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So what's the deal with the visibility of followers on #? I can see the total number of followers of people, as well as the total number of people they follow. But when I click to see the list I only get a handful, and sometime straight out an empty list.

Is this by design for privacy reasons? (which I'd understand, although it's weird it's, AFAICT, not tunable) Or is it an unintended bug?
something something the federation of the data, if you go to their full profile page on their home server do you see them all?
eg: when I click on you or anyone I get "Information below may reflect the user's profile incompletely. View full profile"

For you, you have 321 followers, but I only see 8 listed in my view within my account, but if I go to I see them all (well, I haven't counted to verify, but, it *looks* like 321 ;) ).
I _think_ one sees, via one's own mastodon instance, only the followers who're also on one's own mastodon instance?

But I can't point to a source for that assumption.
spot checking you two, that seems to check out.
Being on an instance with one user, I only ever see myself in someone else's followers.
Mastodon has a setting "Who you follow and who follows you will not be shown on your profile" that is per-user, though.

I have no idea about other fediverse software.
Funny, I remembered it being an user setting, but I've logged in my mastodon account and it isn't there anymore.

(This account is on friendica where hiding your followers is indeed an user setting)
Your instance does not know the other profiles yet, or something like that.

Federation is ... suboptimal.

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