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Bad sleep, too hot, idea of the morning: I wonder whether pass(1) (the command line password manager) would be a good tool to keep an address book of the people with whom I regularly exchange #snailMail.

Up to now I've used paper (no man page, the physical thing :D), but that usually remains at home when I'm traveling, and I'm not in the habit to send postcards, but sometimes the sudden need for a letter happens (and paper is harder to backup and harder to encrypt in case it's lost).

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have you considered khard and vdirsyncer?
@Enrico Rossi I didn't even think that carddav had a space for physical addresses :D

the reason why I thought of pass is the encryption, which would be missing when using khard+vdirsincer, however.

uhm... thinking about it
i don't get it. Whenever i know a physical address i always store it together with phone numbers/email on the smartphone contacts/carddav.

That's handy for two things, sending a postcard and whenever you want to pay a visit to someone, you can always use google maps/waze to reach him home.

As for security, my radicale server, like most of my servers, the pihole, the locally.
In order to reach it from remote i use openvpn.
@Luca Sironi @Enrico Rossi I wouldn't store physical addresses on a smartphone, and especially not unencrypted: it would be fine if they were businesses, of course, but the combination of real name + surname and home address of people, often even associated with their nickname is something that I wouldn't want to have on something that is easily lost or stolen.

And I'm quite sure that most of them wouldn't consider it ok if I just appeared at their door unannounced. :)

otoh, if it is at home and only accessible via a vpn it's safer, but then one needs the internet connection to get the data, which may or may not be available while traveling.
- better an encrypted phone than a clear moleskine
- typically i save just friends/family addresses and i don't go unannounced ;-)
- i'm not frequently adding or changing contact details, 99.99% of the time the offline version present on contacts is totally fine
Osmo PIM has easy encryption, and is intended for offline contacts and such. Ive used it for over a decade. But of course nothing beats the elegance of paper ;) @valhalla

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