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Dino 0.4 is released! 🎊️

Dino now supports message reactions and replies. Furthermore, we switched to GTK4 and libadwaita. #dino #xmpp

Release blog post:
very cool, i hope the other Clients will follow soon 🙂
thanks for keeping up the good work!
Amazing ! Waiting for Conversations to support it too so I can finally remove Signal from my family phones and computers 😈
@jorge This version works reasonably well on mobile (though some rough edges are still present). I have been using this feature even before it was accepted officially (built the app from the pull request which added libadwaita support).
great work, thanks dino team!
will there be finaly an official flatpak release?
@Dino Before the package for GTK3 developer files (headers and so) was known as libgtk-3-dev. Does anyone know the new package file's name? It seem not to be libgtk-4-dev? I have #Devuan which is a systemd-free #Debian fork.

To really appreciate the new GTK4 UI a screenshot of the full window would be cool for the blog post :)
@Debacle @Dino So that's a clear no, no other package name. Then I just continue with my current version of Dino. It at least runs and starts and I can initiate chats and voice calls.
@debacle @jorge I just tried it on my #Mobian #pinephone . If it wasn't for the bulky contact list on the left it would be pretty usable.
Hi, I use Dino under KDE in Manjaro, and since the Last Update Dino somehow ignores my DARK Mode Settings. Ist this due to gtk4?
Dear Dino, I Just reinstalled my Linux system. What would bei the approach to transfer my Dino Messages from one PC to another? Just Copy everything in .local/share/dino?

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