today, but I also had quite a bit of sourdough to deal with, so instead of mixing a bit of of dry yeast at 18:00 and mixing it with some additional flour and water at 21:00, at around maybe 20:00 I substituted:

  • 100 g firm sourdough;
  • 33 g flour;
  • 66 g water.

Then I briefly woke up in the middle of the night and poured the dough on the tray at that time instead of having to wake up before 8:00 in the morning.

Everything else was done as in the original recipe.

The firm sourdough is feeded regularly with the same weight of flour and half the weight of water.

Will. do. again.

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